Merry Christmas to London, to the city of Thieves, Prostitutes and Beggars


‘The beggars are begging, the thieves are stealing, the whores are whoring.’

Bertolt Brecht, – The Threepenny Opera.


Well, that was only at the time of Brecht. That was only happening during the 20s Century. Was it? No. Wrong. This is only part of 21st century anyways. No. Wrong. It never happened. These things are not happing now and here at all. Yes. True. These things never happened. True. True as steel.

No, I do not see a London full of escorts. No. Full stop. I do not see a London that buys and sells women. No. No. No, I do not see a London that exploits to death everything that is weak and that is part of the working classes. No. No, no, I do not see a London with a few thieves at the top and millions of beggars at the bottom. No. No. No. No. No. No, I do not see a London where thieves are stealing, whores are whoring and beggars are begging. Wrong. My theme is totally wrong. Bertolt Brecht was wrong too. Merry Christmas…

Wait a second though, let me explain myself and tell you a story. My story.


First, the Category of Thieves.


Merry Christmas to the Big Media that speaks only about its own interest – Merry Christmas.

The Press of Fascists – Merry Christmas.


On 25th November 2015 I was talking on the phone to the Guardian Newspaper. A fascist journalist was on the other side of the phone talking to me. And we were talking. But how dare one talk to a corrupted and sick system that speaks and talks only about its own interest!


‘Hi there’ I said, ‘my name is Zarathustra. And I am protesting in front of the BBC. Is it possible that you can come and tell this truth to the world? ‘Why are you protesting at the BBC?’ came the voice of the Journalist from the other side of the phone, strict and angry like he was talking from a war place where bullets fire continuously. ‘I’m protesting here because BBC Radio 1Xtra continually preaches hatred.’ I replied, ‘And DJ Charlie Sloth has made terrorists famous at the BBC. That is a fact. But the BBC is not taking actions to put things right. BBC is not taking responsibility for the evil that it spreads. So I want to make the world aware and put things right. You understand me? ‘I’m afraid this is not for us’ he said, ‘this is not a story that can be with interest for us. This is not a story for us.’


‘Interest’ he said. ‘Story’ he said. It seems that they speak only about things that they like, but not about things that matter for the world or the for the human beings. Interest. ‘Interest’ he said. Right?


‘But also, I have been intimidated by the security of the BBC and I have been forced to leave their headquarters.’ I added. ‘This is not for us.’ he answered. The journalist of the Guardian that was supposed to be interested to say the truth to the world! It was supposed to speak the truth! The truth!

‘It is a truth that need to be said to the people’ I stated, ‘they should know about things that matter and happen otherwise people will remain like the sheep in the stables, running to and fro from the stable to the water trough, you get it? Otherwise people will know only to run from work to home and vice versa. Just like they are doing now. You get me my dear journalist of the Guardian? ‘I’m not interested,’ he shouted. His voice now was becoming coarser and coarser and even intimidating like the security of the BBC.

The security of the BBC, was a big, tall, fat creature that was like a jungle elephant and that seemed to know nothing about humanity, but only BBC. Only BBC! That security knew only BBC. He was standing in front of me a few minutes before my conversation with the fascist journalist of the guardian. He was firm, strict and resolved. ‘You leave the territory of the BBC now’ he said to me, ‘or I will speak to you in a different way. So with an imperialist tone of voice and order he forced me to leave the headquarters of the genuine BBC. The Security. But, anyways I didn’t go at the BBC to speak to the security, but I rather went there to speak to these people that pretend to love wisdom, but that do not condemn violence. Contradiction right? They are wise, but they do not condemn violence also. The BBC – the Barbarians of now I mean.


‘So the truth of the matter that the Security of the BBC was intimidating me a while ago. The truth of the matter that the DJs of the BBC Radio 1Xtra preach hatred. The truth of the matter that they spread terror and make terrorists famous at the BBC, is not for you? Isn’t this a story that need to be said? Isn’t this the truth of the fact?’ I said.’ He then hung up on me.


I called the Guardian there and back again.’It’s me Zarathustra’ I said, ‘I believe in reason and humanity, do you? ‘Don’t call us again’ He replied angrily and with an air of trying to not only scare me, but even stick the fear in the radio frequency link and make it blend with my body quarks. ‘Don’t call us again.’ he said. This time firmer, bolder, louder and showing to be more fascist in his voice.


But he didn’t tell the reason of why to not call him again. I mean the human reason. Not that brutal reason that this truth is not for us. The truth need to be said to the people. The truth that matters. The bum of Kim Kardashian and present day models that take half of the space of every newspaper isn’t more important than my fight and war for a better world.      The bum of Kim Kardashian isn’t more important than my fight for a world without hatred and violence. Is it? I have asked myself about creativity and activism before deciding to put the ink on the paper. And I still do ask and I am glad to listen and learn. But the Present day Press has no respect for anything good and true on earth. They respect only if something is of interest for them. This is the Press of the today. The press of fascists and Nazis I mean.

One may ask thus; what is the job of these present-day papers? Isn’t it to tell the truth that matters to the world? And if they are not doing that. If they refuse to publish things that matter, then why are they calling themselves ‘the Press.’ Are they called the Press that serves to each personal interest of different corporations? Yes, it seems so. 

So the fascist journalist of the Guardian hung up on me again. The independent press that serves only its own interest and that speaks only about its own interest. 

Then yes, I called again. I wasn’t angry at all, but I was feeling the pain deep. The pain of living in a world of hypocrites and double-dealers that refuse to tell the truth to the world. The pain of living in a world of the sheep that think that whatever comes from the Guardian and BBC and the Sun and The New York Time and other present day media moguls, is great and need to be respected. No fame, no sense. This is how the present day sheep thinks. No fame, no sense!

‘Why don’t you tell the truth to the world that the BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC make terrorists famous? I said on the phone to the fascist Journalist of the Guardian. ‘Don’t call us again’ yelled He. And He yelled just like a dinosaur that was near its death, but that deep inside longed to live and tread on human’s heads and bodies and why not swallow them all up once and forever. He didn’t say the reason, the human reason of why to not call the Nazis of the Guardian that refused to say the truth again. The last sentence I also said on twitter on 25th November 2015. You can check it out at @TruthAlsoWisdom.

Then I called a few other newspapers. I called and emailed: The Telegraph, the Mirror, The Sun, the Daily Mail, the London Evening Standard and some other local, national and international newspapers. What was interesting though, was the fact that they all replied and said the same thing. This is not of interest for us. This is not a story for us. It seemed like they had been at the same schools and they had studied the same books – the books of hypocrisy. The books of speaking and talking only about their own interest.

The Daily Mail, for instance that in the past supported Nazis, now they hate Muslims. They have changed tactic, but not the essence of working. There are many too many like the Daily Mail and pals of the Daily Mail too.


Merry Christmas to the Press of Fascists then. Merry Christmas to thieves. Are you feeding on the blood of the simple-minded people? Blood suckers, grinches and scrooges of truth, – Merry Christmas.

 The Second in row that enter at the Category of thieves are the politicians.

They are the par excellence beings of now.

They are the thieves that steal family members from the working classes and send them to war. They are they thieves that say war is peace and vice versa. They are the ones.


We are all in the same boat, but the world makes no sense with wars and hatred. David Cameron is saying war is peace openly.


Cecil Rhodes, the warmonger is still alive. He is passionate about war and invasions. He is called David Cameron. Blessed be he and his name and his reputation and his powerful evil cronies around him.

‘Politics and Politicians.’ They are named. They are doing to the world almost exactly what Orwell predicted at 1984 and almost exactly what Lenin said at his deed Imperialism is the Highest Stage of Capitalism. That meant that the bigger powers will share the world between themselves. And like Orwell put it at his dystopian novel 1984, Oceania and Eurasia and Eastasia fight to share the spoils in between. The spoils in between as we have seen have been the Syrian people. In one side American Politics backed up by European politics and on the other side Russians backed up by china and Iran and other little warmongers. So the big powers pulling and tearing up the poor and wretched people of Syria. You get it? This is the now.


Also, we have seen Ukraine to become the same hotspot. Palestine has been so for a log time. Africa has been a prey of Westerners for a long time too and so on. Merry Christmas to this category of thieves and bloodsuckers and man-eaters too. Merry Christmas to politicians and politics of the now.


The last in line and that enter under the category of thieves is the category of prophets.


Jesus Christ is on his way to earth, on his way to preach death. As the prophets Eckhart Tolle, Russell Brand and others are teaching the way to death. Teachers and preachers of death enter under the category of thieves.

They lie the people and steal not only their money with their fake books, but even their honor. They still even that little dignity that every human needs to have. The right to leave in peace and forget about preachers of death and pain. So they leave people with nothing. ‘The teachers and preachers of death,’ they are called.


The Category of Prostitutes of London.


 The Second Category is the Category of Prostitutes that have invaded London. A London that is full of escorts. A London where man is asked to pay everywhere. Man is enslaved everywhere – the weak man I mean. As women are always privileged. They are the treasure of the powerful men! In some famous clubs in May Fair London women can get in for free and have their drinks paid.


You get it? No, no slave can understand that. The founder of Illuminati order, Adam Wieshaupt, said that ‘There is no way of influencing men so powerfully as by means of the women.’


In London women are not like in the East where they are forced to be under the powerful men, but here women run voluntarily after the powerful men. Consequently they are voluntarily under the feet of men. Because of the fact that they eat some bread and drink some wine and wear some clothes sponsored by these powerful men, that does not make women powerful or liberated. This does not make women contribute for our society and become powerful themselves. Isn’t that so? Should the weak men always be the slaves of this doomed to death planet? Is this your love? The love of the English and European folks that watch their daughters performing porn and speak about human values! Hypocrites. Where is the gold and silver that the Powerful Armies of Europe stole at what now are called the ‘Third World. Isn’t all economy based in gold and silver just like in the times of great glory of religions?


Marx and Engels said that without a women liberation there is no human liberation. But what do you call liberation? Do you call liberation to reduce womankind to prostitutes and whores? Do you call a women liberation to see a world full of porn stars? Do you call liberation the American Cultural Imperialism that has reduced everything to money? Everything to this paper and has created giant porn companies that have as a motto ‘Hot Girls wanted? A place where majority of young women dream to be. These women dream money and this dream sends them in the madhouse and men after them end up in the madhouse. I will tell you why, bear with me.


Weak men in London and USA is facing the most horrible and disgusting situation. The inability to find a woman. And so give a meaning to their libido and their lives. You may make a million relationships, but rarely a woman will stay with you. In London no woman wants to stay with you without seeing you having some kind of Power. At least you should be a Manager at a restaurant to hit at the waitress. You should be a businessman to hit at the employees or a famous man to hit at your fans. Here is a city where you are scared to say Hi to a woman if you are not in a position of power. London is the city of thieves and prostitutes. Can’t you see it?


How on earth are these dating websites making millions and millions of money. Some of them pay women to talk to men. And men are charged £10 to speak to a woman! This is mad. These women might be fake profiles or there might be people from the developer’s team talking to men or whatever. The thing is why is so hard to date a woman in London. Here is not jungle. Why is so hard for the men that have no power to date a woman? This is unbelievable! They have made London and so Europe, a place where women dream to be with a man that has power, but not love men for what men are. Or for what a woman gave a chance to a man in the first place. And so a woman will for power herself, but not look at the hand and money of man as power. That is fake. That is no woman liberation. That is just like prostituon. A woman that saves her vagina only for a powerful man is disgusting and ugly. A woman that says only ‘Rockstars wanted’ is disgusting and ugly too. But this thing is happening. A woman will spend years and years being single looking for her rich prince. But, when a woman whats to make love, she can do that just like that. As a man spends years and years looking for a woman to make a realitionship. When a man wants to make love, he has to pay for that. This the difference. This is Americanism where everything means, but  Money.


A true relationship should be one in a million just like Camus put it. Women at the bottom love money and women at the top love money. We need each-other. The dead wants the dead and the living want the living. The imperialists of USA are changing the meaning of humanism by force.

Women should start to love men and love men without thinking of money and interest, but of thinking of men as men and of power as power. Women should work to become powerful and not strive to find a powerful man. This is true women liberation. There where women strives for power and not to catch the hand of a powerful man. ‘Power’ lies in achievement said Rosa Luxemburg. So women should begin to think of achieving things with their own power. And not see men as a means to an end to achieve power.


‘Capitalism is the exploitation of the many by the few’ said Marx and so it is in the now.’ Capitalism must be the source of all evil, because it makes powerful few monsters, enslaves the rest of the world and degenerates women. Because women run after the powerful men. It has been so in women’s psyche throughout our ugly human history and it is so in the now. In the USA the capitalism is more advanced and in the USA is the most degenerated and violent part of the world. USA though, stands behind some separate terrorist groups that want the world by force and terrorize civilians with bombs. Only terrorists can stand before America’s capitalist power.

 This is a mad world in essence. But, London is mad too. London is degenerating, isolating and pushing weak men to a suicide.

The weak men here can not even pull a woman without paying. The weak men can not even get married. This is madness. And this is due to this nihilistic world that they have created where nothing makes sense. A world that is based only in money. Where is the dignity of these people? Where are their values? To see their daughters as porn stars? These European people are a pity. A barbarian is not different from a degraded and a degenerated person. The essence of being a human lies in balance. A human that works, lives and gives to the community and to the world that is part of and lives in.

I have four years and half in London town. And the relationships that I have with women here are the worst on earth. I do not know how these relationships work. I have to make love to a woman once in sixth months when I find any girlfriend or I have to pay any escort. Still it is not satisfying. Satisfying is to make a relationship with a woman that loves you for what you are and you love her for what she is. And together to work for a better planet.

But that isn’t the case. Man in London is seen as a fabric of money and power. The longest relationship that I have had in london in my last four years and a half here is “One month.’ And I’m an underground artist. Educated and that I can fit at every mood and at every kind of  intelligence. But no. It is not about being intelligent or having values or loving unconditionally. Women of London as in every advanced capitalist society think only one way – MONEY.  
 For instance: When I go to dj and I stand out from the crowd women rush to touch my hands, kiss and be with me and why not, in some cases it happens that we have sex after the party. But, when I am not in a position of the least power women not only behave strangely saying the same phrase; ‘I don’t know you,’ but they even play with me taunting and mocking for speaking to them. And they will never want to know you if you have no power.

So this is the world that they have created. The world of thieves and prostitutes. The latter are allured and seduced by the thieves because of the money.

Let me tell you a story.

During the summer 2015 I was djing in Greek St London. A young sexy woman came at Dj booth and said while touching my hands, pouting and looking in my eyes as if trying to seduce me, ‘Hi baby, can you play ‘House Every Weekend please? ‘Sure’ I replied smiling at her. Of course she was sexy and beautiful. An English middle-class lady that loved music, Djs and every other man that she felt the least interest. ‘You have it’ she shouted enthusiastically while jumping in the air full of passion, lust and joy squeezing more and more my hand. As I made ready the tune to spin and said, ‘What’s your name sweetie? ‘My name is Lucy,’ she replied, ‘what is yours? ‘MC Keen. I said, ‘I can spin it next if you like, you want to? ‘Huh, sure,’ said she. Can I come inside the booth please? She shouted suddenly at my ear while approaching and giving me a fleeting kiss on my lips.


Overpowered by her kiss I didn’t think it twice, but said ‘Yes baby come in.’ She then jumped inside the Dj booth and snuggled at my body, clenching and kissing and hugging me like I was a superman or her 5 year boyfriend. With her on my left side looking at my Dj Equipment, I raised my headphones and listened to the tune that I was preparing to play with my right ear, while listening to the tune that was playing loud in the club with my left ear. I beat-matched the two house songs and then smoothly changed the tune.


Once Lucy heard her favorite tune playing, she then excitedly raised both her hands and hugged me one more time kissing and embracing me and dancing closely and closely. After that she slipped her left hand at my penis and began fondling it while dancing with her back at my penis. I then as a man that loves women and takes that opportunity to touch their bodies once in a while, slipped my hands at her bottom and enjoyed playing with her bum while kissing her at her neck and cheeks.


People were enjoying the music. The music was great and the party too. And Lucy waited till the end, to be honest. She waited me till I collected the money from the manager of the club and then we both went outside took a cab and went at my room that I rent in NW London. The rest is sex and lust story.

Two days later she texted me and said, ‘Please forget about me babe. I don’t like to make relationships. It happened and that’s it.


She was part of the happy women’s world. Meet and fuck and fuck and meet and that’s life. But the happy women’s world look keen and wise, they fuck only with those that they feel interest and have interest. Happy Christmas.

Three months later I was drinking a beer in a pub across Regent St, London. After I ordered a beer, I sat in a long table in the middle of the pub. I opened my MacBook and clicked at a play that I was reading. And so I began enjoying my time, reading, thinking and sipping. It was a Thursday evening, people were cheering, encouraging one another, toasting and bringing the house down with their laughter. So it seemed that it was unusual for them to see someone to sit among them and mind his business. But this though, caught the attention of a beautiful Essex lady. While I was focused at the Play, I heard a sweet women voice calling me as she was taking a sit in the same table facing me sideways. ‘Hey you what are you doing there?

I raised my head and saw her laughing. ‘Hi’ she said, ‘what are you doing? she asked meanwhile opening her legs ceremonially to cross the bench and putting her drink on the table. ‘I’m just reading some of my favourite stuff, ‘I replied looking at her beautiful eyes, curly hairs and her little nose that blended with her lips and face and made her look like an imaginary beautiful being. How beautiful that is when a woman laughs! And especially when it is she that first breaks the ice and talks to you. It shouldn’t be always man that talks to a woman first. Woman can talk to a man too if she likes. It has rarely happened in my life, but it has happened and it still happens. It is beautiful though. ‘Reading!’ Reading in a pub at this time? she asked. ‘Yes reading,’ I said, immersing in her deep blue eyes while glancing at her stunning face features that were shinning forth like a bright stars and winking at my heart’s throbs all the way through. ‘Come over here’ she said, ‘ come over here, gesturing with her delicate hands to join her and her company. Well I didn’t have other choice. I wanted to make her a friend and I liked her so much. I either fall in love with the first sight or it never happens. Or perhaps I’m just a man that I say yes at every woman when I am single. Or perhaps it is my high libido that always pushes me to do so. I went there and she introduced herself. ‘My name is Samantja and I am from Essex she said. ‘What is your name? ‘Zarathustra’ I replied. ‘Sweet, sit down please’ she added looking straight in my eyes. As I sat down close to her, she turned her back at me for a moment speaking to her friends, and protruded her bum curving it and nearing it to me. Then with a swift move in a flick of a switch she pulled her strings with her hands up and up, higher and higher above her belly. My eyes were stuck for a moment at that position. She did it intentionally or unintentionally that didn’t matter much. Was it part of her craft to seduce men or not, again it didn’t matter that much. What mattered was that she made my mind swing and swirl with a smile and her bum. And I a man of a hard character that loves philosophy and heavy thoughts! Hmm… But she also would tell me in a text message later that she had studied philosophy and politics in Essex. You see! She was wise!

Samantja turned again towards me making a compliment this time, ‘What a small face’ she said, ‘ so handsome’ then she kissed me on my cheek near my lips, wrapped her hand around my shoulders and introduced to me her friends. There were three friends of her. And all of them were above forty and fifty. A man and two women. The tow women she introduced to me, as her mum and her uncle. As the man she introduced to me as the owner of the company that she was working for. After the introduction with her friends, we began to speak to each-other for a moment and when she was close to kiss me, her uncle came rushing to separate us. She would text me later and tell that she was not her uncle. But it was striking how she a 50 some years old, would come to separate brutally a young couple.


This action, is an animalistic unconscious movement of many women in London. They think that they are saving her friend from knowing a bad guy and many a time enter in the middle of the discussion to spoil everything. But it was not so in my case. Her assumed uncle after learning that I was an artist, but also she had achieved to brutally separate us, acted differently. Then again she began to stirring and stirring things up spoiling our peace and making the situation even worse. She began to push us with her hands forcefully towards each-other. Seemingly she wanted now to fix her mistake, to bring us together again. I want to say that it happens that you meet some disgusting women that are not only insensitive like being animals, but they are even uglier in their actions because they act based in one thing – personal interest and materialism.


Samantja seemed to feel uncomfortable with her uncle’s actions and went to toilet with her assumed mother. And her uncle seized the moment to show me that she loves books and that creativity means to not be in a relationship. ‘If you love creativity you shouldn’t be in a relationship’ she said. It seemed that someone had spoken to her about the way of creativity and she had taken it as it was said – a ready-made article. But, it appeared that that old woman had not asked herself about creativity at all. ‘Woman is a great source of inspiration,’ I said, ‘and creativity is all about inspiration, is all about breathing with new ideas of the ever-changing reality.’ ‘What!’ she responded with wonder!


‘What do you want that woman for? She isn’t worth a dime.’ She said then. ‘She fucks with you today and tomorrow will fuck with another one. ‘Hold on a second’ I told to her, ‘aren’t you her uncle? ‘No we are just friends. We were just joking about that earlier on.’ she replied and then pulled a voluminous book to show me her book…

These are the women that read and love books in London. I see every place of London with people reading books! But what they read seems to be for the dogs. A city rife with exploitation and brutality. They think that they are enlightened because they push their daughters to prostitution and forcefully subject the weak and the poor. This is it. This is London. This is Europe.


The five hundred years of British capitalistic history and its evil doings seemed to reflect her mind and everything else around her. Even the air around was contaminated. Everything looked evil and unpleasant just because of her actions and brutality. Women should have some subtlety not only in talk but in manners too. A woman that is insensitive resembles, but to a beast. So, I didn’t feel like wanting to speak to her and left to the Dj booth trying to avoid that ugly old woman not because of her face but because of her spirit that despite being that old, she still hadn’t understood how to respect a man or a human being. An insensitive animal that reflected the many, too many women of London. I mean they are like cows not women. Women of that kind that are mechanical to the need of man and the need of being a human are cows. They can’t be women. I mean about these women that see men as a piece of paper. The women that see man as a means to an end. These women that use their vagina, their hole to catch power. These women that are unconscious of being on earth and act like robots with no feelings and no love, but only an instinctual will for money and materialism. These women are not women, but monsters.


After a while, Smanantja came up and sat at the table. I went to her, gave her a hug and asked for her number. We exchanged our numbers and she said that she wanted to see me again. I texted her on my way home and she replied saying that she was happy that she met me. We exchanged a few more text messages. And I asked her for dinner. She said yes at the moment. But, after She got all the info that she wanted. I being an artist, but not being famous. An artist that makes low-paid jobs for living didn’t impress her. So her hugs, her kisses, the bright beginning and enthusiasm faded away into nothingness because Smanatja did not see any materialistic interest on me. And so Samantja never called or texted me back to have a dinner.
These are the ladies that study in London. The assumed educated ladies of London. This is London. The city of prostitutes and with prostitutes in the middle, thieves on the top and beggars at the bottom. Those women that look at the men as a means to an end, ie., to achieve power, they are absolutely prostitutes. Where is the dignity of being a human? Where is the love? The love is at the sold European and American women where 1000 women have sex with a single man in porn movies. This is the love of the present day. In porn industry. The past like the present, and so seems to be the future. Merry Christmas to the thieves and prostitutes of London then. Bless you.


The third Category is the category of Beggars.

 It’s nothing bad about being a beggar. It’s nothing wrong about you beggars. It’s nothing bad about us. I’m a beggar too. I beg for truthfulness, I beg for reason and I beg for humanism – a slave of thieves I am. I am a beggar too.

‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’ is the motto of prostitutes and thieves. There is no Liberté, égalité, fraternité for us beggars.

 That’s why in every corner, every path, every street, every alley and every area you see homeless people, you see beggars. You see people suffering and struggling to survive. You see people looking for a place to cover their head. You see people that have lost everything and have nothing. You see poor people ending up in drugs and suicide. You see people that are discriminated and hated just because they are poor. As prostitutes and thieves of London enjoy their time in the luxury hotels, private parties and spacious mansions. The smart asses of London. Who gave to them everything and to some others nothing? Was it our mother earth that we came from? Was it the dust, water and the fresh air that gave them everything and to others nothing? Or was it the British History of thieves and powerful monsters that lifted up their GUNS against the world and shoot at all people who did not comply with their rules. And now again a few fascists with a few prostitutes at the top of the world pretend to be the good and the just. The Good and the Just of Nietzsche. So this type of the good and the just now talk of equality and democracy and liberty and freedom! That’s more than Shame. That is Pure Evil.


So, Beggars at the bottom, prostitutes in the middle and thieves at the top. Equality! But, aren’t these prostitutes and these thieves that do not play by the rules the cause of all inequality?


Merry Christmas to London then. Merry Christmas to the city of thieves and prostitutes and beggars.


I wish you a Merry Christmas,

I wish a Merry Christmas to prostitutes and thieves.

I wish a merry Christmas to the beggars that are begging,

I wish a Merry Christmas to the thieves that are stealing,

I wish a Merry Christmas to the whores that are whoring.

I wish a Merry Christmas to Nazis and Jews.

I wish a Merry Christmas to the Present Day Press and Muslims.

I wish a Merry Christmas to the Queen and her shinny hat.

I wish a Merry Christmas, to Europe, America and the Planet Earth.

I wish a Merry Christmas to all pain and nothingness.

I wish a Merry Christmas to all fascists that prevent us

From living in peace, love and respect. Merry Christmas.



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