Gaza under Attack again by Israeli Terrorist Warplanes! But is it really Israel or UK, France, Germany and USA that is killing innocent Palestinians and keeping Palestine under siege?


One must be a fool to not see the truth that Israeli State Politics are breathing, existing, oppressing and exploiting Palestinian people with the full Western Support.

Israel can not keep Palestine under oppression like they are doing today without Western support. And these facts can be seen from the U.K politics that continually sell the latest arms to Israel, that makes its money by killing innocent Palestinian people, to keep them equipped with the latest guns to kill and oppress. These facts can be seen from the clear and open support of the USA politics for Israel. And lastly, these facts can be seen in the silence of the European and American people in front of this great injustice. A silence of the today Western people that is more evil than the silence of the Germans who supported Adolf Hitler.

Why do I think so? One may ask. I say this for the simple reason that today you are not sent to prison in the same way that the Germans were sent to prison for helping Jews. So the silence of today western people is simply capricious, thick, feelingless, animalistic, criminal and above all UNACCEPTABLE.



And if you want an example, then let me give you one. What is going on between Palestine and Israel is like saying “Gestapo, the secret police of Nazi Germany, to kill Jews with the support of the German people. However, officially, the German people to not accept their responsibility in supporting GESTAPO. This example fits to the today Western people. In short, today Western people are the same ones who supported Adolf Hitler.


Here is a small a difference, of course, we, the German GESTAPO and the Germans who supported Nazis, are not killing anymore the French and the English or each other. No we are now killing others, supporting Israel to kill innocent Palestinians, arming Saudia Arabia to butcher Yemen and so on.


In the case of Israel, we can not even say that Israel is a State for as long that this state is breathing, existing and thriving with full Western Support. So at the end, we can easily conclude that ISREAL is simply a GESTAPO organisation supported by the Western Politics and the Western people. And now the Germans who supported Adolf Hitler and Gestapo are the entire Silent, Piggish, “sluggishly creepy” Western people.


So then ISRAELI POLITICS are simply a GESTAPO ORGANISATION political unit, supported by Western Politics, Western Media and Western People.


Therefore, the ones who kill, and shoot, and oppress women and children and innocent people in Palestine are the today New Nazis Western Politics with the Western Media and the Western people. So only a FOOL or owl  here would blame Israeli politics for the oppression and murder of the Palestinian People.


1984 exists in the LONDON CITY where I live.