How Can The Murdering Nazis of the ITV Apologise to Me, Dr A.C? I Demand The Freedom of Ideas Through a Single Idea Called “Creativeism Movement Show.

You remember a famous phrase saying that Freedom is Slavery, don’t you? Yes it was said at a deed called, 1984, written by Jesus George W. Orwell.

So the oppression of creative ideas is the same like saying that Freedom is Slavery. For this phrase implies the oppression of ideas. For wars and peace begin from one’s ideas not from one’s bottoms.
A book begins from one’s ideas and not from one’s bottoms. And therefore, everything that is called “human action” begins from ideas.

For one thinks because one exists as a human not because one exists as an animal. For an animal is led by instincts not by ideas and mind. Or like Descartes said it at his book, Meditations, “I think therefore I am. That means that you think and that’s why you are. You get the point?

The point is in the truth that some sick careerists, famous journalists, who are controlling Big Media, or who work for the big media, are silencing independent thinkers by brute force and drowning them out through big media’s reputation. Is that clear? Is that fair?

You want facts? The facts are on my own existence. The facts are on the years and years of my hard work and toil that I spent on creative ideas to bring change. The facts are on the big media’s ideology that easy-peasy silenced and still silences my voice and ideas.

And their subtle strategies of silencing and murdering independent ideas are two. They use brute force through either security power or police officers to protect their corporate capitalist media. And they use big media’s reputation to drown even the biggest philosopher out! You see?

So let’s first explain the differences between big corporate media’s philosophy and my philosophy.

The Philosophy of the Big Media

If you contact any talk show or any big media’s programme or news. And so demand from them an opportunity to express your independent ideas. Like I have done so far. They will tell you, first no and then hung up on you. Secondly, if you insist to have your ideas and hard work heard, then they will respond saying like this: We are interested in certain ideas today. We are speaking of certain things today and everyday like celebrities or death or wars. And so we have no time for you!

That’s how they oppress your right to be heard!
They want you to speak in regard to the theme that they have in question. They want you to speak and think like them. Or if someone of importance has died or killed oneself then they ask you to speak of death!

So you have two choices, you either speak for what they want you to speak. Or speak of any famous death and you are free to create that story at any big media outlet! Basically, that means think like they think and speak almost like they speak! That is speak in their tongue and be music to their ears!

Further, if you oppose their ideas as an independent thinker with ideas, truth and reason. If you move and create against their ideas. Then they oppress you. They never give you an opportunity to debate them or you to express your ideas in front of the cameras of the Big Media! And this is Big Media’s philosophy. Oppression of ideas is today big media’s doing and thinking.

What I said though is like saying that Big Media belongs to certain individuals. And not to truth, ideas and reason. It is like saying that the Big Media must not act as the main means of mass communication. No. Rather it is like saying that the big media must act and think like the main means of corruption.

For an extensive corruption and oppression of ideas is what happens on the big today corporate media’s headquarters. While in the surface, Big Media pretend to speak truth and express reason. That’s the inner cancer that is destroying democracy and its essence. That is in the right to participate through ideas and stand for humanity.

But why is it so? First because of the fact that power corrupts. So once these priest-like journalists plump their “bottoms” on a chair of the Big Media, then they think that big media is theirs!

Because they act and think with a priest-like philosophy. A philosophy that is like a way of thinking that was circulating among priests of the 18th century that Voltaire explained. Where he said that a priest had written a secret letter to his fellow priests. And in which he had written this piece of advice. That meant that if you see many people gathering to oppose you, try to convince them. But if you see a few people doing that, just kill them. This was the past priests’ philosophy! Kill the weak and respect the powerful.

Similarly, the journalists of the big media if they see large groups of people, or if you achieve to disrupt them live on TV, then they speak of you. Or in passing mention your name. But if they see you challenging them on your own, with truth, creative ideas and reason, then they eternally silence you. This is the fact of my existence. Where my voice continues to be silenced for over a decade. Now hearken my philosophy.

My Philosophy

Like Marx and Engels I believe on the power of the thinking humanity that thinks and creates. And I do not believe in an egotistic Nietzsche-like power that believes on the power of the oppression and oppressors.

So therefore, I believe on the people that have ideas. So give opportunities to a thinking humanity that thinks. Give opportunities to the people who have ideas to express their ideas. And so let people participate in the modern history, share their ideas and strive to change the world through thought and thinking. And not through brutality and violence.

For we know that in all human history when you oppress ideas that intend to make our society fair and better, then you make space to ideas of evil and violence. You create a vacuum of new ideas while continuing to lead with the old ones. That’s why I demand participation of new ideas in the modern history. And in the same time, I denounce the oppression of ideas.

David Bohm, an American thinker, dreamed of a world where people come together to the negotiating table, share ideas with one another and create the world anew in the ever-changing reality of being and nothingness.

And so, in this way of doing and thinking, we see a thinking humanity of ideas that participates in the history of each time for the re-creation of the world through ideas.

For the world is led by ideas. And therefore it must be allowed to be changed for the better through ideas and truth and reason. For one humanity that oppresses the ideas of a thinking humanity loses the rights of being called “humanity.” And takes the right of being called a corrupted humanity of dictators.

Secondly, “How does the big media oppress ideas at these days where we have a social media revolution?”

Well let us mention some facts:
Matthew Cook said in a video that has 20 million views on Facebook, “The so called liberal or conservative news media is owned by six mega media companies that control 90 percent of our information. Those companies are owned by the very rich.”

So we see then that our information is still owned by the big mouths. And by controlling the information and silencing the voices of those who have ideas, the big media controls the minds of the people. And through this way of doing and thinking that we see in front of our eyes, we come to the ideas of Illuminati.
“Information is power, and illuminati knows this.
Having access to accurate and reliable information is power, and the ability to dispense false and misleading information is also power.
As one reads the words of the original writings of the Illuminati, one finds that the founding members of illuminati understood this on the late 1700s, well before the communication age.
By monopolising the mainstream media in all forms as it developed, print, radio, and television, they (the illuminati members) have been able to contain information and dispense misleading or useless stories to the public.
If people didn’t see it on Fox News or CNN, then it must not be happening, they think.’
Mark Dice, Illuminati.

So then, that means that the Rich by monopolizing the mainstream media they turn themselves into powerful beasts. And so big media in refusing to create shows based on the freedom of ideas and on the right of participation, they silence the new ideas that come into being subtly and smoothly. They choke independent thinking and make their power eternal.

So to protect their power, they act and think like smooth criminals and like M.A.F.I.A. That means intelligently murdering truth, ideas, reason and with it all independent thinking.
Further, it is perfectly true that information is power just like the laws are power. Just like the big corporations who in controlling our food on the table turn themselves into powerful monsters. So those who control the main means of information by feeding our minds everyday with lies, by brainwashing us everyday with their views and silencing the opposing views, turn themselves into unreal powerful cronies. And so they become eternal in their power. With poisonous snakes breeding poisonous snakes. Eternally.
And that is another reason of why I demand that Big Media creates TV Shows for participation of the creative minds on the Big MEDIA. How can that even be conceivable, the fact that in all big media there is not even a single show dedicated to independent ideas? To people who have ideas? Isn’t that just mad?

Secondly, when one writes and speaks on Facebook and twitter, one does not get paid for it. While when one speaks and writes from the BBC’s and big media’s headquarters one gets paid for what he does. For speaking or writing.

That means that this human being works for a big media organisation that has dozens and even hundreds of years of fame and reputation. So a thinker that thinks and creates and speaks truth from social media is passed for a “lie.” And he is even confused with those who stand to play in corners and do nothing. Or even worse he is taken for a fake new media!

That’s why I demand that the freedom of ideas to come from those who are held for “today bearers of standards.” And who have the fame and reputation for being as such. For Big Media journalists come on twitter and Facebook and absorb even in there all the human attention that is possible. For you can see that by the fact that they have millions of fans. And on their profile of social media, people of big media usually note “the big media mouth” in which they work.

But how comes that they absorb all human attention even in our social media where we just made a revolution then? That is called fame and reputation. And fame and reputation in all human history has fooled and lied those who exist merely to enjoy what others create. That’s not easy to change. All we can do is but make it fair and just.

Karl Max, for instance, thought that in this world are two kinds of humans. Those who live merely for the purpose of enjoying what others have created. And those who create and re-create the world anew with their own ideas and hands. The latter are also called the thinking humanity that think, create and act. But that it comes to pass that in all human history they are being oppressed by oppressors.

However, at the end, it is oppressors that are known and called the bearers of standards and inventors of all kinds of laws. For they are the ones that hold the reins of power at all times. And power has blinded and corrupted them deep in their genes.

Similarly, today we have one that creates and millions that enjoy. That sounds so cool! Like it happens in ever-changing technology, for instance.

Therefore, those who don’t create feel bad when they see a thinking humanity that creates. And the same do-for-nothing folks feel good when they see the same humanity being oppressed. That’s why they love oppressors and hate those who create for a better world or creators. Marx called them the animal world of the philistines. I call them the present day walking dead. The brain-dead people. The sheep of all sheep that the only thing they do is eat, sleep and repeat. And bleat ba, ba, ba, and ba all day long!

Let’s take some facts. Some facts that have been transmitted live on TV. For whatever that is not live is not shown to the public! For the purpose of killing the truth! Like the fact that the security of the BBC smashed my phone on October 2016. Just because I dared to make questions to the journalists of the BBC! But that wasn’t told to the people. For it was not live…. You see? And when I called the BBC London news, they said to me that we are not allowed to speak against ourselves! You see how just that they are?

Now let’s come to the point of distinguishing between those who have ideas and those don’t have. The difference between a thinking humanity that thinks and the animal world of the philistines who lives merely to enjoy what others have created.

At The Voice U.K 2017, for instance, have been thousands of people coming and going in every audition. But did you see anyone holding ideas up? And trying to make the point for change and innovation through ideas and movement? No. You didn’t see anyone doing that! Perhaps you saw some fans wanting to touch the clothes and shoes and maybe “the bottoms” of the presenters. Isn’t that so?

However, you didn’t see anyone holding up ideas. Therefore, how dare you receptionists of the ITV and of the BBC say to me that we receive hundreds of stories every day? And that we don’t have time to listen to all the people who have ideas? When the difference between a thinking humanity that thinks and the animal world of the philistines who lives merely to enjoy what others have created is so clear?

Or is this fact more true: that you on purpose are oppressing a thinking humanity that creates? For the latter sounds more true to me. Because the “oppressed creator” is the pen of blood itself that is writing in here. It is me, Dr A.C, that for over a decade see my voice and ideas and truth and reason being oppressed in the most unjust and corrupted way. From police brutality that forces me to run away, to big media’s reputation the drowns me out, and at last to security forces that come to punch and kick me when I oppose big media through ideas, reason and truth. You see then?

Further, how comes that people do not revolt against these brainless “receptionist-like journalists” who oppress the ideas of a thinking humanity?

For that means that the present day sheep or idealess people long for oppression not for fairness. They long for dishonesty but not for honesty. They long for evil but not for good. They long for lies but not for truth. They long for misery but not for happiness. They long for inhumanity but not for humanity. They long for war but not for peace. They long for ignorance but not for knowledge. And finally they long for oppression but not for freedom.

That’s why then, that’s the reason why today people, who never create, listen to the present day masters of the big media religiously. And that’s why they hate all creators or independent thinkers who are oppressed. The ones who want to bring some innovation and change in this world of nothingness. Because it seems that today people are blinded by the bubble of a corrupted big media system that is murdering independent thinking.

Thus we have today “receptionists” who work at the BBC, ITV and so on. And who tell to me that you are not allowed to express your ideas! Because we receive hundreds of stories every day! And for the “receptionists” of the BBC a thinking humanity that thinks, creates and acts is equal with someone that just speaks in vain! These are the walking dead of the today then! And they control our big media and murder our independent ideas.

Now let’s do some reality and fact check.

A true creator thinks, creates, and acts. He tells you the yesterday, the today and the way he wants the tomorrow. While an assumed creator all day long he only pretends. He goes and claps for what others have created, but he never creates. In short, he enjoys oppression of ideas and the daily bread on the table that oppressors put for him.

Now to come closer to my essential idea.
In the last two years I have produced a show in the streets of London and New York. And I have called it “Creativeism Movement Show. That means the movement of ideas. That means that a thinking humanity that thinks must create for a better world. But while having into mind great minds and great ideas.

For one cannot re-create the world without knowledge. And like Lenin once said at his notes on Hegel, cognition not only reflects the world, but it also creates it.

Thus one knows the world as best as he can and then re-creates it. And therefore, I think that the Murdering Nazis of the ITV can apologise to me for what they did if they decide to sit down and end the oppression of ideas.

I want to pave the way for the freedom of ideas. And I do that by re-creating the world through my show and giving opportunities through it to the people of ideas. And I call this show “Creativeism Movement Show!” That means the movement of ideas, truth and reason.

And hence whoever thinks that he has ideas, truth and reason is welcome into my show. And whoever has ideas must not be oppressed. Come thee and show your ideas and the way you think you can make this world of nothingness a better place and fair and just. And come thee and show me how to make this meaningless world have a meaning. Freedom to the creative ideas!

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