For My Thirtieth Birthday I Ask For An End to the Oppression of Ideas


“The purpose of Nazis was to Murder Independent Thinking,” said Albert Einstein.

Let me start with some questions:

Why do my creative ideas continue to be oppressed by the BBC, ITV, and by all the Big Media in general then? Is the fact of speaking truth and reason like dropping bombs? How dare you and deny participation in modern history to creative thinkers? Are you, Big Media Cronies, acting with a subtle Nazi philosophy?

Further, did you enjoy watching the security of the ITV that almost choked me, Dr. A.C, to death for holding up a few creative ideas?

Where is the truth? Where is the reason? Where is my right to participate in modern history through ideas and truth and reason? Can’t you see that it is the big media’s reputation that holds the torch of ideas and controls information by brute force? Do you cronies of the big media then think that you have God’s rights to control information by brute force?

And most importantly, “Why isn’t a single TV show on Big Media dedicated to people who have ideas?

These are my questions. But these questions seem to hang upon an abyss where they ask: “To be the slave of oppressors and live happily in eternal oppression and injustice or not to be? And so disappear from this world of pain and injustice and unfairness. This is a Shakespearean question though. For it contains truth, pain and it implies reason.

Frederick Engels once said, “Gentlemen to change the names of the things does not mean that you have changed the things. So that’s what we are seeing in the present day in all walks of life where social power is. We see a change of the names of the things but not the change of the things themselves. You get it?

To us is denied the right to express our creative ideas for a better world. It is denied participation in modern history. Can’t you see that this is but mad at best, Nazi at least?

Now let me tell you who I am.
Gentlemen, I am an independent thinker. Like many others who strive and work for a better world.
So I listen, I learn and I create. But the men of my time seem to have lost their humanity. So they are doing their best to make us lose our humanity too.

So they want us, creative thinkers, to give up creative ideas and take up the guns. They want us to give up truth, to give up human values and take up the knives and butcher one another like being jungle animals. They don’t want us to be humans of consciousness and reason. You see? The Big Cronies.

So these Big Cronies want us, basically, to die like animals. That’s why they continually oppress us through some idealess men. Some idealess men who have turned into wolves, and protect day in and day out big media moguls and the fox-like faces of big politic! And they are but today police officers and private security forces. Who have turned into the private wolves of Big Media and Big Politics!

So in this way, through eternal oppression of ideas, Andrew Neil and Jeremy Paxman and a few other barbarians, who control information by force, can be forever called Good and Just! You see? How good and just is that though?

So I, the man of 2017, am the black man of 1950 living in Europe. I am the wandering Jew living in the Germany of 1944. And I have Metropolitan Police coming to oppress my creative ideas and movements at all times when I dare to oppose with ideas the masters of media and politics. You see? How good is that though?

Now, gentlemen, suppose that you live under the rule of Deash. And then imagine yourself opposing their oppressive ideas. What would they do to you? They will cut off your legs.

Now through the power of your imagination try to put yourself in my shoes and think of living in London and opposing the ideas of the higher and middle men of London. So what do you think the higher and middle men of London will do to you? They will oppress your ideas eternally with either police brutality or security wolf-like power that protects them.

You see then that there is no big difference between Daesh and the Oppressors of London. For both use brute force to silence reason.

Remind you that Jesus George Orwell said that the higher and middle men always exchange places with one another. And we saw George Osborne from a politician stepping one scale below and becoming the editor of London Evening Standard. And we have seen many journalists becoming politicians. Like Boris Jonson, for instance, who from decades of being a journalist he turned his vision towards the ladder of politics and bigger corruption.

But again, at the end, it is the philosophy of oppression that pushes the passion of some idealess rappers to write lyrics of killing and stabbing and terrorizing. Oppression of this kind Einstein described that kindle the feelings of evil. And what is evil then, gentlemen? Evil is Violence and Oppression. That’s what evil is.

Brendan Cox said at his 2016 Christmas Message that
After all that’s happened this year, in 2016, she (his murdered wife) would hope that all of us make a resolution to do something in 2017 to bring communities back together.
To reach out to somebody that might disagree with us. Now is not a moment to shout louder. It’s a moment to reach out.

But what does this “reach out” mean then, gentlemen? It means to bring people of ideas together on a round table. And have the knowledge of telling them what Jean Paul Sarte said. The fact that we didn’t find values on the sky. But we created these values and engraved them in the sky to be for us a guiding star.

And truth is a value. Because in lies hide crime, corruption, hate and the rest. Freedom is a value. Because in oppression hides the poisonous dictatorship and so on. Goodness is a value, because in evil conceal all the ideals of vice and inhumanity

That’s why then, we need participation of creative minds that work for a better world. That means we need them to remind to those who have lost their humanity our guiding stars. That are our aforementioned great values. And we need them to let the people know that oppression is not freedom. We need them to re-create the world anew based on what is human and not inhuman.

But who is controlling information? It is Big Media that is controlling information. That is the truth. And Big Media then must give opportunities to creative minds to express their creative ideals. And this can happen by opening TV shows that have as a purpose dialogue, participation and expression of independent ideas. For those who think, learn and create must not be oppressed.

And that’s why then, gentle ladies and you gentlemen, I ask for AN END TO THE OPPRESSION OF IDEAS.


On the first of June 2017 I called the BBC London News, the ITV London News and the Sky News. And I made to all of them the same question: “We, CreativeismMovementShow, want an end to the oppression of ideas. Can we achieve that? Can I come at your news media and let the big media know that we want a TV Show that is dedicated to independent ideas?

All of them replied with the same voice and mind and thinking. That was “NO.” This is then the worm of corruption that has pervaded the soul of Big Media in the last few decades.

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