Our London Culture of Oppression and therefore crime is created by the Intelligent Artists of the U.K New Nazi Media and Politics

On 6th of June I heard that a 14-year-old boy, or better say man, has stabbed to death a 41-year-old man in Chelsea, London. A few days before this stabbing, I had heard that a 15-year-old and a 17-year old man had been stabbed too. So they died easy-peasy for nothing! A few days after this, again I hear that a few other teenagers had been stabbed and died. Today, 24th of June 2018, I hear again that a 15-year-old boy has been stabbed in London. So we see that a massacre of knife crime happens in London. But why?

When violence rises in London and murder appears in its dark skies. Then the intellectuals of London strike their breasts with pride like Tarzan and appeal with their souls and spirits for more power to police and more OPPRESSION. While they themselves control every ounce of social power. And also, it must be highlighted; they want to die controlling every ounce of social power and leave their children and loved ones to lead again. Those who think like they think and educate like they educate. A proper nepotism of course.
This is English culture in essence. And it is but a cultivation of hatred, oppression and prostitution. A culture that is imposed on us by the very intelligent murderers who lead our today culture from the U.K media and U.K politics.

So the artists or journalists of the daily U.K Media all day prattle that we need to give more powers to POLICE. They continue their thinking and doing with a philosophy that OPPRESSION is JUSTICE. And oppressive laws are the only way to educate young men and humanity in general. Of course we all know why they do think in this way – they want to protect the interest of their rich classes. So it makes sense. No?

On the other hand, youngsters are left with nothing. Media and arts are controlled by the very rich. Participation through ideas is not encouraged by the artists of the Mainstream media. Journalists have turned into multimillionaire people simply because they speak from the mainstream media! Politicians have turned into “rented men” that make laws to serve to the powerful. And so in our today U.K injustice is passed for justice and corruption is passed for fairness.

Well, you may ask, why on earth should all this hypocrisy and corruption come from the upper classes? The answer is simple. The upper classes want “all rights of participation” and leadership for themselves. So information has turned into a tool of manipulation and control and super profits for the few artists. New ideas and new artists are drowned out and silenced by the very old artists or dictators of the U.K Media. And at last, whoever does not grovel in front of these old dictators is silenced. And therefore, this is the culture of London where millions of people are controlled like sheep in stables.

So let me continue with analytical thinking and the reason of why I am putting these words in this philosophic thinking essay.

These stabbings that we see happening in London are not because these young people want to die.
Or want to kill themselves. No. How can that even be imaginable? How can you be young and want to die? These stabbings then are because of the today political oppression. That is, some have billions and some others don’t have food on the table. Inequality and injustice imposed on us by the very upper classes that have found a great way to control us like sheep by controlling information.

The many today youngsters, who are born in working class families, are left with nothing in London. I see 12lve, 13 and 14-old boys asking me, “Do you smoke?” They can also stab you or throw acid in your face. Is it hard to stab or throw acid in one’s face if you are at this age?
Of course that not. They have learnt the skills of dealing drugs and protecting themselves. You cannot even advice them. Because they may misunderstand you and you will be dead. That’s it.

But what is the solution? For so far we spoke only of our painful reality. And didn’t give any answer for change. For at the end of the day what’s the purpose of calling yourself a “philosopher or writer” if all you do is praise the “status quo” that kills and oppresses humanity?

The solution then is in the human participation. We must find a way to put the youngsters to participate in our political world. That is the to say young people must be able to raise their voices and speak for themselves.

But the people of media and politics, these historical intelligent artists, want neither to give to the youngsters powers and responsibility nor to allow them to participate.
So how can we bring change? When change is on the hands of the upper classes? All we can do then speak of the pain and struggle of our time. And move and protest at times, when we can of course. For gendarmes stand in readiness to eat human souls and serve to the power of oppressors.

The truth here is that when a 14, 15 and 17-year-old kill another human or die from knife crime, that means that these young people have at least a few years in the business of drug dealing and crime. Knife crime happens and from other circumstances, so here I am just giving a general way of thinking that can happen when oppression hits the oppressed working class families and their children.

So the solution here then is to give to the younger generations more responsibility. And to give them more responsibility means to give to them some kind of social power. And to give to the youngsters Social Power means to engage them in politics and arts and reward them.

So the first thing that seems a problem here then is the right of vote. The right of vote, with today youngsters that live in an absolute knowledge world where it is enough to Google an idea and the definition and explanation of this idea will be given, must be 15.

In London a 14-year-old boy goes to prison for stabbing a 40-year-old man. A 15-years-old boy stabs to death a 14-year-old boy. Wow. These youngsters know very well to kill. They have force. But to have force means to have reason too. And is anyone stupid enough or hypocrite enough to think that 15-year-olds do not have reason?

And do you think that they do not know how to participate through ideas and make our society, a better society?

We know that killings appear there where political oppression exists.

So when these young people kill other young people and even adults, there is no one from the younger generations on national TV to speak of themselves. And educate us from the parliament and politics.

So the youngsters of today are represented by the 60 and 80-year-old billionaires who don’t have anything in common with their struggle and pain.

Why is not given the right to vote in elections to under 18-year-olds people?

The youngsters of today sell drugs to survive in a super expensive capital. No one speaks of their pain candidly. Because the mainstream media and politics are dominated by old mouths that are rich and greedy. And they know that when responsibility falls on them, it becomes super power for them. So they want power for themselves only. But not only power. They love to have super powers. Thing which is sick and ugly and inhumane.

Further, and no one, as I said, is from the younger generations in the parliament and media to educate us continually with the struggle and pain of the young people. But why?

Here is another thing also that hurts today youngsters. And this is the philosophy of the today ruling classes – media and politics. For they want to raise either “puppets” or criminals. That is, they want to either educate the young people as they wish or to oppress them. A middle human way is not possible in the U.K. Because that way may cause the giants of media and politics to lose some of their powers.

But we, humans of all times, want neither puppets nor criminals. We want to bring up humans. And to bring up humans means to form the minds of the young people with a human consciousness and responsibility. That is to give to a reasonable age the right to vote. And so to give them social power and let them participate in modern history through ideas and action. And so educate themselves and us by speaking of their struggle and pain and by participating through positive work.

For the time being the ones who are to be blamed are not the young thugs. But those who control every ounce of our social power and that do not even allow you to bring some change in our society – the dictators of the media and politics. Dictators who don’t allow you to express even one single idea from the headquarters of the BBC or any other big media headquarters. BLAME THE DICTATORS and OPPRESSORS the for all crimes. For they are leading us and oppressing us and controlling us like proper herds.

Finally we come to the point of the headline. So the Intelligent Artists of the U.K New Nazi Media and Politics in controlling every ounce of social power, they create a culture of oppression and crime.