Open Letter to Katherine Viner. Why should You, £340,000 Katherine Viner of Guardian, Resign ASAP and Stop using the Guardian to Manipulate People

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We are all in the same boat faring towards an unknown destiny. But here in our boat, that is in the middle of the ocean, we have a major newspaper called, the Guardian, that pretends to defend our rights. And stand up for what is just and good in our boat.



Here I do not want to mention newspapers of sewers like the Sun, Daily Mail etc. Because they do not pretend to keep the justice and the good of our boat. So why shall I lose my time with them?



So then, here I am speaking of the Guardian. A newspaper that has almost two centuries of history. And that somehow to have journalists of the Guardian be heard in our boat means to have others or independent minds unheard from the same boat.


For if you have people being busy reading the Guardian, then that is logical that you can’t have also people being busy reading a drowned out THINKER called, Dr ACactivism. So?

So it is the injustice of today, the greed of today capitalist man to control everything through a sheer capital power, and the imperialism of the U.K that demands a newspaper that is loyal and true to the human ideals. And the Guardian with Katherine Viner is not doing that. That’s why I am writing here.


I have seen the Guardian very rare in the protests of Palestine for justice. I have seen the Guardian very rare demanding the British imperialism to take some form of responsibility for what they do to the world of our BOAT. And I have read the Guardian through the writings of Patrick Wintour defending the murders of innocent people by British politics in Yemen. So?


So can INJUSTICE be more factual and true than under your reign, Katherine Viner, of the Guardian?



The essence of my letter, Why should you, Katherine Viner Resign ASAP?



Now for us, people of this boat, who live in the middle of this ocean, to have a major newspaper in our boat called the Guardian. And this newspaper to pretend to stand for our rights and our Oppressed voices and for a better world of our boat. And to not do so. What does that mean to you, Katherine Viner?





To me this action means that this Newspaper called, the Guardian, is manipulating the people of this boat. And so making the people of this boat believe that you are standing for justice and for the good of our boat. When you are not doing so. That means you are lying people and absorbing human attention or INFORMATION in an unjust way. That’s injustice itself speaking.



And that’s “intelligence” using manipulative thinking to achieve its ends. That can be money power, political power, reputation, glory and many other feelings and positions that are envied by many people in our boat.


That is a fact, the Guardian, and you, Katherine Viner, have appealed for the people to donate more money for the Guardian.


But why should people donate to you when you do not stand for the ideals of the world of our BOAT? Why should you continue to manipulate people when you are not true as a newspaper and editor to the vision of the world of our BOAT?


Are you appealing to the people to PAY more MONEY to you to manipulate them and have them pay your LUXURIOUS SALARY of over £340,000?


And in the same time through this form of High Manipulation to drown out the true and independent voices of today?



Therefore, so far, you Katherine Viner, or the Guardian under your reign, have used the Guardian to absorb human attention. And Manipulate People and have them pay your “LUXURIOUS SALARIES” that are worthy only for the creation of INJUSTICE and CORRUPTION in the world of our BOAT.


So I demand that you, Katherine Viner, resign ASAP. And leave the place of the editor of the Guardian to a person who truly believes in the human ideals. And to someone that is not afraid to call a spade a spade.



That is not afraid to tell that U.K courts are corrupt when they do not even accept to judge politicians. That is not afraid to call Public prosecution for corruption when they do not bring politicians to justice. And that is not afraid to call for protests and people to stand up when “courts and public prosecution” show to be corrupted.



For role of MEDIA is needed more than ever when Power clashes with Truth. And truth is presupposed to be murdered and silenced by power.


So here is needed the MEDIA to appeal for TRUTH to come to light and Justice to prevail in our boat. That is about to drown without achieving its destination.



So give a chance to democratic thinking and honesty by resigning. And leave someone who is true and humane and above all not afraid to educate the British people, who fund British politics with their children, who become soldiers and teachers, and their money or taxes, that become luxurious salaries and bring privileges to the powerful.