Is Donald Trump the next World’s Tyrant? If Yes, Why So?

Tyranny arises out of a degenerated democracy!

Plato, The Republic


Let me begin this philosophic blog with a few questions, “Is what Plato said above true today? “  And in case that what Plato said above is true then is the Western Media of today creating this kind of degeneration by sticking to lies instead of truth?  And finally my last question are slander and news monopolies ways that degenerate democracy?


 Recently Donald Trump accused “BuzzFeed, that is a famous newspaper in New York,  for spreading Fake News. Nevertheless, they were also accused from people of the mainstream media too for spreading Fake News.

Bear with me. For I am making this point in here to show you that we live in a degenerated democracy.


So, Chuck Todd of MSNBC was almost vomiting at the cynicism of the BuzzFeed news editor-in-chief. “Don’t you have a reasonability for not spreading false information,” he said to him. “Are you knowingly spreading false information?” He continued literally destroying him with questions.

Margaret Sullivan writing for Washington post said; “With caveats and explanations aplenty, Smith published a 35-page “dossier” — actually just a bunch of scurrilous allegations dressed up as an intelligence report meant to damage Donald Trump.”


Well but the fact that Chuck Todd and Maragret Sullivan criticised BuzzFeed does not mean that they are not corrupted. For they are corrupted too. And I see them as corrupted because they are part of those who silence independent thinking through the power and reputation of big TVs and famous Tabloids. That are part of a rotten to the core Big Media System.


“However, we see, that both Margaret Sullivan and Chuck Todd know that truth matters. So I want to say that at this point they were better wolves than the editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed.”


“Well, but why?” you may ask. Why does all their war on Donald Trump take a negative connotation and turns against them?

Very simple because it is much ado about nothing. Because they do not stick to the truth of thinking and doing of a certain politician or political party. They do not stick to what is good and what is bad for humanity. Rather, they invent fake stories of all kinds and spread fake news of all sorts.  And they use their media power to smear one’s personality through their lies. Instead of standing by the truth of humanity and saying what is right and what is wrong with one’s thinking. You see?

But, “Why is it so, anyways?

“Because Big Media is big power and it is corrupted.”  That’s simple is the answer.


It is sad moment in our human history that many journalists of the Big Media are literally using women to tarnish one’s psyche. Whether one is Donald Trump or a Hollywood star that doesn’t matter much.  What matters here is the action. Should media use women to try and overthrow men of power? And is this a right way to deal with politics and politicians?


But who are these journalists who think that slander and lies are a democratic path? Are they the priests of the old church who used to prosecute men for having sex with women out of marriage? The big media of today then is so sad and desperate for human attention, isn’t it? So then let me say that the ideals of the big rich media that are motivated by political greed and hate are but disgusting. 


So, instead of using a true judgment based on what is right and what is wrong in doing and thinking in a true democracy. The Mainstream Media Journalists use what has nothing to do with doing and thinking or vice versa. For one may have sex with a woman out of marriage and may be a true leader. So what?


Here I ask: “Is this the course that one must follow to speak about the things that really matter? Is this the course that one must follow to show the true way that we must follow? For we all see that these kind of actions of the today greedy journalists then, are but obnoxious.  And it is the thinking and doing of these journalists that will give rise to a new tyrant in our world. And this new tyrant may be called, “Donald Trump.”

Let me cite some facts.

Before the 2016 US elections The New York Times was trying to eat Donald Trump alive with fake allegations. They were struggling to find women who could accuse Donald Trump from all around the world. From Australia to USA and from USA to Europe and vice versa.

Also BuzzFeed on the top of what they had done to soil Trump with lies. They continued their tragic course of spreading Fake News by saying, “A Hungarian Beauty Queen Said That Trump Invited Her To His Moscow Hotel Room.”


I am showing what BuzzFeed says because the latter of writing in the journalistic world is another random and recent “journalistic thinking” with no facts and no purpose. For even if Trump had sex with that woman with her consensus. So what is wrong with that, PRIESTS or Journalists? For we see that that way of criticisms is calculated to damage. However, this way is not damaging Donald Trump, but our democracy. Because people see again and again that Mainstream media creates lies based on self greed and attention. And so people flock to find the heaven of democracy into a new tyrant. 


However, we all know people will find the hell by flocking to a tyrant. Nevertheless, history repeats itself and people are on the search for their political hero that at times turns a tyrant. But here the question is who or what is creating the conditions for a New Tyrant to be born in our Western world?


Here one may ask, “What is wrong with this Journalistic Way of thinking that uses women to try to bring a politician down instead using the truth of doing and thinking to tell him how democracy works or how it must work and why he or she is wrong?

 The first wrong doing in here is their way of thinking. For it seems that mainstream media journalists haven’t got a clue of how a true democracy works or must work. They don’t have ideas to put things right. They are led by selfish greed and hatred. And they don’t know that truth is the essence of democracy. For the opposite of truth that are “lies,” there also hides hate, terror, crime and all evil. You see?


However, these journalists of the New York Times or of BuzzFeed etc,. who spread fake news and try to use women to bring down people of power. They have learnt how to put two words together. And they have learnt that to spread fake news catches the attention of the people. The latter idea, however, brings money into their pockets. And that’s all they want – MONEY. The more money they get, they more fake news they spread. And the more a true democracy gets eaten from within much in manner that a worm eats an apple.

“And this is then what I call a dissolute and degenerated and corrupted Democracy out of which Tyranny may arise. And Donald Trump may come like a hero out of our degenerated democracy, that is created by the rich mainstream media, and become the next world’s Tyrants .”

For at the end of the day one can see clearly that this course of thinking that Big Media follow does not serve to make America a better America. Nor does it make the world a better place. It just creates anger in people’s minds. And as a result makes people lose trust on the transparency of media and follow the tyrant religiously.

So wait… the doom begins on the 20th January 2017.

 But how does tyranny begin anyways?

“Tyranny begins with a smile,” said Socrates.


So today Donald is smiling. And he may continue to smile for a while for the purpose of winning people over to his side. Just like Socrates said. He may continue to ingratiate himself with the people. But the future no one can know for sure…

So, “Is Donald Trump the next World’s Tyrant?”

Based on what he has said like hatred against immigrants and Muslims etc. Then I may say that he is on par with Adolf Hitler.

Bu if Yes, Why So?

As I suggested above. The mothers and fathers of tyranny are a degenerated and dissolute democracy. And the mothers and fathers of a degenerated and dissolute today democracy are the Big Media Moguls.

Why? Because as I implied earlier on, the journalists of the Big Media are following a course of lies. They are walking on the wrong path of humanity. And they are becoming more corrupted each day that passes.

And so that means that they are acting and thinking not for truth and not for humanity. Rather they are acting and thinking for their Money interest. Let’s catch human attention with lies. Let’s sell our stories to people. And let us make MONEY and as much as we can! So they think… Good. You see?

But, here I say that when you build the castle of humanity on sand, it is not sure that it will continue to stand.

For humanity is not based on lies. The meaning humanity was founded and built based on truth and goodness.

Therefore wait… the doom perhaps is on its way…





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