Is our U.K a Democracy with a Crooked MEDIA or An Aristocratic State with a Corrupt Corporate Media? The Palestinian Question Contains the Answer

I have been participating in at least last three big Palestinian Rallies for Justice and Freedom.

Facts: Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands wounded by the Israeli army since the Great March of Return back in 2018.

Facts: We also know that the U.K government has supported the Israeli politics by selling arms to Israel behind the scenes. And our U.K government has also supported the Israeli politics morally by not recognizing a Palestinian state. So?

So then, the question of Palestine first throws responsibility on us who live in the today U.K, foreigners and British citizens. And secondly it demands from us solidarity with our human values of Freedom and Justice. And therefore we to stand for a Free Palestine.

Here, in this situation, however, even a pig, if a pig was able to think and speak, would ask. “WHERE IS THE U.K MEDIA TO REPORT TRUTH and stand with our HUMAN VALUES of FREEDOM and JUSTICE?”

So as I participated and stood in solidarity with the Palestinian Movement, this question has always struck my mind like a bullet. “Where is the U.K MEDIA to report TRUTH and the struggle of a people for Freedom and Justice?” I have asked myself.

For what is the point of speaking and participating when you are not heard? And what is the point of fighting for human rights and freedom when you are not heard? And isn’t MEDIA a medium of communication to report truth? So why the CAMERAS and the JOURNALISTS of the U.K MEDIA weren’t present at the Palestinian Rallies for Freedom and Justice?

In the Palestinian Rallies for Freedom, I saw people; I saw poets, I saw artists. And I even saw a few MPs and speakers. Such as Diane Abott and Owen Jones. Yet, I didn’t see the reporters of the Mainstream Media, I didn’t see the cameras of the Mainstream Media, and I didn’t see journalists.

Now here I ask, is our U.K a Democracy with a Crooked MEDIA or Aristocratic STATE with a Corrupt Corporate Media?

I said at the heading that, the Palestinian question, that implies a struggle for freedom and justice of an oppressed and besieged nation, contains the answer.

So the fact that the U.K media was not present to report truth and the struggle a nation for justice and freedom shows that the U.K Media is crooked.

In short the U.K Media is corrupt. And we live in an assumed democracy that has as its value “a crooked media” and uses the latter to spread inessential propaganda to control people’s minds.

And so because of our CORRUPT MEDIA, our Imperialist U.K Government gets away with the greatest acts of INJUSTICE such as the OPPRESSION of an entire nation through indirect politics means. Like in supporting Israel to keep oppressing Palestine. And like in supporting Saudi Arabia to MURDER  innocent people in Yemen.

And let me tell you here, dear reader, that if these journalists of the U.K MEDIA and media owners do not stand for the IDEAS of FREEDOM and JUSTICE. Then they are betraying the very essence of media. They are betraying the very moral of media. And they show that they are but crooked and corrupted.

And what I said above show that our U.K politics are aristocratic and we are controlled by an Aristocratic STATE where rich people rule and lead.

For the U.K MEDIA is a rich corporate media controlled by the very rich people who influence our U.K POLITICS and POLITICIANS. Left and right, the U.K media is rich and follows the ideals of rich or highly paid media editors. And it follows the ideals of rich media bosses as well. Here I speak of that part of the media that has a boss to pull their strings.