News Monopolies Breed Crocodiles like Piers Morgan, who just left the ITV! Thank you! But Who is our next crocodile?

The lack of participation of the new artists in this country. The inhumane and unjust treatment of new ideas. The pain of injustice, unfairness and the formation of news monopolies.

News Monopolies that have centralised Free Air Waves. And made them their private property. Leaving hundreds of thousands of artists and people out of participation in the human history.

All of these unjust and corrupt actions speak of the fact that News Monopolies Breed Crocodiles. Crocodiles like Piers Morgan. Who whenever they talk, the nation pays attention.

Like what happened, mate? Or why? News Monopolies is the answer. News Monopolies that breed crocodiles to be admired and lauded by the many for controlling our attention. And our media.

To enter the ITV means to enter a Corrupt State Power through a corridor of bureaucracy and power.

I remember like now, three years ago when the producer of the Good Morning Britain Show called me with a religious Fanaticism. And to tell me how important it is for her that I do not speak out what I think at Good Morning Britain.

So I never ever even achieved to participate

Nevertheless, I am glad, Piers left. But the question is, who is our next Crocodile?