Metamorphosis, how WORMS, or Mainstream Media Personalities, turn into SNAKES with many heads through Mainstream Media Reputation

  If you look at past dictators and today dictators, like Hitler, Stalin, Kadafi, Bashar al-Assad etc., all of them have the same strategy of thinking. They grovel for social power and fame. And they achieve social power and fame at the end. But once they sit on the chairs of social power, then they…

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About the Author

Dr A.C is a philosopher, activist, online presenter and the author of seven eBooks that can be found on amazon. He currently is working on his eighth book that is called "The Workings of the U.K State MAFIA." And that can be pre-ordered on amazon. Also Dr A.C is presenting a weekly online show that is called, "The Freedom of Ideas Show" and that is about the freedom of ideas, social justice in general, truth, reason, the right of being heard and the right of participation. 
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