Open Letter to Eurovision Bosses and European Human Rights, “Please investigate who Ordered in the backstage of Eurovision for me, Dr A.C, to be Murdered through asphyxiation and beating. Read the Story.


On 12lve may 2018, I disrupted the Eurovision song contest for political reasons. That means I took the mic peacefully from the singer and tried to express my ideas for Social Justice and Freedom. I had ideas in my chest. Ideas in my pocket and ideas in my mind. I was a man of ideas standing for certain “human ideals” with ideas. So why did those who protect the “subtle artists” order for me, Dr A.C” to be murdered through asphyxiation and beating?


The full reasons of why I disrupted the Eurovision, I have explained at my latest blog at So in here, please let me explain the story of what happened to me.

When I took the mic from the singer, I asked the singer, SuRie, from far,“Please give me the mic.” She made a motion to give me her mic and she saw that I was a political activist. So all I intended to do is take my right of speech and give a message that the Freedom of ideas is not oppression that war is not peace and that prostitution is not humanism. And so on with other ideas.


Nevertheless, the reason of why I am writing this “open letter” here is to tell of the way I was beaten up to a point of death. And to tell that I heard “security or police” giving orders for me to be murdered. And I saw actions of them trying to murder me.


Now to continue with the story.

After I took the mic from the singer and began to speak of my ideas, the stage manager didn’t come to take me by my arm and accompany me outside of the stage in a peaceful way. He straightway jumped on me and wrestled me to the ground. And after that, I fell down. And I don’t remember much of the way they dragged me out of the stage. But all I remember was brutality against a peaceful person.

However, I didn’t resist any order. In whatever way they pulled me, I went. But once I was in the backstage an unreal brutality and torture began. They pushed me down on the floor, with one person putting a boot over my head and hitting me on my head repeatedly. And with some others hitting me from everywhere. And so a barbaric cruelty began in the backstage. Security or police (I saw people in different uniforms, but I don’t know their role) began hitting me continually and without mercy.


They hit me in my stomach, on my ribs, on my head, on my legs and all over my body for almost 10 minutes. And at one moment, when I achieved to say, “That you are murdering me” one of them shouted in English, “Murder him.” Then they checked my pockets and took out my passport. They read that on my passport was written my birthplace, “Albania.” So at that moment I heard voices saying, “Murder that Albanese.” And they shouted with some Portuguese words too, that I couldn’t understand. But it seemed an order for me to be killed. For the kicks and punches intensified at this time.


My hands were wide opened with more than two people holding them and others hitting me. My face was against the earth with one or two people continually hitting me on the head. And at this moment one of the security or police members, who was hitting me at that moment, came to block my nose and my mouth. So he tried to block my means of breathing and tried to choke me to death. And cause my death through asphyxiation. But I achieved to breathe from the small holes of his fingers and that’s how I, perhaps, achieved to survive.

Then after struggling to breathe while having for more than two minutes his hands on my mouth and my nose, Suddenly, I heard voices shouting in the Portuguese language. And at this moment the person that seemed to have taken orders to kill me by choking me, removed his hands from my nose and my mouth and let me breathe. At that time my resistance fell and I fainted. They woke me up by slapping me. And dragged me to a closed place where they hit me again. Again I fainted there. And at this moment one ambulance was called.



Later on, when I was inside a police station in Lisbon, I was feeling too much pain. And the police decided to send me to the hospital for medical aid. While on the way to the hospital, I passed a trauma from the many “kicks and punches and blows” that I had received earlier. So at this time I was only able to repeat what happened to me.” I had lost my consciousness.


And for this truth anyone who may be interested in the truth must have a look at the notes of the doctors (if they have made any note) in the medical report that the police of Lisbon must have.



And for this I want you to have a look at the notes of the doctors (if they have made any note) in the medical report that the police of Lisbon must have.


Urgencia: 18092481

Date 13.05/2018

Time 21:56

Konstantin Bouki

HCIS: 2236368

Centrade de Saude


Please investigate the case, “Who gave the orders in the backstage of the Eurovision for me “Dr A.C, Konstantin Bouki” to be murdered by asphyxiation or beating to death.


Dr A.C


I hope to see JUSTICE.


Konstantin Bouki