Knife Crime has become a PLAGUE in London. Why do I, Dr ACactivism, blame the MONOPOLIES of the U.K MEDIA again?


In London we have a concentrated Media Power that the only thing it does is report at least half of the knife crimes that happen every day in London. And knife crime has become but a PLAGUE in our London city.


So I hear of people being stabbed and killed by knives almost every single day in London. And at times, I hear of approximately a dozen of people being stabbed in a day. Wow. Why does happen all this evil in our city? For many people, especially from the experts of the MEDIA, here seems to think that this is okay! Because we are a bit city and therefore CRIME is welcomed or expected!
So the media here is quick to report. And say who stabbed who. And blame the perpetrators as always. Never do they blame the politics of today. Or the news media concentration. Or the concentration of economy on the hands of the few. And the unfairness idea that come here into being. Never! Oh thanks god for the media that we have to blame always us, and oppress always us!



However, beyond sarcasm and truth, here is something to be highlighted. Even though I hear of the U.K Media speaking of knife crime and perpetrators. I do not hear of the media speaking of a new voice coming to say something. Or inviting new voices to be heard in their media MONOPOLIES and give them their right to participate with ideas. And so inspire participation with IDEAS instead of oppressing people and pushing them to take knives and crime as means of PARTICIPATION, thinking and doing.



And to tell you how hard the RIGHT of PARTICIPATION with IDEAS has become. Let me give you an example here.

We saw the EXTINCTION REBELLION, for instance, being heard and taking their right to participate with IDEAS only after hundreds of them were arrested. And charged for resisting and protesting peacefully.

Myself, Dr ACactivism, took the mic from Surie in the Eurovision 2018 for my right to be heard and my right of participation through ideas and truth and reason. And for the same rights of my generation that has been drowned out and silenced by news media monopolies.


Yet all I got back from the U.K Media was this: they used SURIE behind the scenes and pushed her to appeal to the Portuguese authorities to send me to prison. And to defame me. So sending me towards big depression and suicide.


 A takeaway: “So then it comes to pass that the U.K MEDIA wants to hear of the people’s ideas and pain only when they are in court for stabbing or killing or when they achieve to create a mass rebellion. Like EXTINCTION REBELLION did achieve.”


Here I ask, “Is this U.K MEDIA in the service of the people? Or people are in the service of the media by paying different subscriptions to them and funding CORRUPTION? And are people here used by MEDIA MONOPOLIES to further their money power and concentration of INFORMATION on the hands of the few?



Facts here show that media by MONOPOLIZING INFORMATION has turned people into their SLAVES. So participation is choked. The right of being heard does not exist. And MEDIA stands in wait of the next crime like an actor to play a certain role in a historical movie of Murder, Mind-Control, and Corruption.


A takeaway: It is “ideas” that inspire good. It is ideas that inspire evil. And it is the oppression of ideas that demonise and demoralize humans from the good action.



So we have a U.K Rich Media standing united, left and right, and praising one another on the big media headquarters like evil cronies! And so this today U.K media acts like it is stupid in front of big questions.


Like for instance, say that they do not know what the right and the power of participation with ideas is and means. Say that they do not know what a plurality of opinions being heard means. What the value of hearing to other’s pain and ideas is. What to be a human with a power to think and create means.


However, here the news monopolies of the U.K Imperialist MEDIA act like they are stupid on purpose.


So I ask, “what is their purpose?



The answer here is easy, the purpose is they to control me, you and everybody here and now like sheep by controlling INFORMATION through a few voices only. And a few media bosses and super paid media directors or newspaper editors.


For information is not simply Power. Information is big human power and big MONEY POWER. Media bosses get paid millions by controlling INFORMATION. And a few media editors and news media journalists get paid millions as well.



A takeaway. Human Silence is power for our U.K CRIMINAL News MEDIA Monopolies that only think to accumulate information by catching human attention. And by oppressing people’s voices.



Why do I Blame the MEDIA then?


Because Media here is not acting to represent the ideas of the people. The feelings of the people. And the pain and struggle of our time.


You may be a writer, a thinker, a creator, yet our media will not allow you to express ideas on their media headquarters. You exist like a slave. New Ideas are oppressed and drowned out by this MONOPOLISTIC NEWS MEDIA. Inspiration is dead. And a few intelligent journalists and MEDIA bosses are leading by the nose like we are dogs or sheep not humans with a power to think and create and right to participate and be heard.

So this today U.K MEDIA  is only interested on crime and negativity. And they speak mostly of celebrity lives and the royals, so drowning out the voices of millions. And highlighting the idealess voices of the few for fun’s sake. And in order to sell their ideas by imposing these ideas on the people through the reputation and authority of the media.


Here I ask again, ”How on earth are we supposed to bring change? How on earth are we supposed to raise awareness when INFORMATION is controlled by a few people that do not care of our HUMAN PAIN?



Here I also mean that philosophically speaking, MEDIA by choking “good” and only caring of people when they commit Crimes, (here they care of their media MONOPOLY interest to sell their ideas to people, of course) they have created a negative and oppressive environment.



A TAKEAWAY: So it is the concentration of media and oppression of ideas, the concentration of political power and of economy that is oppressing the many to a point where they lose their Humanity and take the KNIVES.


We must find a solution through thinking and creating. But what is the solution?


 The solution here is Participation with ideas instead of knives and Crime. People in London are participating with knives. The youngsters are voiceless. It is we with a million ideas in our minds that still find ourselves voiceless in front of oppressive and giant MEDIA MONOPOLIES of our time. Let alone young people who only have a small amount of ideas in their minds.


And they need to be inspired with good for us to see good. For when you inspire negativity and evil, then what do you expect, good actions?


So the solution is universal awareness for the ideas of humanity, of arts, of values, of justice, of politics, of sports, of music etc.

The solution is thinking, creating, and participating in a fair and open world that welcomes new ideas and accepts “re-creation” of the world through ideas and action.



The SOLUTION is MEDIA in the service of the people. And not people turned into sheep and therefore in the service of MEDIA. Paying media to watch football, watch shows, watch news, and choke their own participation in modern history. By giving super powers to a few intelligent GREEDY barbarians that feel happy with nothing. And want forever more.



Today still the minds and hearts of Millions of people online and non-online are on the heads and minds of the people who work for big mainstream media. So how on earth can one Promote ideas for change and innovation without being part of them or not allowed to participate on media with ideas?


Let’s then see first of all, MEDIA in the service of the people. And then we speak of how good and free the world would be.


So far we have not taken the chances to speak on our media. We have not taken our rights to be heard with ideas. And we are being mind-controlled every day.

And I speak as I think therefore I am oppressed and drowned out by a MONOPOLISTIC U.K MEDIA.


Therefore, change is needed in the way we think. And change is necessary too, now more than ever, for the sake of the good action and humanity.