I lost my wallet in the London underground but what happened after is a Fairy Tale! I want to write a big Thank you to two generous Foreigners who…

If you find a wallet with personal information, bank cards and money, what do you do as a citizen?


Is there any moral in a world where people are pushed to be homeless or become thieves?

Is there any moral in a world where politicians are killing with their decisions that are intended to protect corporate greed? And lastly is there any moral in a world where journalists are acting as the mouthpieces of the left and right corrupted political spectrum?


Myself, I have found “mobile phones” twice in the London underground and handed it to the nearest station. But not all of us have honesty and kindness. For if all of us were honest and kind, then we would not live in a world where corruption and monopolies lead and control every field of human thinking and doing. So?


So a small gesture of kindness and humanity in our today world, where the powerful rules and makes the rules through a monopolistic corrupted political philosophy, means a lot.



And yes, I am writing in this blog about two good foreigners, a man, that was a tourist, and a woman, that was a student, who found my wallet and were kind and humane enough to return it back. So I want to express here a big “thank you” for these honest and kind-hearted people.



In my wallet, I had my driving license, my two debit cards, some cash and an oyster card. And everything was returned. Say like, it was myself who had moved “my wallet” from my left into the right pocket.


However, here something must be pointed out.


For when we get hurt by thieves, who are left with nothing, we must not forget to think of the oppressors of our time who have pushed them so far.


For instance, a week before losing my wallet, my phone was stolen while I was speaking to two homeless women. That came to my table and asked me to buy them food. And as I tried to make out what they were saying, my phone was gone and they left. I realised later what happened and after we checked the CCTV.


They were a bit too aggressive and made me feel uncomfortable. So maybe the fact that I did not buy them food gave them a right to steal my phone


Nevertheless, I judge the oppressors more. For if you are in need of eating of exiting and you find my wallet or steal from my pocket to exist, then I do not judge you. How can I judge you when those who control us have taken everything out of you? At the end of the day, earth belongs to all of us not only to a few rich and powerful people.



However, we must nor forget to say that “To steal when you have is selfishness and evil.” And the latter are the today politicians and millionaire media that steal our social power and our rights by controlling them and abusing their power.



“The Fairy Tale Story”


I do not know how they found my Instagram page. But I guess, they googled my name. And found my website and then my Instagram through my website. They even sent me an email. That was really a surprise. And their altruism was very precious.



At the end, I tried to show some respect back. I offered them a drink but they did not accept it. I really wanted they to have a drink from me. But they insisted for NO. And I couldn’t push any further.



However, they increased their humanity by saying, “Better give the money to someone in need.”


Also when I texted them back on Instagram and asked “What made them return my wallet?” Then they replied and said that “We both have lost things before and they were returned. So we passed on the favour.” Which was a fair reply. And I appreciate that.


Now in the last words of this blog, I want to say one more time “Thank you” to these amazing foreigners. And I am saying “thank you” to these generous people not only because of my wallet, which was returned. But rather also because they were people that had a very precious value in their soul. And that precious value is called, “Honesty.”