How our BILLIONAIRE British Press Commits “Mass Fraud” through a Political Claptrap Theory

You hear a very respectable newspaper with a long history and big news Monopoly of its own, the @guardian, go straight into the political claptrap of the day. Speaking about Prince Harry!

And then you wonder, why, why do they do that?

And then, straight after the Guardian had written about the Prince, you see on Twitter the Prince of the political claptrap trending,

Jesus Christ protect me from this political claptrap!

On the other side of reason, one says:
It’s incredible how childish are the people of today.

For if you ask my 7-year-old nephew and tell him, “What do you prefer, sitting at home and listening tales about Prince Harry or going out for a football game. He would prefer the latter.

That is, doing something proactive. Rather than sitting and listening utter media nonsense. That send one spiralling into depression through their “Political Claptrap.”

Another reason of why my 7-year-old nephew would prefer a game outside rather than Prince Harry. It is because his game is more important than Prince Harry and Meghan and all the Political claptrap of today.

So why is Harry and other famous people so Important here for our people, then?

To understand this we first must explain the Political Claptrap theory. What is this theory about?

Political Claptrap is a fraudulent, misleading, deceptive and deceitful theory that intends to control the minds of the many people by prioritising things that do not matter. And making these nonsensical things the main attention of the day, weak, month, year and life.

The latter way of thinking and doing is what I call, Political Claptrap Theory.

And it is through this political Claptrap that Media Monopolies from the left and from the right commit “mass fraud.”

For journalists and media editors through this way of thinking and doing, they deceive, manipulate the people of today just like street imposters and Rogues.

For it is absurd to think that media Monopolies prefer Prince Harry and Meghan over all the important matters of the day.

It is absurd to think that media Monopolies prefer speaking of Prince Harry and Meghan. When local governments are evicting people. And pushing people to Suicide. Or when hardship of life is hitting the poor and the oppressed from the all sides of existence. And throwing them in the death woes of the time.

Further on the political Claptrap theory, as a matter of fact, when the biggest newspapers and TV stations speak of a Prince before all the important matters of the day. Then the Prince tale takes the main attention. And people fall victim of this fraud of the press.

Hence, the News Monopolies of today feed these fraudulent ideas into people’s minds willy-nilly and purposefully. That is, to control people’s minds and keep them happy as pigs by manipulating their thinking.

Happy Days with Happy Billionaire British Press!