For the New Year, 2020, and for the New Decade, the Vision of Dr ACactivism wishes a happy Death to News Media Monopolies and to all Political Injustice

It is hope that keeps us alive. And this hope, that I speak here, is a form of hope that doesn’t hope itself. But however this form of hope does see the idea of hope as a vision.


This form of hope visualises or anticipates that one day will triumph over corruption, over human greed and all evil. It will triumph over News MEDIA Monopolies, POLITICAL oppression, worms and crocodiles of the time, sheep and wolves, economical Injustice and inequality.


So we see that we are entering into a new decade, but with old Ideas and as always with human pain.


In the last decade, for example, we saw UK politics support Saudi Arabia to kill innocent people in Yemen. In the last decade we saw UK politics support Israel to kill innocent people in Palestine.



In the last decade we saw the Russian MAFIA money infiltrate in the UK. And make the rich richer here with money that are made by people who may have blood in their hands.


So then, to be a human being in the today world is a big human pain. Because the oppressed masses of today are scared to even say these words, justice or injustice. When it is the right time to say these words loudly and proudly.


Like when they see the greatest evil on earth being committed by their favourite politicians.

But what is the greatest evil here?



The greatest evil on earth is the MURDER of another innocent human being. Gentlemen.


So for our new decade and for the new year I wish a

Happy death to all news media Monopolies.

Like the News Corps, the BBC, the ITV etc., New media monopolies that are entrusted by us, the people, to control the most important ideal of human existence, information.


For the new decade and the new year, I wish “A Happy death to all big political injustice and corruption in the present day world.


Yours Dr ACactivism.