Open Letter To Katherine Viner, the Editor-in –Chief of the Guardian


Dear Katherine,

Shall I say shame on you? Why do you think that if I say shame on you then you will recognize shame? No, no, thrice no, you do not recognize shame, you do not recognize any value, you do not know any human value, you do not respect any humanity or humanism or anything good on earth at all.

You are but a Devil and a Devil with many horns that deep in its heart has only evil, and an evil that is pitch-black just like a moonless and starless sky that has been so for millions and billions of years and forgotten into nothingness.

You are but a dark force of hypocrisy and dishonesty and a barefaced liar that always bends the truths.

You and your hypocrite newspaper that is called the Guardian, but that now it should be called the Shame of the present day world.

Thus speaks Zarathustra to you my dear.

But, don’t worry please, please don’t worry because you are not alone in this business of lies and deceptions and double-dealings because you have friends everywhere in the present day media, because your cronies are everywhere in the present day world and that’s true – gods bless you.

Shall I say from The Sun to the New York Times to the Daily Mirror and to The Mail and to the New Statesman and to other and other Big Media Moguls are all, but the same. The same liars, liars, liars and cheaters always trying to throw dust in the eyes of the proles and always lying through your teeth while taking advantage of every circumstance that works better for you and that makes your pockets bigger and bigger and that satisfies your feelings of animal-like and beast-like – gods bless you. Thus speaketh Zarathustra to you.

God bless you hypocrites and fascists of the present time. Thus speaketh Zarathustra to you my dear.

I speaketh and judge based in the actions and ideas and attitudes and moves that I see with mine own eyes, nothing but proofs and facts and values on the table. Thus speaketh Zarathustra to you hypocrites of my time.

So let me lay it on the line, how comes that your journalists call a Big Personality a man like DJ Charlie Sloth that makes terrorists famous at BBC Radio 1Xtra? How comes that your journalists at the guardian praise a man like 50 Cent that the only thing that he does is to destroy humanism and praise guns and hatred and evil?

How comes that the Guardian works with a man that is called Akala and that this Akala has spread misogyny and negativity and hatred all across the planet? As when I as an artist that I am fighting tooth and nail to restore Humanism and Creative-ism based in human values and humanity, I get ignored and my ideas never make it to your newspaper or to any other local and national newspaper or magazine in the world and so my humanistic values look unworthy in front of criminal values of the people that you praise to the skies and glorify like being gods of honor and great creativity!

Thirdly, how comes that you never oppose or criticize these ideas of guns and drugs and hatred that BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra makes use? And how comes that you do not expose DJ Charlie Sloth that has made a terrorist famous like Jihadi John? How comes that you people of the Guardian do not like the truth but you rather like to swim in a stream of white lies and wash yourselves with fabrications of all kinds?

I’m telling you it is the present day philosophy, once you are famous then you make sense, once you are famous then your reason seems to work, whatever you are a terrorist like Jihadi John, a criminal like Snoop Dog or a man that makes terrorists famous like Dj Charlie Sloth. Once you are famous then you make sense and this is the philosophy of the present day world. Thus speaks Zarathustra to you.

All is but disgusting, and makes you jump from a high bridge, makes the spirit of truth and honesty want to jump, makes this true spirit want to jump from a high building or train tracks or over a bridge or whatever, but it just makes you to jump, makes this spirit to jump to suicide and finish once and forever. And all this just to not be and just to not live in the same world with you hypocrites, with you fascists and with you killers of Humanism and every human value. Thus speaks Zarathustra to you.

You are but a Devil that kills by laughter, and the laughter in here is the lies and dishonesty of your disgraceful newspaper that you work as an editor-in-chief. Thus speaketh Zarathustra to you who inflict and cause suffer and pain unto Humanity and our Humanism.

One’s ideas and one’s work should be valued based in the meaning, based in the meaning and truth and creativity, but not in one’s fame. Are you joking, you present day editors are, but a joke and a laughing stock. Now we see that even dogs get famous, you don’t see that even Pudsey, that little dog got famous and it won Britain’s got talent. So if Pudsey starts speaking and starts glorying guns and violence then what? Shall we praise Pudsey and say, go on, go on Pudsey, go on you Pudsey because you are famous and whatever you say is good because you are famous!

Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting a million times disgusting that’s what you are and I can’t help but puke due to this sickness and nausea that I SEE. You killers and murderers of every human value, you killers and murderers of Humanism, you killers and murderers of the now and our time.

Thus speaks Zarathustra to you present day criminals.

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