FASCIST! What the hell does a FASCIST character like Keir Starmer want in the Labour Party? Why Keir Starmer is a FASCIST character and should resign?

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“People gave themselves chiefs to defend their liberty and not be enslaved by them.”

Jean Calas Rousseau, On the Origin of Inequality.

What Rousseau says above is not without wisdom. For the Labourites gave themselves to Keir Starmer to defend their dignity, their values and their liberty in the U.K parliament. And have a strong opposition against the Bully, Boris Johnson.

But Keir Starmer, cunning as most of the politicians are, paid back his Middle-Ages chief-like thinking by working to approve a law that abuses human rights. And the rights of those Labourites. And so become one with these bully politics and bully politicians like Boris Johnson.

This law for which I speak here is called, Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill 2019-2021. And it intends to protect undercover operatives from prosecution if they break the law in their operations.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal, for example, has said in regards to the bill that, “It would introduce a power in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 to authorise conduct by officials and agents of the security and intelligence services, law enforcement, and certain other public authorities, which would otherwise constitute criminality.”

But of what criminality am I speaking here?

As a matter of fact and as a pity for lawmakers, who histrionically make laws to abuse human rights, this bill does not place specific limitations on the type of criminal activity that may be authorised!

Secondly, this bill allows the authorisations of investigative powers to be given internally without judicial approval.

Thirdly, the Bill would limit redress for victims by preventing civil claims for injury or other harm.

So, we see that 50 percent of this bill has been made ambiguous on purpose. That means it does not set specific limitations on the type of criminal activity that may be authorised by the human intelligence sources. And secondly, this law shows to have been created with a premeditated philosophy. That intends to cover up abuse by authorities. “

That is, to give the green light and leave an open field for the undercover agents to carry on abuses of all forms “against people” without the fear of punishment by law. And without right for compensation by the victims.

So, the betrayal of Keir Starmer in this case is exactly a Rousseau-like case. Where people as ever in history give themselves to chiefs to defend their liberty. But unfortunately they find themselves enslaved by these chiefs.”

Now, to be honest, I am not surprised with the character of Keir Starmer.

For since Keir Starmer was crowned as the new leader of the Labour party, one question has in the recent months racked my brain.

A question that continually asked: What the hell does a former head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) want at the top of the Labour Party leadership?

To be honest, the first time that I became really aware that Keir Starmer was thick, without any independent mind and fascist in his thinking, was on 29 June 2020. When Mr Starmer told to the BBC breakfast how proud that he was for having worked with police forces across England and Wales to bring thousands of people to court!

But I ask, “What portion of these people were justly brought to court?

Further, I ask again. “What portion of our laws were worthy or just to send as such amount of people to courts?”

“Let me tell you here, that many of today laws remain to be the laws of the strongest that intend to oppress rather than support humanity.”

Hence, to be a former CPS head by definition means to be someone who has hardened his or her inner feelings by a manic thinking that wants to send others to prison. So to make oneself worthy of the job.

Now, if you feel still baffled by what I said, also I suggest you observe a court case to see how prosecutors try to make a court case as bad as it is possible. And try to give to someone as many years in prison as possible.
Never being objective to what is human. And always subjective to their job.

So, I want to say that first of all the former profession of Keir Starmer has a lot to do with his thick, prosecutor-like, right-wing and fascist-like character. That seems to love oppression more than freedom. And injustice more than justice.

Further, in the same interview Keir Starmer said the BBC Breakfast show that “it’s “a shame” the sentiment behind the Black Lives Matter movement is getting “tangled up with these organisational issues” and it’s “nonsense” to call to ‘Defund the Police’.

So, we see that the thick-minded Keir Starmer, refuses to understand the pain of the black people and the pain of the oppressed in this case. That have to endure police brutality and abuses of all forms in a society where a few people have as much as 90 percent of population have together. The thick-minded Keir Starmer, now hardened in his blood, approves and supports laws that are made to openly abuse humanity and our human rights.

Therefore, now allow me to say that these facts and these ways of thinking of Keir Starmer is a FASCIST character. And he should resign from the Labour Party as soon as possible.