Is there any difference between the sheep and wolves’ family? Dr ACactivism explains it philosophically

The difference between the sheep and wolves’ family is a bit absurd. Because at the very bottom of their thinking there is no difference between such opposite ways of thinking.


So opposite and similar at the same time is a bit absurd, no? Oh what am I saying here?

Well, let me explain what I mean.

So if you allow me to explain here the truth, I would say that here is a slight difference. And this slight difference between the sheep and wolves’ family thinking consists mostly on the historical fact that “the sheep” like to be treated, led and controlled by three universal ideas that the Wolves’ family control.



And pay attention here, for these three universal ideas are fame, money or reputation and the authority of political power. The Laws of the wolves and gestapo police, that enforces as such laws, knocking at your door if you disagree with the ideas of the wolves’ family.



Well, but why do I think that there is no difference between the sheep and wolves’ family thinking then?


Philosophically speaking, as always, the sheep family is not aware of their sheepish level. They think that to be part of the oppressed sheep, controlled and manipulated daily by a powerful media, that is controlled by the powerful wolves’ family, is something natural. Like something that is born that way and forever must be in as such way.



On the other side of thinking, the wolves’ family also do not understand their wolfish greed and political power that they have under control or in their hands. Their feelings and desires, that intend to have forever more and more, have gone out of control. And the sheep are unable to stop them.



But pay attention to this last sentence, at the very bottom in both groups or sides of thinking lack great human ideals.



And I say and think that there is no difference between the sheep and wolves’ family because in them lack humanity. They are something between human and animals but not humans.


For if in you lack great human ideals in you also lacks humanity.


Dr A.C is a philosopher, activist, online presenter and the author of seven eBooks that can be found on amazon. He currently is working on his eighth book that is called "The Workings of the U.K State MAFIA." And that can be pre-ordered on amazon. Also Dr A.C is presenting a weekly online show that is called, "The Freedom of Ideas Show" and that is about the freedom of ideas, social justice in general, truth, reason, the right of being heard and the right of participation.