For Over 9 months I am Kept as homeless in the PROPERTIES of Hammersmith and Fulham Council without rights and abused psychologically and emotionally by this Monster of Power, Labour Local Government. Read my Story and Pain. Now Evicted by Them for the 7th Time.

(Note: for everything that I say here and accuse Hammersmith and Fulham Council for abuse of power and for abuse of its citizens through this power, I will provide facts in the end of this blog  and during this blog through screenshots.)

In the beginning, I accept, I described myself as homeless. But, that is wrong. I was homeless for a few days. But then, I found a solution. And I found a place to live. That was the properties of Hammersmith and Fulham council.

Therefore, I am not homeless for as long as I live in the properties that are supported by Hammersmith and Fulham council. For I have done the worst jobs in this country. I have worked for years 12lve hours day and night shifts to pay the salaries of these local government thugs. 

Now, for the first time that I asked local governments for support, they showed me that they get their luxurious salaries and our taxes not to support us. But to abuse us and even abuse our laws in the most heinous way possible. Like by abusing the citizens psychologically and emotionally on purpose to withdraw pleasure by causing pain.

Therefore, more exactly, for over 9 months I am not homeless. But kept as homeless in the PROPERTIES of Hammersmith and Fulham Council without rights whatsoever. And abused psychologically and emotionally by this Monster of Power, mean Labour Local Government. That now is evicting me for  the 7th time in the street. 

Abuse like what? You may ask. 


Photo shows me being evicted by Hammersmith and Fulham council on 18th 02 2021. And left to suffer in the street with all my belongings.


Abuse like, seeing well-paid top employees of the Local Government, Hammersmith and Fulham Council, continually threatening me with evictions. Bullying, harassing, taunting and ridiculing my pain as a citizen. Discriminating against me and showing racist and abusive thoughts. And evicting me for over 6 times. 

 Tantalising me psychologically to a point where I have been pushed to suicide in two occasions. And I have ended up in hospital.

I ended up in hospital from the psychological and emotional Abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

So, for over 9 months I saw discrimination, abuse of power, racism, harassment of the worst form, bullyings and threats by this monster-like council.

And this, then,  is the pain that I have lived and still live under the power of this monster-like landlord called, Hammersmith and Fulham council.

And every time that I complain to this abusive state landlord, their answers in their written reviews is very simple. They consider abuse of their citizens something that is normal.  “You are homeless.” they say. And then they suggest that, “it is normal all the pain that your are going through because you are homeless!” Forgetting that I do not live in the street. But in the buildings of my local government that abuses me and tortures me psychologically and emotionally to a point of suicide. 


This is a screenshot taken from the writings of the Hammersmith and Fulham council. That openly suggest your pain is normal!



Checking my blood by doctors because of the abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham council. Five bottles of blood given from my own blood because of the abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham council.

Now this council has finalised its abuse by cancelling my accommodation for the 7th time.

I was evicted formally by indirect force on 18th February 2021. Thing which was intended to push me to suicide once again. Thing which they have done in their 9 months of continual state abuse. For even the cruellest landlord in London would give you more than 6 days time.

And secondly, I will be evicted for the 7th time on 22nd February 2021 again.


My accommodation cancelled for the 6th time. And I evicted for the 6th time.

How do I feel emotionally and psychologically at this moment, where my accommodation is cancelled?

I feel to be cornered as if by a person who holds a knife or a gun. For to me the threat of eviction is a threat of a person who holds a knife and a gun. For it is a threat to my life. A threat that intends to throw me living in the street with all my belongings. And hence a threat of death.

And a clear abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham council. That with this threats has intended to abuse me psychologically making me live in fear. And by control my accommodation, they have blackmailed me to do whatever they like me to do.

Like to force me to accept the properties of agencies that discriminate against the poor. And that work for Hammersmith and Fulham council. Making millions at the expense of the pain of today citizens. While their discrimination and abuse of the same citizens funded by the taxes of citizens. Absurd. See screenshot below. 


This is a screenshot taken from the writings of the Hammersmith and Fulham council. That openly suggest your pain is normal! While they work and pay LETTING AGENCIES that discriminate against the poor.

Further, you may ask, “From the way Hammersmith and Fulham Council has treated you? Like in threatening with the cancellation of accommodation? And then again accepting you inside their controlled  or rented to be leased properties? Using you like a lifeless object and pushing you to suicide?

From these question, I would say that I feel kidnapped like the children of Turpin parents in California. For these Turpin parents of California controlled two basic human needs in civilised society. That was accommodation and food to keep their souls alive.

While Hammersmith and Fulham council by controlling my basic need for accommodation in a civilised society, they have continually threatened me. And kept me under the psychology of fear and anxiety. That is, calculated psychological and emotional abuse.  

Further facts, from my story and my pain that shows abuse, discrimination, racism, harassment and bullying.

On 9th and 12lve of October 2020, I was thrown out of my temporary accommodation, that was supported by the Landlord called, Hammersmith and Fulham council.  Like a piece of paper. And then, after being left for hours outside with all my belongings,  I was taken back in again. Used, and abused and left to suffer outside with all my belongings mercilessly.

And then, from 9th October 2020, I was stashed in an animal stable like accommodation. That lacked normal living space and that lacked fresh air. A depressive place that would make me choke into my throat from over anxiety. 

And even though, the manager of the lodge had asked the council to change that room for me. The council had replied to the manager of the hotel and told him “to not change it for me on purpose. Fact which I have recorded.”

Now, a day before being thrown outside or evicted, and during that day 9th of Oct 2020, I experienced suicidal feelings.  And I took too many anti depressants to calm down my depressive moods. And so, I passed out in the street. Then, I made a candid note of the pain and of the feelings that I was going through and I wrote them to the people of the council. And told them to look at my rights and to look at our laws. And see whether they have broken the laws by using me in this horrible and anti human way.

(The facts of these notes will be noted at the end of this blog. Which show my emails to the Hammersmith and Fulham Council.)

Now, when Hammersmith and Fulham council made their review of  my application on 3rd December 2020. They ridiculed and taunted my pain, that showed that I had experienced suicidal thoughts on 9th and 11th October 2020. Because I had been evicted in a cruel and heartless way by Hammersmith and Fulham council. 

In this screenshot Hammersmith and Fulham shows to have changed the facts. Watch the video link. For the phone call had been recorded. )


This disturbed me deeply. For I couldn’t believe that instead of looking at our laws and at my rights, they looked at my suicidal thoughts. And concluded that I had been threatening suicide as a means to secure accommodation!

Because as a matter of fact,  I had asked them to make a review of my housing case, like looking at mer rights and at our laws. And not look at my suicidal thoughts. 

Nor did I ask them at any moment or time to give me something of my suicidal thoughts. I simply noted candidly, the way I felt from their abuse. 

So they wrote: “I note the applicant has voiced grievances regarding his accommodation and has threatened suicide implying that if he is not appropriately housed it would be the local authority’s responsibility. Notably when the applicant was assessed by his GP in Oct 20, he was described as being “calm on the phone, lucid speech.”

As a matter of fact that they had changed these facts. As the link of the video below shows the truth and my pain. Embarrassing, what an abusive council that Hammersmith and Fulham is.

(link: )

Facts show that they had changed these facts, The facts that I had said to my GB on Oct 2020, that I had experienced suicidal thoughts. And not only once. But twice. 

 So Hammersmith and Fulham, a labour Local government, harassed me deeply. And disturbed my deepest moods  with their threats to end my accommodation. While taunting and ridiculing my pain. And while having access to my sensitive information. And while acting like kidnappers and thugs. 

And thus, it was their continual abuse that pushed me to suicidal actions on 30th December 2020.  Thing which I have fully proved in my blogs. 

Now, what they had done was either speak to my GB and change what I had said on 14th October 2020 to my GB. Or my GB didn’t report the truth to them. Still my phone call to the good samaritans of London and my emails to the council on October 9 and 12lve Oct 2020 show that there was plenty of evidence for the council top employees to not go to this abusive decision.  But they did go there. And on purpose, they did so to abuse me.

Thus, since December 23rd I live under continual threats of Hammersmith and Fulham council. 

Why Do I see A Craze of Hamersmith Council for Abuse on Purpose?

First, let me say that I had 5 months complaining about the horrible living conditions. A small place that lack normal living space and that lacks fresh air.

And the manager of the hotel told me that he has sent an email to Hammersmith and Fulham Council asking them to change my room.

As there are plenty of double rooms.

 However, he told me that the council people had asked him to not change it. So doing it on purpose to make me live in suffer and pain. And they to laugh with the luxurious salaries that they get by abusing our social power.

Further, on January 2021, David Murtagh of the council had said me, tell me if you want me to make a review of your application. And I replied and told him to make a fresh and new review. 

However, he never did it review again my application or consider my new information. 

So playing with me meaningly. Like literally wanting to use me and craving for the abuse of my constitutional rights.

Like being serial killers. Who suffer from a craze to abuse you or something similar to this.

One of the emails that show how badly they played with me. Abusing me meanly and cruelly so.
This fact shows the craze of mania of Hammersmith council top employees to abuse its citizens.


Homeless and suffering from the local government abuse is okay!

Further on May 2020, I was not taking any anti depressants. So when I told to the council that I have gone from zero anti depressants to taking 200mg per day anti depressants. They, David Murtagh of the council, told me that that his normal. Because you are homeless!

Which was strange as I was not homeless. Because I was supported by Hammersmith and Fulham council. And I was not living in the street. But in properties or animal stables rented by the council.

That discriminated and abused the working classes of this nation  by denying their tenancy rights. Or by abusing them psychologically  through the threats of accommodation.

Now, this animal stable, that was rented by the council to me, was a living  place. In which, I could sleep only four hours. For there passed a high speed train every two to three minutes.

Hence, lack of sleep was another factor that deteriorated my mental health badly as it was torturous. 

This is a screenshot taken from the writings of the Hammersmith and Fulham council. That openly suggest your pain is normal! While they work and pay LETTING AGENCIES that discriminate against the poor.

Why Discrimination? 

Hammersmith and Fulham council worked with agencies that discriminated against the poor.  And they triple double paid them for renting some animal stables, depressive tiny places with mice and dirt around. And these agencies in spare room said, we do not accept housing benefits. When it came to renting for those in benefits. 

So Hammersmith and Fulham council worked with and supported landlords and letting agencies that create pain in the housing market in London. Full stop.

Further, Hammersmith and Fulham council by denying to give TENANCY AGREEMENTS to people, that they accepted in their properties. They discriminated against the people’s rights in the same way that many abusive landlords of London discriminate against their tenants by refusing to give them tenancy agreements. 

For tenancy agreements give to tenants rights to sue the landlords. And make eviction possible only through the court.

So by refusing to me and to other people this right, Hammersmith and Fulham council abused its power. And discriminated in the same way. 


This was one of the agencies that worked with Hammersmith and Fulham council. And that discriminated against the poor.


This is one of the Letting Agencies that worked with Hammersmith and Fulham council. And that in its profile on Spare Room showed to discriminate against those in benefits. Photo fact.


Racism. Why racism?

“The Council’s Psychiatric Advisor (CPA) had described my application in this way: ‘The applicant is an Albanian national with a history of depression and anxiety.”

But, I ask, “what has anxiety and depression to do with one’s origin? Unless there is racism to it, of course. 

So this form of thinking had been written on purpose to hurt me with racist remarks. As if it wasn’t enough 5 times of being evicted and thrown outside with all my belongings. 

A similar racist way of thinking, however, was expressed by Lord John Kilclooney (@KilclooneyJohn) on November 9, 2020. Who said, “What happens if Biden moves on and the Indian becomes President. Who then becomes Vice President?” 

And then, we know, that he was forced to apologise. As it was deemed by many people as being racist.

Hence, what Hammersmith and Fulham council said to me was similar. And therefore racist.


Hammersmith and Fulham council had searched my name on google and looked into my writings to find my ideas online and turn them against me. Forgetting that they have state power in their hands over me. And the power to end my accommodation at any time.

So instead of giving me tenancy rights to be able and sue them when they threaten me with eviction, they harassed me. And they did anything possible to torture me psychologically and emotionally.

And further, by refusing to give me my “TENANCY RIGHTS” Hammersmith and Fulham Council used laws that fitted to their purpose to abuse me continually.

For example, in leaving me without tenancy rights, Hammersmith and Fulham council used me like a lifeless object. By following the abusive laws of residential rights. Which gave them a right to evict me lawfully. 

So, since December 23rd, I have been continually living under the threats of Hammersmith and Fulham council. While my complaint to Karen Buck, that is my MP, and to the media of my city fell into deaf ears.  

For I wrote to Karen Buck to assure me that my accommodation will not be cancelled. Or that she makes sure that they have given me my rights and reasonable amount of time before they evict me. 

Karen Buck did not support me properly. She only told me that she will tell me. But she never gave me an answer. While the media was silent as ever serving the purpose of the rich and the powerful.

Now the intention of abuse of  Hammersmith and Fulham Council was clearly written in their message that said, “Your accommodation will be cancelled at any time.” 

As I result of these threats in the middle of a pandemic, I have ended up twice in the psychiatric hospital treated for suicidal thoughts. And I asked to be admitted in the hospital for madness. As in two occasions, I had lost most of my mind from this torturous  continual abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham council.

Now, on 11th February 2021, Hammersmith and Fulham Council sent a letter of cancellation of my accommodation one more time. And on 18th of Feb 2021, they sent another extension of my accommodation. And another cancellation. 

These cancellations and threats of evictions, however, showed that my inner over anxiety, my over depression and over thinking in regards to the threats of Hammersmith and Fulham council were true. My complaints to my MP and to the councils and my concerns in relation to their threats  were true too. For they intended to cancel my accommodation through their threats.

So, I was threatened and left in a state of anxiety on purpose. And now, with their letters and emails of the cancellation of my accommodation, they did what I was telling to my MP, Karen Buck, that they will do at any time. And my feelings, that showed to my mind and explained to my MP that their letters are a clear threat, were true. For, their threats turned into reality.

This screenshot shows top employees of Hammersmith and Fulham council having gone to my website and social media. Searching everywhere to find something to harass and bully me. While having power over me. Abusers.



This screenshot shows top employees of Hammersmith and Fulham council having gone to my website and social media. Searching everywhere to find something to harass and bully me. While having power over me. Abusers.



How did all it start?

This pain all started on May 2020. For then, I was badly struggling with housing. For a person, who I was living with, was alienated totally from isolation. Becoming aggressive and abusive. So I ended up sleeping in a car. And I thought to try and get out of the situation creatively by asking for support. And looking for a new living place across the Internet world. 

Now, as a matter of fact at this time, all the agencies and the landlords, that I contacted, said “We do not accept housing benefits. A typical answer of the discrimination in the London housing market. That I have lived for many times and many years in London.

Still, I was confident I will find a living place. 

Now, as I asked many places and many people for support. I also asked, Hammersmith and Fulham Council for support. And perhaps I would have achieved to find a living place myself if Hammersmith and Fulham didn’t support me. 

So, Hammersmith and Fulham Council decided to support me. And they accepted this in fair and human grounds. Just like any landlord accepts someone in his property. 

However, they accepted to support me. And suddenly, they cancelled my accommodation. Throwing me outside with all my belongings. And they repeated this action over three times within the course of a few days. Using me like a lifeless object.  

I coped with this pain at the beginning. But later on, the way Hammersmith and Fulham had used me at the beginning coupled with an animal stable place, in which they put me in, took the toll of abuse. For they put me in a place that I could sleep only 4 hours.

And they refused to give my “tenancy rights” so to be able and sue them if they try to evict me. And they refused to give me a living place that makes me live in dignity through an affordable price. 

So, there where they put me, a train would pass every 2 to 3 minutes. Torturing me  psychologically with an unbearable noise. And not allowing me to sleep over 4 hours per night. So badly deteriorating my mental health.  And making me increase the amount of anti depressants.

And further, in the same time, I understood that letting agencies, that for ten years I had seen them discriminate against the poor in the housing market in London through a certain way of thinking that discriminated against the poor. As such letting agencies, who discriminated against the poor, worked with the council.

And I understood that as such agencies, that split single rooms into two to make space for capital gain. And create animal stables for people. As such letting agencies worked for the council as well.

In short, I saw pain and I lived and still live pain that is created by the policies of the local governments of London Town.

But why resistance, one may ask? Why resist against the policies of these local government form of abuse and not go homeless?

I once read Rousseau who said that “virtue is strength.” And to find strength in adversary and resit the abuse of your local government, that continually threatens you with the cancelation of accommodation. And that continually bullies and harasses you,  and that continually abuses the city where you live, I find this strength and resistance, human. 

However, in the same time, I find their abuse and oppression more than hard. And SUICIDAL. 

Rousseau once also said that frankness is the candour of the great souls.

So frankly speaking, in January 2021, a friend of mine complained to me in the lodge, where I live, saying “that he is feeling too stressful, too anxious. And that he is worried a lot because of the bad treatment of Hammersmith and Fulham council. And a few days later, he died. 

As myself I was pushed twice towards suicidal actions as a result of the threats and continual abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham council. And I ended up in hospital as the result of their continual abuse. 

I ended up in hospital from the psychological and emotional Abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham Council

So, what is Hammersmith and Fulham council now: a murderer?

Further, it is logical to say that if I wasn’t in love with writing. Justice, fairness, equality and human values, probably I would not be in this situation. Simply because I would not have spent countless nights to develop a powerful thinking and big ideas. That can enhance the happiness and harmony of human beings on earth.

But I would have spent many nights in thinking of how to make money. And live without any problem.

Now in 7 years of active writing, I never received a single penny in donations. And I never took my rights of participation and being heard. So I could have a few followers, who knew my name and my ideas. And so I would be able to pay my rent and my food on the table as well,.

On the other hand, those people who silenced my voice and used media to further strengthen their power. They got paid immensely. Piers Morgan is paid almost 2 million pounds a year, for example! Say that God gave him information and our free air waves to be controlled in such an unjust and unfair way. 

Now at the end, let me note something here clearly here. And say that fighting for your rights seems to be the hardest thing on earth. For those who threaten and abuse us are people with state POWER in their hands. And our rights threaten their abusive power.  

So, now living under the threats of the landlord “Hammersmith and Fulham council” is taking its tall. For now in the middle of the pandemic, I have my accommodation cancelled. And this pain and oppression has only one outcome. And that is to push me or any citizen in as such situation to SUICIDE. 

For I see how oversensitive I have become since I read the letter of the cancellation of my accommodation written and sent to me by Hammersmith and Fulham council. I see how depressed and worried I am about my accommodation and my life. And I see how this affects my subconscious thinking making me restless, over anxious, over depressed and suicidal.

So to my consciousness the abuse of Hammersmith and Fulham Council is the abuse of kidnappers, and those who use guns and knifes to threaten others. That is, their behaviour towards its citizens is abusive and thuggish and has no human dignity or any human value whatsoever in their thinking and doing. 

(This blog is re-edited on 21st February 2021 to note the 7th eviction.)


Please see screenshots of all the facts that I have mentioned.

it’s okay to be abused while homeless. Thus Hammersmith and Fulham council thinks


These screenshots show them tom have changed the facts of the doctor






Thrown in the street with all my belongings.