For 2019 I have a message only for the Three Big Nations of Europe that in the past Butchered each other and Enslaved the planet Earth with their Big Numbers. Today they stand united and silent in front of the big murderers of European Politics – England, France and Germany


Has anyone heard of how Rosa Luxemburg, a political writer and activist, was dragged, brutally murdered in the streets of Berlin in January 1919 and then thrown into Landwehr canal by the henchmen of the Social Democratic Party of Germany?

Here, however, we must highlight the fact that for a long time the Social Democratic Party of Germany had been seen as the house of those who believed in the socialistic values and humanity of Europe. And like today politicians of Europe, those who believed in these values were people of thinking and writing. Mostly creative people who thought and created. And this political party was the one that murdered Rosa Luxembrug.

Anyways, have today European politics changed the tactic of killing others or the weak or have they given up all together the ideas of killing and butchering the world?

Facts show that today European politics are murdering a lot of innocent people across the planet earth through new imperialist policies. New imperialist policies that throw the stone or the bomb but hide the hand or give the bomb and the stone to a third party and leave them do the killing for the European politics.


Nevertheless, here is some good in this bad world or maybe the new bad of the world. And that is the fact that we Europeans finally have stopped butchering and killing each other. But what I just said only means that today Politics of Europe have only changed the tactics of killing. Like wolves, they only have changed their hair colour but not their habit. So we are not killing each other in Europe, but others across the planet! How good is this?

For instance, today the French do not fight the Germans, the Germans do not fight against the French or the English. So then, peace is prevailing among us, right? Nevertheless, we stand united to kill and oppress people of small and weak nations across the planet for economic reasons. Therefore, this is how the tactics of killing others has changed in the European politics. That means from killing each other to killing others across the planet earth.

Question, “What is this dead Today European Silence in front of wars waged by European Imperialism in Yemen, Palestine, and Syria?

And what is this silence in comparison to the Courage of Rosa Luxembrug?

To answer to this question we must ask, “Why was Rosa Luxemburg murdered?

Rosa Luxemburg was a voice of peace and justice. She passionately continually opposed the imperialist and brutal politics of the German empire. She co-founded an anti-war movement called, Spartacus League. She opposed the German involvement in World War I. And she fought tooth and nail for peace, social justice and humanity in Europe. A Europe that was torn by wars and hatred between the big nations, like France, Germany and England. And so she was murdered for her political ideals and resistance to the evil of war.

Well, but today, who is so passionately campaigning against the European and American Imperialist wars across the globe? Like the war in Syria and in Yemen and the American and European involvement that have acted more to create the conditions of war and fan the flames of war rather than intervene and take responsibility. Or the Western political support to Israel that oppresses and does and has done a clear ethnic-cleansing of the Palestinian people. Or the Western support for Saudia Arabia’s politics, who have killed women and children and left thousands to starve to death?

So you see my point here. I do not want to bring Rosa Luxemburg out of her grave. But to tell how fiercely past intelligent people fought against war policies, like Rosa Luxemburg did. And how mean European politics have been. How mean European politics still are. And that today protests against wars and injustice have almost ceased. And we have turned all our eyes and hearts towards dancing and music. While European politics and politicians butcher the world and take no Human RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for doing that. That’s what I want to say.

But what is my message for the English, French and German people?

My message for them is that we need you to wake up. We need you for mass protests. So to give a message to the EU politicians to take responsibility of their murderers. We need you to give a message to the middle corrupted class of Journalists to hold up the human values not their political interest. And we need you to fight for Justice and Freedom whenever these ideals are violated. We need you because without you, the masses of these big European nations speaking and moving for justice, we would see our or your politicians turn a blind eye to all the injustices that they create around the planet. For with your silence and taxes, EU Politicians are passing the greatest evil on earth, that is the murder of other human beings, for good.

Today you are asleep. And therefore, I want you to wake up in 2019 and stand up for justice and freedom.

I know many of you will say that we have protested a lot. For instance, you will say, we have seen the yellow vests movement or mouvement des gilets jaunes protest and burn down the streets of Paris. And we have seen Brexit protests and anti Donald Trump protests and so on.

Well I would say that all these forms of protests are not anti war protests nor anti injustice protests that have a big human meaning. Nevertheless, still these protests are better than nothing.

Now let me analyse a few movements and protests across big nations to try and convince you of the point of these movements.
Yellow vests protests, for instance, in France were and and still are just an indication of the Europe’s egoism and selfishness. And its imperialist thinking. A today Europe that from its working classes, that are unaware of humanity and others, up to the political classes think only MONEY AND POWER.

Why do I think so, you may ask?

I think so because yellow vests protests are protests against Government policies that have taken a big chunk of food from the tables of each French citizen by raising gas taxes, increasing prices and leaving salaries unchanged. So French people fed up of inequality and economic injustice took to the streets and burnt down Paris on behalf of economy or for more food on their tables but not for true justice.

But what does True Justice mean here?
To fight for true justice means to protest against the biggest injustices and the biggest evil. The latter consists on the fact of murder of another human being on earth. European politicians and politics have killed and are still killing in different ways. But where are the protests of the conscious European citizen against this big injustice and evil that is made by European politicians themselves?

What about Brexit? You may ask.
Brexit protests, pro or against Brexit, are another thing that show that the masses are set in motion or take to the streets only when the political interest of the Western world is violated. Anti Trump protests again are about the same political ideal, that is economy. For example, the left disagrees with Donald Trump and asks for protests. But the left does not ask the courts vehemently and with protests in the streets to bring Donald Trump to justice for the killings of the Palestinian people that occurred because of his Policy to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. That is the right way of doing justice by fighting for justice when innocent human beings are killed from Political decisions.

But is this the Europe of values then that we believe and want to be? A Europe that protests only when their politicians take their food from their tables or when some political interest either on the left or on the right is involved?

That’s why then I do not value the protests and movements of today Europe. Because these protests are too political and based in the economical interest. Rather than based on human ideals.

And so when we see that our European politicians, that get paid with our taxes, go and kill innocent people around the world with their policies, we do not raise our voice to demand justice. And these politicians to be brought to justice and sent to prison. Why? Because for as long as these politicians bring us more food home, we are happy like clams.

But what human happiness is this that means to be happy to eat greedily from the hands that have human blood? Is this a new animal eat animal happiness? Or new European cannibalism?

So I do not value today European protests and call them egotistic, selfish and inhumane because they are based on the economic ideal. That means tomorrow, the governments of big nations of Europe will strike a deal with the heads of protestors. And everything will again be quiet and peaceful in Europe. But what about the murderers and the oppression of whole nations by the European politicians outside Europe?

I know here the reader will ask when did European politics butcher the planet that we did not hear that? Maybe the reader was careless of what i said above. So let me add a few other facts.

When Western armies dropped bombs in Middle East and killed hundred of innocent people, who fiercely protested or campaigned for justice? Or who raised his or her voice loud enough and say that those European politicians who gave the orders to be brought to justice? When England, France and Germany do business with the Saudi Arabia, that is butchering an entire Yemen nation with Western support, and shake hands with them, who from the Europeans protested against these political decisions? When Palestine continues to be oppressed through the support of the Western big nations to Israel, again who raises the voice in Europe loud enough to demand justice and freedom? And those politicians who represent us in government to be brought to justice?

That’s why then I wish that in 2019 we will see anti war protests in Europe. And see protests that demand European politicians to take human responsibility and be brought to justice and sent to prison for their policies that oppress and murder people out of Europe.