How Do I Make Our Stagnant Existence Flow with Creativity


Creative-ism Movement Show

The more a man is imbued with the ordered regularity of all events the firmer becomes his conviction that there is no room left by the side of this ordered regularity for causes of a different nature.

Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions

What are my innovative ideas and actions?

 I understand the meaning of humanity into creativity and movement. That means that to be a human also means to be creative and move. It means to move while one creates and create while moving. And in creativity and movement, I think that one becomes aware of his being and his essence. Therefore, this is the way of how one personality grows and changes the world. That is through creativity and movement.

In this way, by telling to the journalists of the big media that out there is room for causes of a different nature like Einstein said, I show to them and to the world a new way of doing and making. But you should not say, “We, the journalists of the big media want to be heard only. Rather you should say, “all of us need to wake up, participate in the present day history and make our living hell world, a livable and enjoyable place.

I say that because the journalists of the present day big media have silenced my voice by force in London and New York for many years. Because they feel superior to a European man who comes to oppose their ideas! Or perhaps they like to oppress anyone who opposes them. And so they silence reason by force and reputation of the media!

Also, Matthew Cook said in a video that has 20 million views on Facebook, The so called liberal or conservative news media is owned by six mega media companies that control 90 percent of our information. Those companies are owned by the very rich.”

Therefore, we see that our information is still owned by the big mouths. And by controlling the information and silencing the voices of those who have ideas, the big media controls the minds of the people. Through this way of doing and thinking though, we come to the ideas of Illuminati.

“Information is power, and illuminati knows this. Having access to accurate and reliable information is power, and the ability to dispense false and misleading information is also power. As one reads the words of the original writings of the Illuminati, one finds that the founding members of illuminati understood this on the late 1700s, well before the communication age. By monopolising the mainstream media in all forms as it developed, print, radio, and television, they (the illuminati members) have been able to contain information and dispense misleading or useless stories to the public. If people didn’t see it on Fox News or CNN, then it must not be happening, they think.’ Mark Dice, Illuminati.

The reputation and the power of the big media then silence one’s voice smoothly and easily. While they smile at you. For people, if they don’t see you kissing the dirty feet of the big media, they think that what you think it isn’t true! And therefore it doesn’t make sense.

Also it is perfectly true that information is power just like the laws are power. Just like the big corporations who in controlling our food on the table turn themselves into powerful monsters. So those who control the main means of information by feeding our minds everyday with lies turn themselves into an unreal power.

Hence, because of the fact that the world is in tatters. And the big media is corrupted in its doings, I introduce to the people Creativity and Movement. As a path that leads people through the darkness of the today into the light of the tomorrow. That is Creativity and Movement – the real and true power of humanity.

Well, but if the power of creativity and movement is in every human being. And if the power of good and evil is on the hands and hearts of every human being too. So then, if our meaning is in creativity and movement that means that we also need a proper way towards where to move and create.

However, before I show you a proper way in the image that I perceive and conceive, let me tell you that those men who can tell humanity the way have been called “philosophers.” And to be a philosopher means to love to listen and learn. Or to put it like Socrates said at “The Republic,” it means to be glad to learn and never satisfied.

So my ideas in here intend to show the way to the present day world. For both Marx in the 19th century and Sartre in the 20s century held the views that the meaning of humanity and its way must be redefined anew in the ever-changing reality.

Therefore, I think that in order to see a better world we must think like David Bohm thought. That is that we must see and analyze the content and the function of our thought. And that means that we must take into question “our way of thinking” and the way we act too.

Hence for this, and as a solution of the today evils, I introduce “Creative-ism Movement Show.” Where people from all nations and all fields and all backgrounds who have ideas and creativity can come to participate, share their ideas and re-create the world anew.

Just to clarify my idea. This is not a free speech show. First because it does not presuppose that in the show will be only the people that the Host wants. Secondly it is not only about speaking, but and creating too. And thirdly it takes into question our meaning, makes meaning and shares it with other beings from all over the world.

Question; “Would a drug dealer or gangster be welcomed into my show?

Well, my point is not to make drug dealers famous. But to allow them to participate if they think that they have ideas. However the difference here is essential. That is that drug dealers and anyone must be subject to criticism and growth. That is that we must not praise evil ideals and push the world towards an abyss. But we must see the difference and let the world see for themselves. So we enlighten the people. We enlighten the world and re-create it anew. And these points then are the different essentialities of mine.

Charlie sloth praises drug dealers and makes them heroes. As Nick Robinson, Piers Morgan and their cronies on the big media etc., invite at their TV programs only those people that they like. Those that they don’t like personally should never ever take the opportunity to express their ideas! Strange, isn’t it?

So, I think that out there, in our world, should be something in between. A medium of human expression that gives opportunities. And a medium of expression that praises the good ideas and the good actions not the evil ones.

This show at the end, however, is about creativity and movement. It is about making people aware about our original human power – that is creativity and movement. And creativity and movement are about ideas. Therefore my idea is to welcome anyone in the show that has got any idea in the back of his/her mind.

So through, “Creative-ism Movement Show” I look forward to seeing and creating a culture where we participate, share and come up with many different ideas. That is creativity or human creative power.


Now let me give you an example about our present day violent culture.


A photo taken from the fight of the century impresses and baffles me in the same time.

In this photo is Muhammad Ali at the top baring his teeth full of anger and hostility. And seeming to be growling viciously like a wild dog. As at the bottom is Joe Frazier totally defeated lying down like an unsatisfied horse.

So it impresses me because humanity feels so great in seeing a man down and another one up shouting at him viciously. A photo that resembles a master shouting to a slave, but and a powerful man defeating the weak. A photo the resembles the journalists of the BBC seeing me protest for one opportunity to speak my pain and silencing my voice by force.

And so humanity has shared this photo a million times and is inspired by it everyday the more!

But it is this impression also that baffles me. For I ask myself; “Is this the humanity that we are part of? Is this the humanity from whom we expect mercy and love? But what mercy and love can one expect from fights and seeing a man at the top and another one at the bottom? This is our humanity then! Our culture. British and USA media feeling great while they silence my VOICE by force! They also used to feeling great in seeing people get hanged or burnt alive in the past. This is the humanity and greatness of the sheep and wolves, basically.

“Culture implies shared meaning,” said David Bohm at his deed, On Creativity, “in which everybody participates. Culture is inherently a participating thing. Our present culture is not at all coherent. It’s highly incoherent all over the world and in each country. We need a coherent culture. In fact, we could say that one of the reasons why we have to enter into dialogue is to establish this coherent culture.”

This was true in the middle of the 1960s when Bohm wrote his book. And this is true in my time too.

So, to make the point, here, in my show, also I see people coming to talk and create. I see people coming into the show to make a coherent culture through creative ideas and movement. And not people who feel great in seeing other people fight. But people that want to participate, contribute and share.

“At present people cannot really talk with each other freely,” went on saying Bohm.

“For example, in the United Nations they talk only about a few small points which are negotiable, but most of the basic issues are not negotiable.

We must start to establish a coherent meaning for the whole. But the key, the start, is to be able to have a dialogue. That way people in different groups can dialogue and really share their meanings, and perhaps emerge with new meanings.”

To sum my idea up while glancing at the ideas of David Bohm. I establish a coherent meaning for the whole by making people aware of their power, that is creativity and movement. And by inviting those who have creative ideas in my show. And also keeping the doors open for anyone who wants to come.

In this way, I think that we can talk for issues that are not negotiable and make the world a better place through creative ideas and movement. A show that is not like X Factor that is focused on a definite idea, nor a Today Program or Good Morning Britain that are focused only in their superiority. And give opportunities to speak on the show only to those that they like!

One may say: “But out there are thousands of shows on big media. So who do you think that you are?” To this man who thinks so I will respond thus; first of all is the truth that I have been living in London for many years. And during these years I have sent endless emails to the big media. During these years I have protested in front of the big media like the BBC, ITV, The Guardian etc. And all of this, I did to be able to take one opportunity and express my pain and creative ideas.


Also for this very reason, I crossed the ocean from London to New York to be able to express my ideas and my pain. But I was pushed, punched and kicked by the security of the ABC, New York Times and FOX TV in New York in March 2016.

And so, at the end I got arrested. I didn’t take the opportunity to express my creative ideas and pain. But I TRIED. I was silenced by force and so I came back to London. But still nobody is listening to me! And the entire Big Media that was supposed to speak truth has been and is silencing the truth of my being.

However, “I create a way to listen to those who want to be heard. I CREATE a way to make the silenced be heard. I create a way for participation and dialogue. I create a way for humans and humanity.”

David Bohm had a dream. And he spoke thus about his dream;

“I want to have a dialogue with different people to find out, to share how they are thinking: to participate.

I feel that human thought tends to get over-focused and limit everybody to his own little area. It is important to be able to communicate and have a dialogue, to listen to each and everybody. Listening, and sharing these views, then we perhaps can go beyond them.”

So in this way, by creating a show with a philosophy of “Creativity and Movement” I carry on the dream of David Bohm. By putting human participation and dialogue in the essence of my show, I make the dream of David Bohm come true. I carry on the legacy of those who wanted a better world. I put a brick on the wall of goodness. I raise the walls of goodness higher than they were before. And in this way I move on as a human and leave a human legacy behind.


Big Media Revolutionary Thinking

How do I bring Change in the corrupted doings of the Big Media?


Is the big media power or not?

Big media, as I said earlier, control 90 percent of our information. They control what enters into our brains. They control our ideas to an unreal extent. And our ideas are the food of our brains. That is the power of information. Obviously, they control our minds through information.

However, what strikes me more than anything is this kind of 1984 philosophy and illuminati ideology. They have created an arrogant big media that says “I WANT TO BE HEARD ONLY.”

But how about independent thinking and thinkers? And why is there so hard to be heard? We have a big social media but still in there comes the big media to invade us with promotions of all kinds. So we independent thinkers work for nothing. We aren’t being heard. We aren’t being respected for our true values and creative ideas. And our work is never published on the big media moguls.

So then two are the choices. One choice is that the big media stops meddling with the social media. That is you keep your big newspapers but don’t open twitter and Facebook. Second choice is that the big media should respect more independent creators and thinkers. That is they must leave entire sections in their papers for creative ideas.

Or another more creative solution of our today problem is that big newspapers shouldn’t be so big. That means that they should sell their newspapers only in the areas where they live. And so we empower the local media. This is the most fair solution, but and the hardest one though. Because as I said the big media moguls say; “I want to be heard only!” How strange that it is isn’t it?

Therefore, that’s why I ask and demand for justice and fairness in the distribution of information.

For, how comes anyways, that the bum of Kim Kardashian is all day on big media? How comes that the arse of Prince George is all day on big media? But I a man that you see with either a book on his lap or a pen on his hand still can’t have an idea published on the big media? Isn’t this evil? And isn’t this totally unfair and unjust also?


Because that means that the big media is rotten to the core. And they, these editors and journalists who work for the big media, must think seriously to respect creative ideas and independent thinking.

So this is the first change that I ask the big media to bring “Respect independent thinking and creative ideas. And in doing so make the Big Media fair and just for everybody who has got ideas.



And the Big Media will do that when in their newspapers they reserve whole pages and sections for these very ideas and creators.

For they are taking from the people their entire attention. But they are not giving to the people the truth of present day thinking. And they are neither just nor fair in the distribution of information. That is that they are but CORRUPTED deep in the marrow of their bones.

For example; In 2014 I messaged on twitter a former editor of the Guardian. And I said to him that the editor of the BBC Radio 1Xtra has threatened me. And I want to tell this pain that I am living to the world. I want to find a way to publish this story.

“Oh, sorry for you,” he said, “but things don’t work like that. The information doesn’t get published on the big media because of truth or of the importance of the story. There is all about whom you know.”

He then, emailed me a few email addresses and said good luck!

As I said that “thank you” to him while thinking that it was totally unfair and unjust.

Then I emailed the moguls of the big media and explained to them my story, my pain and my ideas. But again I never got an answer via email. The only thing that I got was this answer when I called them; “If we didn’t reply to you that means that we aren’t interested.”

This answer is almost the same by all those who work on the big media. They have time to speak with you on the phone. They have time to write about the bum of Kim Kradashian. They have time to publish and embellish the arse of the three years old Prince George. But they do not have time to email you back and say the reason why they don’t like your idea. Or the reason why aren’t they never publishing your ideas! Is it because of space? Is it because of quality or what?


Again regarding the distribution of information, let’s be honest about these facts.

Facts like the truth that the journalists of the BIG MEDIA are mostly interested only on the negative facts like killing, raping, beating and all kinds of violence. By doings so they point out only the negativity of the world. And they also exaggerate the facts in maximum to make the story as beautiful as possible. In this way by being always the “WRITERS” who make a mountain out of a molehill, they turn themselves into famous WOLVES. And people in general feel so small and so powerless that they take these “pseudo-journalists” as being great philosophers and thinkers!

This way of thinking though, has turned people into sheep and journalists and politicians into WOLVES. And I see but wolves that are always preaching peace to the sheep! Good, isn’t it?

However, whether these journalists of the big media are educated in their schools in this way or not that tells little to me. The “negativity” that they bring into the world is unacceptable. They portray men always as being evil and women always as being the victims. They don’t describe the action. They rather stick to their notion of “men and women.” And in this way they have turned the men and women into the enemies of each other destroying our families and our lives. Their predatory writings and want for evil goes beyond all thought and thinking. These psedu-writers called “journalists and reporters” have turned themselves into the heroes of cannibalism and monster-want-ism. They will do anything to sell their stories.

And this is the point of it. These are the facts that show fragmentation and negativity in our way of thinking.

So I think that in order to make a Big Media revolution. We must stop immediately exaggerating negative actions that happen. And we must stop portraying men as evil and women as angels. That is that we must focus more on the action not who did it man or woman.

For instance, if a man called Boris killed a woman called, “Maria, or if Maria killed Boris.” We must say the truth that a killing happened. And condemn the action of killing. Not condemning the entire males or females of this planet for this action!

And so, as we fare towards nothingness and becoming we must bear in mind to see what fits and what doesn’t fit in the doing and making of every time.

For instance if we see that there is a general feeling of negativity against men. That doesn’t mean that we must make women also look as if they are negative. But rather we must see what is bringing the fragmentation and division of thought to this point.

We must make questions into our way of thinking and doing. We must come together, share our views, participate and come up with a solution that is best for all of us like humans.

SO, in essence my reason is that “we must start to bring more positive values and positive creativity into the big screens.”

Thirdly. Take in Order to Give.

 We see that some famous presenters and journalists stay forever in the big media. But it is the “big media” that gives them fame and name. It is the big media’s reputation that makes them being heard and recognized widely around the world. So shouldn’t these famous presenters or journalists, or whatever they are, at some point in life think to give up their jobs. And so leave the younger generations present and lead on the big media?

This is then the reason why I call this humane principle, “Take in Order to Give.”

For example, David Dimbleby who introduces question time is almost 80 years old. And he still carries on presenting and being the first face on the big shows! Undisturbed with the question of “take in order to give.”

Well you may say that he wants to carry on, so what? Sure, he may want to carry on his job despite the fact of the truth that he should be enjoying his pension. But this is then but a “SICK CAREERISM.” A careerism that gives death to movement and creativity. A careerism that is cruel and barbaric. And a careerism that doesn’t think of others but only for itself!

For at this age this man must use his fame for good, and why not write a book for the next generations? And advice them how to succeed in life and give up drugs and violence? Why not?

But through his actions, David Dimbleby, and all the like on big media, are telling to the men who want to become presenter “hold on” big media belong to us. And this taking in order to never give I call “Sick Careerism.” For they are people who get on big TVs by chance only. They are not creative at all, but rather mechanic. People who have learnt something during the course of their lives and do not know anything else except keeping their jobs till the last breath of their lives. That means that they take but never give. Where is the fairness of humanity? Where is the justice? Where is the humane principle “Take in Order to Give?”

How about hundred of thousands young journalists and talented presenters that want to take a job on the big media? And that have all the necessary skills to do so? But that cant that cant do so because out there, on the big media, are greedy creatures that “TAKE BUT NEVER GIVE.”

That means though, but death to creativity and movement. That means that we live in the days where oppression of ideas is real. And oppressors that work on the big media have an unreal power.

Creativity and movement means to change and create in the ever-changing reality. But where is the opportunity to do so? Who are the death-givers of humanity? Who are the preachers of death and unfairness? Who are the eloquent unjust beings of the today? Who are the oppressors of the means of information?

They are the ones who control and work on the Big Media in the USA and UK.                Where are the festivals of justice and fairness? The festivals of justice and fairness lie in the hearts and minds of the mute and silent proles. For like Jesus Orwell said, “Hope is in the proles.” However, Jesus Orwell suggested that hope will really exit when the mute and braindead proles start to make questions.


Let me start this point with this general notion; “In a highly developed capitalist world like our present day world. Where the population is so dense and the power is on the hands of the few almost in every walk of life. So in these conditions in which we live, I think that every community needs its own big TVs and radio stations, its own government and its own means of production.

In London live almost 12lve million people. As in Europe are entire nations with about three million people only. But they have their own government, their own media and their own corporations. So the pain in big nations is bigger and deeper because oppression is also bigger and deeper. And this oppression of everything that is good and humane concentrates the power on the hands of the few forever.

However the facts show that we can’t relieve the pain of London in this way. We can’t divide London into little small nations.

We can’t drive away Starbucks from our areas where they come to oppress the small producer. And we also can’t have big TVs and big radio stations in each area.

And the reality of London and of the UK and of the big nations in general, it is so bitter and sad. Because the BBC and a few other big media moguls want everything for themselves. They don’t want each area and every community to flourish. No. They want power forever to be concentrated on the hands of the few. The few must forever become more powerful.

We see that happening with the big corporations. We see that happening with the big media. And we see that happening with the big powerful politics.

But, what shall we do then? Let me tell you my story, actions and pain first. So, I, as a present day creator, go to protest at the BBC and stand for some ideals. But no one cares about! I email a million times the big media in London and let them know my ideals. But no one cares again. Then I take the plain and go in New York City. There I protest in front of ABC, New York Times and FOX TV.

But what happens here? I get pushed and punched and kicked by the Security forces. The police officers arrest me; they throw me into cold prison cells just like that. And nobody cares again!

Is this then, what we call democracy? Fairness? Truth or humanity? Nah, nothing is as such. But isn’t it supposed that the big media to be a plain-talker and truth-sayer? No. Wrong again.

But why do I protest?

I go to protest because I have some ideas and ideals. I go to protest for one opportunity to be heard.

And I want to take the opportunity to participate in modern history and change the world for the better through ideas and creativity. But no one cares. How comes that the world is constructed in such a hypocrite way then?

So what is wrong with this present day evil? Where only a few TVs and radios are being heard all over the world. And on the top of these TVs is a fascist like Nick Robinson, a father of drug dealers like Charlie Sloth, a pimp like Piers Morgan etc. And thousands of lackeys. Who say yes to a “sick careerism and yes to oppression of the artistic spirit.

Now comes the answer of the question; “What shall we do?”

David Bohm said about thinking;

“Man can give attention to his thought, to see whether it fits the reality in which he lives, and he can experiment, so as to change it, if it does not fit.

…If we are to able thus to attend to our thought we have, however, to be aware of it as such; that is, as a real movement that is actually going on, both inwardly and outwardly, with real effects of very widespread and deep significance that interpenetrate and ultimately merge with the whole of the reality in which we live.”

With these idea or ideas of David Bohm, I want to say that we need to look whether a way of thinking fits or does not fit in our reality. Whether the oppression of the artistic soul fits or does not fit in our reality. Whether the lies and dramatizations and exaggerations of the journalists of the big media fit or do not fit in our reality? Whether truth is worthy saying or not? We must question ourselves anew in every epoch, in principle. Questions like; “If what we, and more importantly our masters, do and make fits or does not fit in our reality?”

That’s why Frantz Fanon once said; “O my body always make me a man who make questions.”

Let’s be honest and say that the journalists of the big media want only their ideas to be heard. Otherwise I can’t explain this kind of oppression which I live myself in the present day world. And this is but a deep and profound pain in the today world.

So we have politicians like Kaith Vaz controlling laws.

Big media with journalists like Nick Robinson and Piers Morgan controlling the big media and wanting only their ideas to be heard. True as my being on earth. Because I have been for many years protesting for one opportunity to express my pain but no one ever gave me that privilege.

However, when Prince George, 3 years old, goes for a walk the entire big media talk. But when a man that has worked his entire life to make his ideas known to the world is not allowed by the big media to take this opportunity! Then I must say that this is the time of cultural imperialism. An imperialism that is created by the big nations. Where big media of the big nations want only their ideas to be heard. And they also oppress through their reputation and security forces anyone who opposes them.

They oppress us, “the proles of the big nations” and through us they oppress the little small nations. For which, like 1984 said, the big powers quarrel with one another.

However, in this mess and oppression; I introduce another idea for change. And it is “Equality of opportunity.” That is that if we see that these famous journalists and presenters are taking so much by being all day on big TVs. Then we must give more opportunities to the younger generations. And dismiss the ones who have taken reputation, and have been paid superfluous wages for saying a few words on the big media. In short, we must dismiss those who are sick careerists and oppress us endlessly with their reputation and fame.

Therefore, as a consequence, that means that those people who are “sick careerists.” And can’t understand the philosophy of taking in order to give. Then these people must by aware by my second idea of “ Equality of Opportunity.” And this idea must begin its way by dismissing people like “David Dimbleby” from the big media. And by bringing forwards people with positive mindsets, creative ideas and skilled in what they do.

So we participate in the modern history as equals, express our ideas freely and why not create the world anew. Together like humans and creators.

And also we must not forget that a revolution in the way of thinking of the big media presupposes a revolution in entertainment industry as well. For the one is part of the other like an arm or leg are part of the body. The body is the power here. As the leg and the arm are the entertainment and big media moguls! They oppress us on the left and oppress us on the right.

So, basically we, the proles of the today, are the oppressed of all oppressed. But in oppression must spring some kind of creativity and revolutionary thinking. Isn’t it so? Isn’t it the truth of history that in pain and because of pain and from pain all great ideas come from?

Then, shouldn’t we for the sake of our pain and humanity bring some change and invent some revolutionary ideas as well? 

Entertainment Revolutionary Ideas

I introduce “Fair Sharing” idea as a revolutionary movement into Entertainment Industry.

During the summer 2016, I called Capital Xtra and said; “Is it possible that you can play my new tune?”

A haughty reply came from the man on the other side of the phone; “We do play only the tunes of the famous artists!”


Let me introduce myself, I am a professional DJ/MC and Philosopher.


Also let me show another fact that tell how big radios work. The promoter of DJ Charlie Sloth texted me on my mobile phone during summer 2016 and he said to me to look for “W Pluggers.” W pluggers are promoters that take thousands of pounds to promote you to get radio plays!

Well, but shouldn’t there be professional people who work on the big radios to make things fair? And so we will see get radio plays not only those artists who have promoters and pay. But we will see get radio plays and those who don’t have money to pay.


You may say, why shall they do that? Because they are profiting enormously from the artists and the people. So then it is their duty to make things even and fair for everybody.

So first of all, as you see, it is the fact that a few powerful wolves have made entertainment only for themselves. And for the famous artists only!

Secondly. It is the fact of my experience in London. And my experience shows that entertainment is “tell a friend to tell a friend that I am his friend who want to get him famous!

For instance, these rappers like Meridan Dan who has been preaching violence and hatred in London. Or like Stormzy and Mic Rightous. Or Jihadi John that was terrorizing London but that Dj Charlie Sloth played his tune at the radios of BBC. All these rappers were the friends of the friends of the Djs of the BBC Radio 1Xtra. Like Charlie Sloth or Dj Target etc.

So the phrase; “tell a friend to tell a friend that I am his friend who want to get him famous,” works perfectly at the radios of the BBC and to other big radios.

So the Djs of the BBC and of other big radios make drug dealers and thugs famous. They keep them on their mouths every day. And to be treated like a hero when you are a thug and use the reputation of the big radios for that. It literally means to MAKE A CRIMINAL APPEAR AS A GOOD MAN through Sophistry and reputation.

Thirdly; It is the other fact that if you criticize these people, they silence your voice by force and reputation. Like the rest of the Big Media does…. They have done that to me for many, many years.

Fact; On December 2014, Rob Littlejohn, the editor of the BBC Radio 1Xtra, sent threatening massages on my phone. When I criticized him about the thugs that he makes famous. And when I told him that these thugs are terrorizing Europe. He wrote to me; “If you mention one more time “My Name,” you have to deal with the BBC legal team and Police. So then, this message was but a pure threat. Because due to this I kept my mouth shut for about a year.

Also I have sent thousands of emails to the Djs and presenters and journalists of the big media. I have done that for the purpose of taking an opportunity to express my ideas and pain. I have done that on behalf of revolutionary ideas. I have done that for a better and fair humanity.

But I never got a single opportunity to express my ideas and pain on big media. And yet I see thugs all day talking on big screens about senseless comedies and having a ball!

So what do these journalists, djs, and presenters of the Big Media think when they silence the voice of some and highlight some others?

They think that if you don’t grovel and kiss their dirty feet then you must be SILENCED. Thank you very much! This is their philosophy, basically.

So, these facts show that these people who work on the big radios have enormous power. First because they can turn drug dealers and thugs into heroes. Secondly they can silence you if you oppose them. Thirdly and that is more important, there is no fair share.


Charlie Sloth for instance, does 18 hours per week at the BBC. And during this time he turns thugs into heroes. And he never invites me in his shows at BBC 1Xtra. He also lied me once on Instagram. He messaged me and said “I will invite you at fire in the booth to rap your tune “Dream to Change the World.” But he never did that. The hypocrite.

So despite the facts that I have been protesting in front of the BBC for one opportunity to be heard.

Still I cannot take five minutes time to express my ideas and pain for a revolution into entertainment industry. Or for a revolution in Hip-Hop violent culture. As Charlie Sloth and his thug-friends are all day at the BBC! And they also silence my voice on purpose. I mean this action of theirs is not only UNFAIR but UNJUST and criminal as well.

They neither spin my tunes nor accept to sit down and talk. They don’t like to talk about my revolutionary ideas that I have for entertainment industry and hip-hop. They like the corrupted way that entertainment is. And so they oppress my voice and ideas through media’s reputation and security forces.

Also, these djs who work for the BBC and big radios do not only control the big radios. But they also control all the jobs and the respect that is on the underground entertainment industry.

For instance, DJ Target and DJ Charlie Sloth go to play music all around Europe. And they are invited all around UK and the USA. Just because they work for the BBC. Isn’t this unfair then? I have more skills than Dj Charlie Sloth (and there are others who may have more but that don’t have a philosophy). And I have a million more ideas than him. Still I cannot even take five minuets time to speak at the BBC!

These djs of the BBC, however, are introduced as djs and presenters of the BBC all over the world. Everywhere they go, they carry with themselves the banner of the BBC. And at the end they silence the voices of anyone that opposes their thug-like ideas or their brutal way of treating art and the artists.

So because of these facts, I introduce the idea of better sharing the time among Djs and presenters on BIG Radios. For instance if DJ Charlie Sloth does 18 hours per week, why not give 5 hours per week to DJ Charlie Sloth. Give me, as a DJ/MC an hour per week to create a positive Hip-Hop Show. And give to a few other djs the rest.

 So let’s make first entertainment industry fair. And then through fairness and goodness and positive creativity create a REVOLUTION. For what I said is in itself revolutionary. I am still being silenced by these people who work on the big media.

So to bring change into entertainment Industry, first means to make it fair.

For this “qualitative value that is called fairness” is the one thing that is missing more than in any other field into entertainment industry.

The corridors of power in the entertainment industry are ugly and disgusting. They are making real thugs and drug dealers famous and telling to us that they are artists.


Well, they may have had a thug life in the past. But at least they should change their attitudes when they achieve fame and money. But no. That is not the fact of the truth.

These rappers like Meridan Dan, Krept and Konan or Mic Righteous that the BBC radio 1Xtra made famous. They were speaking about drugs and guns in the past. And they are still doing it. They are still spreading violence and hatred all across Europe. Because DJ Charlie Sloth, DJ Target and their cronies never criticize them. They treat them like being heroes when they are drug dealers and thugs. And that’s the bitter truth of the today world.

Further, let’s be honest the entertainment industry mostly it is all about music and djs. In respect to music its essence is contained in its etymologic meaning.

Music means to move and it makes you move. For it contains rhythm, melody and poetry. But are poetic these lyrics of famous rappers that are mostly about “drugs and guns? And all about a gang life?

And is this culture of gang life creating a gang life in our streets? Because I see gangsters of NW London listening all day to the lyrics of the famous rappers and the tunes that famous djs spin.

They start listening from age 5 and even earlier and when they become 14, 15, 16 and 30 they are real gangsters. And so they make our world a dangerous jungle. And we thank them for that. That’s the hypocrisy of all hypocritical actions.

So then, who is to be blamed for a degeneration of our social life? Who is to be blamed for these gangsters that forever grow in numbers in our streets? Who is to be blamed for spreading violence and terror in our streets?

How comes that I can’t be heard despite being for many, many years into entertainment industry?

That tells me about the reputation of the BBC that rends rocks. That tells me that people follow the BBC and the big media religiously. The big media is people’s god; it is people’s religion. And those people who appear on the big media praising one another are people’s heroes.


However I have more to give. I have more revolutionary ideas that I suggest into entertainment industry. And they are as following. One, to be demanded a better lyrical content from the artists in general and from the hip-hop artists in particular. For they are influencing are world for bad through their negative lyrics. They are having the name and the fame because of the people. Because of our world. So then, let’s put on them some responsibility.

And also to be demanded from the artists a positive creativity mindset that thinks of positive ideas. For through positivity, creativity and responsibility, I think that we can bring more positivity in our world.


Secondly; I think that these Djs of the big media have a big influence over the youth, in particular, and people, in general. So I demand a better sharing. And FAIRNESS. That is more competitions among djs. And sharing better the time on big radios.


Why should a DJ/MC, like Charlie Sloth keep 18 per week at the BBC Radios? As I, as a DJ/MC, to not be able neither to make a show nor be able to express my ideas on their shows! Isn’t this evil, unjust and unfair?


That tells me that, first they are corrupted. Because they invite in their shows only DJs and rappers that they like. And secondly; that tells me that out there is not fairness. And thirdly that tells me that entertainment industry is controlled by mafia and thugs.

How else can I explain this oppression that they have imposed on my ideas and my heart and my head and my soul?

For the fact of the matter, here is myself. It is my experience. It is my pain that I ask people to recognize and stop respecting thug-life, if they are good. For if all people are evil. Then out there remains but only one thing. And it is called “SUICIDE.”

And these silent people of the today London do not tell or show me to be good or active enough. Or perhaps they are sleeping and they need to wake up. And, therefore, my role as a creator is to wake the people up through awareness of ideas, facts and creativity.

To sum my ideas up; without fairness and positive creativity entertainment industry is in tatters. And people who are at the top of it are feeding on the blood of the present day people and destroying our world with negativity. And negative ideologies of drugs, guns and gangs. Therefore, I think that fairness and positive creativity are necessary into entertainment industry at this moment in time.




Dr A.C


David Cameron said in 2006;

At that time, David Cameron was looking forward to seizing power. At that moment I was looking forward to be heard by those who controlled the entertainment industry like Tim Westwood etc.

David Cameron came to power and gave up power. Tim Westwood was replaced by his fan “DJ Charlie Sloth,” but I still can’t take one opportunity to express my pain on the Big Media!

I mean this is ridiculous. This is horrible. This is an OPPRESSON OF UNREAL PROPORTIONS.

But who are the oppressors then? The oppressors of the ideas are those who control the main means of mass communication. Those who work on the Big Media. And they are Djs, Presenters and present day JOURNALISTS.





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