Macron don’t be a Nazi, don’t be “Mr Hitler” – The problem is FRENCH MEDIA. The problem is in the teaching and promotion of our Values not in the Religion of Islam – Dr ACactivism explains through philosophic thinking

Whenever there happens something or any form of crime from a person of the islamic faith. There are the monopolies of the French and Western media in general ready to link Islam to terrorism.

And then after the sale of billions of newspaper articles and online blogs, there is a lifelong silence. Until another crime happens. How good is that?

So, here I ask, where was the French and the European media when I took the microphone from the Surie in the Eurovision 2018 for our human values, like freedom and justice?

When as a matter of fact British journalists had been for ten years in row oppressing and drowning out my ideas and values. And not allowing me to be heard in the capital of Europe. That is London.

I gave my example here to show that the news monopolies of France and Europe are a bunch of hypocrites. Who do not value human ideals and truth or reason or liberty or our human values.

More exactly French media like English media are only after events and facts and occurrences that can sell newspaper articles. Or absorb millions of online clicks.

So I want to ask, “Why don’t we as media and as people promote and value people who want to promote human ideals?

Why don’t we as media and as people promote daily tolerance and free speech and justice and freedom from different voices of our human society?

In short why don’t we promote our values if we love and respect our values?

And the answer is We do not promote our ideals because our MONOPOLISTIC WESTERN MEDIA intends to control the people through media monopolies. Make big money through media monopolies. And treat us like some forms of slaves or monkeys or even worse, robots.

Then if we do not promote our ideals and values. I suggest that we do not blame those who are UNAWARE of human ideals. But more exactly, I suggest that we accuse those media monopolies who suppress daily free speech. Who drown out daily new voices who want to be heard. And who control over 90% of our human information. And demand to control us like the worst forms of slaves and animals.

That’s why, Mr. Macron take it easy. And don’t be a Nazi, don’t be a “Mr Hitler.” For the problem is FRENCH MEDIA. The problem is in the teaching and promotion of our Values not in the Religion of Islam. An education that is lacking. And missing in the entire Europe.

About the Author

Dr A.C is a philosopher, activist, online presenter and the author of seven eBooks that can be found on amazon. He currently is working on his eighth book that is called "The Workings of the U.K State MAFIA." And that can be pre-ordered on amazon. Also Dr A.C is presenting a weekly online show that is called, "The Freedom of Ideas Show" and that is about the freedom of ideas, social justice in general, truth, reason, the right of being heard and the right of participation.