If I Was A God



If I Was A God,

I would use the wind

To hit soul’s windows

To hit people’s thick walls

Thick walls that have cut off humanity from within.





If I was a God,

I would use the pure wells’ water

To cleanse the hearts of mortals

That are as dark as a coal mine circle.

Yes, I would use the pure wells’ water!




If I was a God,

I would take advantage of the fire

And kindle the blood of those that

Are scared of living in peace their

One-off lives – our one-off lives!



If I was a God,

I would use all the Natural forces,

And shatter, shatter, shatter,

The evil thoughts, evil ideas and

Evil feelings that are destroying all Humanism.




If I was a God, at the end,

I would use the power of my fist

And strike the high mountains  

And the deep valleys

That keep silent and that do not speak.




 If I was a God,  

I would shine through the stars  

And enlighten all the benighted

Minds that hate is overcoming

Their kind.



If I was a God,  

I would fight on my own against all

The beasts.                                              

 If I was a God I would make for the

World many splendid things.            

If I was a God,

I would change the world solely,

Like a lion running foward fearlessly.




But like you, I’m a human.            

And humans can’t make

 All imagination’s bliss come true.                   

But, a human can create always,





A human has the power of speech.

Therefore, let me give to humanity

Prometheus’ great gifts.

The gifts of Understanding,

Love And Peace.



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