Living the Pain and Telling the Story – The system is rigged against the weakest

It’s easy to speak of empathy from outside the doors of pain. But try once to live the pain of the oppressed. And then you will probably double think when you bring as such pain into your mind.

And perhaps you will bitterly rebel against the amount of injustice and pain that our political system creates through clear unfair and even evil policies.

Dr ACactivism

Let me tell you a bit of the pain that I am living at the moment. That would shed some light into the theme of today.

What is my recent story? you ask.

A few hours before writing this blog, I went to meet a certain charity in Earl’s Court, London. And I asked them if they could support my Housing problem for a year or so. Until I find a job. And then try to pay back the favour.

The organiser or the case worker, like they called him, said there is no such form of support.

I was startled by his answer. Taking into consideration the trouble in which I am. And the amount of money that these organisations take in order to support the oppressed.

(Temporary accommodation provided by an abusive council of London. Which I intend to speak of their abuses in coming weeks or months.)

Anyways, I said, I came to ask and see what support you give to the people in as such condition. At the end, to ask and to give is not wrong. So thank you very much.

This charity, however, had been my last hope to solve the 7 month problem of my homelessness. And even though I was not giving up just like that the fight for a solution. Still subconsciously the gravity of hopelessness and helplessness pulled me down.

Struggling for existence. Reading to understand and creating to make others understand. Filling countless job applications to get out of the situation.

Speaking with different organisations about a problem that they get paid to support. But that at the end, all they do is lose your time and increase your stress levels.

Working to finish a book and continually writing to express my pain and the pain of today without ever getting a penny from it.
I mean, all of this takes its toll at the end of the day.

That means, now in psychoanalysing my subconscious thinking, I would say that it was a lack of hope and a lack of solution and the inability to find a solution in the hardest moments, for example, that sent me crumbling into depression for a few good hours. For after entering my living place, I slumped into my bad wanting nothing. But deep reflection and thinking.

(Kensington Gardens closed by the Queen. For a walk after I had passed a few hard moments. And writing this blog on my phone. )

So it was 15:00, when I entered the temporary accommodation. (A windowless, depressive place supported by the council. That is worse than a dog stable.)

And fell asleep into a state of mind, filled with dark energy. (A state of mind that I fight to get out of it. But that at times it seems stronger than my will. Thing which startles me with its power, every time I fall into this state of mind.)

And the time went 19:55. When I woke up from depression, a little bit dizzy. Dragged very low in thinking by the negative strength of the struggle for existence and imposed Oppression.

In short, as I live the pain and tell the story, I can clearly say that as a matter of fact, the system has little support for the weak in place. I mean tangible and concrete support, there is not. But playing with the person in trouble and the weakest, there are plenty of organisations.

(A moment of reflection watching how happy these ducks that they are!)

The system, I mean, is rigged or destined to abuse the weakest. To give to the rich. To increase the maladies and the pains of the oppressed.

And why not to say, the system has as a purpose to enslave, exploit, control and abuse our human rights of living in Dignity through sheer ideas of inequality, injustice and unfairness.

For there is no concrete support for us the oppressed. Nor opportunities for us to get out of the trouble easily.

So we are left, homeless, jobless and oppressed as always in readiness to fulfil the desires behind the philosophy of the RESERVED ARMY of Das Capital.

(I forgot to say the Royal Parks of the Queen are closed for citizens after a certain hour. So we can’t even go for a walk in these parks to take a fresh air!)

Dr ACactivism