Make the World Great Again Without Donald Trump

“Natural compassion exists only on some individuals who call themselves the citizens of the world.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality

The formation of the idea of society created vice, like avarice, envy, jealousy, hate, and everything else that we dislike and abhor.

And thus, the formation of societies, who brought vice in our world, wiped out natural human compassion.

So, “human compassion from ancient times and up today lived only on great human souls, who call themselves, citizens of the world.” According to Rousseau.

Now let us be honest, what kind of virtue or what form of human compassion does Donald Trump have?

He is a person who came to power by giving life to subconscious and underground human prejudices. He called Mexican immigrants rapists who bring drugs and crime to America. He sat children into cages and separated families. He betrayed Kurds, who fought heart and soul against terrorists to defend our human democracy and freedoms.

And Trump also promised to make America first. However, he allowed Russian politics to pay bounties for the killings of the American soldiers.

So what, mate? you ask. But in reality this is check mate with truth and facts, gentlemen.

In short, I want to say that Donald Trump is a creature without virtue, without any human value in him. And a person who came to power to further his business relations with other nations and make big money. A man who was and still is led by money and sheer greed. And a man, who made our world a mess like his unstable mind is.

Joe Biden, on other hand, is a man with human compassion. And deserves some form of respect.

Still, I refuse to take sides in politics. And I believe only on facts. And I am not fan of Joe Biden either.

Simply, I think that when a Nazi politician with a Nazi thinking comes into power, then it is right to stand up and speak out as many of us as it is possible. Until hope and dignity is restored with a new leader.

Hence, let us make the world great again without Donald Trump. And do this by having a man, who believes in human dignity, as the leader of the free world. And a man who would appreciate our criticism.

For to be an independent thinker means first to never let the pen down get dust and rust. And secondly it means to not allow your heart to be won by political sides.

At the end, I conclude that we are going to make the world great again without Donald Trump. And by continuing to believe in the ideas that a free and democratic world believes. And by never losing human compassion.

For I want the world first, the poor, the oppressed, the marginalised and the unheard individuals and people.

Let there be, Freedom and a fight for justice forever. This is my last blessing and wish.

Yours Dr ACactivism