Nick Robinson of the BBC, The Proud-to-Be Jew that wants the Death of Muslims!

In the UK many fascist activists have the endorsements of some famous journalists like Nick Robinson. I say that because Nick Robinson was photographed laughing like an ape during the Rochester by-election campaign with Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First.



Britain First is one of the most violent fascist movements in Britain. They truly want the death of Muslims. They have a Nazi strategy of doing things. That is to say, they seize the moment when anyone says ‘I am a Muslim’ and he or she makes any wrong action on behalf of Muslims. Thing which anyone can do that. I can be violent and say, ‘I am a British. And I do this violent action on the behalf of the British people!’


So what? Will you say then, that all the British people are violent?

That’s called ‘a Mad Logic or fascist doing.’



But the Leaders of Britain First though, they use it as a powerful tool to make use of Violence and hatred against Muslims.

In essence, they try to tar all Muslims with the same brush. They provoke Muslims whenever they see them, making the lives of Muslims harder than their lives have been so far.


But Nick Robinson of the BBC takes pictures with them and laughs shamelessly like a jungle chimpanzee.


The Telegraph said in the past that, ‘Some twitter users called on Nick Robinson to resign for the “shameful” photograph, while others suggested that he was a secret supporter of the far right group.


If so, then that means that Nick Robinson is a secret supporter of the Britain First and other fascist movements in the UK. That means that he is not an open supporter for the only reason that he works for the most powerful TV on earth – The BBC.

Shame on the BBC of course! But they don’t recognize shame anyways.


As a result when I tweeted to Nick Robinson during the summer 2015 and said;


Zarathustra ‏‪@TruthAlsoWisdom 27 Jul 2015

‪@bbcnickrobinson‪ Just a question for you great political analyst -what is the feeling of taking pictures with Fascist activists?


He then replied saying;


Nick Robinson ‏‪@bbcnickrobinson 27 Jul 2015

@TruthAlsoWisdom As the grandchild of German Jewish refugees I don’t need lectures on perils of fascism, thanks all the same.


So Nick Robinson tried to cover up his profound evil with his origin roots! Seemingly that he is a Jew. And now because he is a proud-to-be Jew he can’t be a fascist in his actions! So he fools the simple-minded folks! So he throws dust in their eyes.


As you can see he didn’t reply with a fair answer. The fact that he has Jewish roots that doesn’t tell me anything. He can have Jewish roots and be a Nazi in his actions.


Now the question is not ‘who are the Germans and who are the Nazis of the past.’ Because we already know that. We know how the Nazi German ruling class killed, gassed and massacred Jews of the WW II. And not only Jews of course.


But now the questions are, ‘Who are those that live in the now, but that act like the German ruling class in the time of Nazis? Who are the Jews of the past that are living in 2016? Who are the Jews that are living the same Jew-drama and going through the same Jew-tragedy that Jews went under the leadership of Nazis? Who are these wretched, unfortunate and desperate people?’




The question comes to be, ‘Who did massacre the children of Palestine in 2014? It was the Jewish Ruling class in Israel having the support of USA and Britain. We saw that in August 2014. When the Israel ruling class bombed the Palestinians, the British and American ruling classes laughed up their sleeves. Thank you!


Therefore, if Nick Robinson is a proud-to-be Jew. Then he is a secret supporter of Britain First that is a fascist movement and that hate Muslims too.


This is explained now logically because the Jewish ruling class of Israel is almost like the past Nazis of the Germany.


So Nick Robinson should not use his Jewish roots to cover up his profound hatred that he has against Muslims and humanity. Right?


It doesn’t matter where you are from. But it matters what you do. ‘You are what you do’ said JEAN Paul Sartre in Paris 65 years ago.


Therefore, the Jewish ruling class, American and European ruling classes are taking up the path of the past Nazis. As a result, the Jews of the past seem to be the Muslims. Especially Palestinians that are suffering under Jewish fascism that are backed by the USA and European ruling classes.


And poor immigrants look to be continually under threat. Immigrants fleeing war like Syrians.


And Syrian war that was caused from the dissent that happened in between European and American ruling classes and Russians.


Open thine eyes and look how Russian ruling class pulls on one side of Syria and European and American ruling classes on the other side. They fight for their spoils just like in 1984. Wake up folks and think for yourself. Thank you!


Immigrants and Muslims those are taking the fate of the pasts Jews.


This is Nick Robinson, the BBC and the British and American big Media. That is to say, they are the present day hidden neo-Nazis.



And Nick Robinson is one of those neo-Nazis of now.



Also, if you look in the past you will see that Tim Westwood was encouraging people to carry guns and knives at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. David Cameron said that in 2006.




Now in the 2016, Dj Charlie Sloth continually makes drug dealers famous. And he supported, at the BBC in 2013, the most terrible terrorist on earth that was Jihadi John.



But Tim Westwood and DJ Charlie Sloth never took the slightest critique from Nick Robinson. Or other famous journalists of the BBC! Why? That is so because they are evil themselves. And evil never criticizes evil. Thank you!



Therefore, down with Nick Robinson that secretly supports Fascist activists and works for the BBC.

Down with the Djs of the BBC that make drug dealers famous and spread hatred across the planet.


Down with the BBC that turns a blind eye at their evil doings.



War to evil on behalf of Humanism.


The last sentence belongs to Creative-ism Movement as a means to an end. That is to say, to wake the people up and make a better world.



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