For a Free Palestine only a few hundreds of People Stood Up! For Pro Brexit and Tommy Robinson Hundreds of Thousands of people blocked Westminster! For the Anti Brexit rally almost a Million people hit the streets! Dr ACactivism explains what is wrong with today British and Non-British people

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If logic springs from truth, then from where does the logic of today spring? Here allow me to note by saying that the logic of today can be easily withdrawn from our today thinking and doing.

So here I ask, “For what thing or ideal do most of the people of today care for? For economic power? Yes, that is the truth whether we like it or not.

But does anyone really care of the ideas of Justice and freedom in themselves? Maybe a few? If that is true, then let me say here again that among these few people only a part of them do have ideas.


However, before proceeding with my thinking, let me say that to care of the economic point means to care of the STATE ECONOMIC INTEREST or STATE POWER.

Let us ask here, “What is the British people winning if their salaries go a couple of hundreds more or less? There is not any big economic gain when conditions are created to control and oppress.

So here the ones who win as ever are the people of the ruling and middle classes. People of politics, media and businesses who get high salaries and have big social power in their hands.

Pro Brexit and anti Brexit then are both victories for state power not for the powerless working classes or oppressed masses.

Again I ask, “Where is the biggest Need to fight or stand for freedom at a Brexit rally or when a Nation is oppressed?”

Even though politics and philosophy are a bit interrelated, the biggest need to fight or stand for FREEDOM is when a nation is under occupation and oppression.

Now we are coming to the point of this blog. Palestine is oppressed, occupied, living an apartheid, killed and ethnically cleansed by the state of Israel. The latter is but our today Western army.

“Where do we see the hearts and minds of the today people being more focused then in what point, Freedom of a people or State Power?

At the pro Brexit rally, there were thousands of people protesting for a pro Brexit. At the anti Brexit protest there were almost a million people in the streets according to some media sources. On the other hand, at the Palestinian protest for Freedom and justice were only e few hundreds of people!


 So we see the facts. And the facts are that people care less for freedom and more for their economic power or what appears by those who control them as it is their economic power. That’s why when Adolf Hitler and Nazis promised the heavens to Germans, they sheepishly and gladly followed their ideas.

But what about the Palestinian Protest? And what was the Palestinian protest about?

At the Palestinian protest were only a few hundreds of people. And that is a big shame. Because the cause of this protest, the cause of the Palestinian Protest was for FREEDOM and JUSTICE. As the cause of the Pro or Against Brexit was for ECONOMIC STATE POWER.

An economic power that in part is made by selling arms to Israeli Army and Saudia Arabia that murder innocent people. And in part this economic power is made by fooling and exploiting the masses.

So what is wrong with the today British and non-British people then? Why don’t they see freedom and justice as their biggest goals and ideals? Because the New German politicians are promising them Economic power by staying in or getting out of the European Union?

Now to show the true face of the people and how badly they are lied, we move from the outer world’s facts to our inner world’s facts. So to better see the truth and withdraw a clearer logic from it.

Is there any excuse for the silence of the today people and for the way they ignore Freedom?

Even if you try to excuse people and say they didn’t have time, you can’t do that. Because twitter trends show for what do people care and tweet. And the most tweeted topics or hashtags appear on twitter as trending.

So, after the Palestinian protest, I saw these topics trending on Twitter: Trends for you:

BrexitDay 76.8K Tweets. #Auguero 31.3K Tweets. Fulham 29.9K #BahrainGP #Watford 25K tweets #Marital 15K Tweets, #Mata 136K Tweets.


Now we come to the “WHY?” what is happening with the people? What is wrong with the people?

Why do they care so less for a people, like Palestine, that is being oppressed and murdered by their taxes but care so much for the economy of STATE POWER?

The fact of the matter is that the U.K Rich Media controls PUBLIC OPINION. And the reason of why only a few hundreds of people were at the Palestinian protest is because the U.K media does not even bother to come and report this PROTEST. The U.K Media does not bother to speak loudly and proudly and continually for free Palestine.

And even when the U.K Rich media mentions the name “Palestine”, they do so only in passing.  As if they want to say something, but always with their mouths and hearts at wanting the oppression of people and the murder of truth.

“The problem of today is a rich U.K Media that does not stand for FREEDOM and JUSTICE.”

So we see the logic and pain of today then. Take it from whatever side, the problem of today is a rich U.K Media that does not stand for FREEDOM and JUSTICE. A media that supports its favourite political party for POLITICAL INTEREST. A Media that has thrown an endless shame on the meaning of writing and cause of the Media. A Media that is totally corrupt and led by OLD VALUES.


Freedom, Free Palestine