London Still Looks like a Dead City from…

Even though, many non-essential shops are opened since June 15, London still looks like a dead city from Hollywood movies.

Its streets are empty. And a low humming scary noise pervades street paths across London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Thames River, and central London.

Near Liverpool Street

You see only a few people walking everywhere. As if people are scared of something.

Near Thames River path

Of course, this something in people’s hearts is called the COVID-19 or coronavirus. And pain and death are a scary thing.

So fear halts people’s momentum. And they stay home. Perhaps doing nothing, clogged by inactivity and plunged in depression.

A photo from the Thames River path.

And it is sad to see your city suffering from pain. To see your city without people. To see your city thinking of something that you don’t see or hear.

To see that even around buzzy places, like the thames path, where once was full of living beings and tourists, you hear the sounds of only a few human feet. And no more liveliness, no more scores of people giving life to inanimate objects. Like it was a while ago.

While birds are still there diving into the river, flying in the sky or singing. Different from people, birds recognize no fear of death or the suffer of a disease.

Yellow-legged gulls, tufted diving ducks and other birds make the difference across the Thames river path. Displaying some high-pitched and harsh noises crying and singing in a silent city. That looks wounded from a punch of nature or a natural disease.

Photo taken from the skyscrapers of Liverpool Street