Homeless Man Collapses outside UK Parliament and the MONOPOLIES of the UK MEDIA Cry Loudly with Deep Sadness for a few seconds on Twitter


A loud cry, like it came from an unknown thunderbolt, invaded Twitter media for a few seconds! Today, Thursday, 20 December 2018. Why? Because a homeless man had died outside the corrupted UK Parliament. So?

So the BBC wrote counting the death of a homeless man and not forgetting to count past deaths too! Crying loudly on Twitter for attention! But no opinions or pointing fingers to any institution, like they usually do. When they want to educate us! You know?

Other UK Media moguls also counted the death of the homeless man. They all cried loudly like a single Body. So representing today BRITISHNESS. That means, the greed of the strongest, that has created MONOPOLIES in every walk of life, demands to cry only after death! After one has collapsed and passed away. And so cry with deep sadness after one has died! Wow! What a level of HYPOCRISY!

To be honest, these barbaric UK Media institutions, made of some lustfully mean creatures, do no write because they feel sorry. They rather write because they want to catch human attention. And sell their news. So after you die, they mention your name for a few seconds. In a way that somehow means “Thanks for dying and making some more space for us!” The rich and the beautiful!

There is plenty of time to write of homeless people before they die. And point the fingers to the responsible political institutions to take RESPONSIBILITY for letting humans down. But they do not do that. Why?

Because UK MEDIA journalists all they think is their career. That means, greed for power or social power and money. These mean, hypocrites or journalists of the UK MEDIA do not care of pain, truth or HUMANITY. You can see their villainy in every action and thinking that they do.


This is the today BRITISHNESS then. Hypocrisy and meanness on the hands of the very CORRUPTED UK MEDIA or British Writers. I don’t want you to write of me after I die. When you oppressed me up to a point of death and pushed me to collapse through your very hypocrisy and Greed. This is how the homeless person would have said to the mean of the mean or UK MEDIA JOURNALISTS.