Why do we Need to share, value, and honour Positivity or any form of Positive thinking now more than ever? – Share the LOVE

Human history tells us that positivity is always a good and a great idea.

However, in times of quarantines and mass isolations due to pandemics, where our human minds are in great stress and depression, positivity and positive thinking are needed for one reason more than in other times.

And that reason is or means here to keep us or our human existence closer to what is human.

So that’s why now, in our time, we logically need to value positivity or any form of positive thinking more than ever.

But, well, what does it mean to be positive? Or how can we be positive? one may ask here.

To explain my philosophy, allow me to take the example of a garden here.

So, for example, suppose that we, humans, have in front of us a garden, that is made half with dry and shrivelled flowers. And half with blooming daisies and all sorts of blooming plants.

Now, while we watch this garden together like a single humanity, the question is, where do we focus? On the blooming daises and others sorts of blooming plants? Or do we focus on dry and shrivelled plants?

A positive mind here would br...

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Life is a battle that needs to be taken with a….


With honesty for my existence, allow me to say that sometimes, I see myself plunged deep into depression.

And this makes me think that no one is immune of the harshness of life, and depression, that is the consequence of as such conditions of life.

And that comes from or that is conceived from the cruel injustices of the powerful and of the corrupt men of this world.

And it was these corrupt, greedy and unjust conditions that an unfair society creates. That made once Plato to say: "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Now living in an unfair society that continually creates pain.  I understand that I have to be kind even in pain. And I honour that.

"For, I'm honest about my battle. And by telling here the story of my battle, I intend also to make others, who live their lives as unconscious of their existence as animals,  aware of this battle."

But what is my battle? One may ask here. 

Political oppression, for example, that never ends. My drowned-out voice by the artists of my time, who work for media Monopolies. My struggle for existence. My will to be independent and exist fairly in a corrupt world. Economical inequality, where I struggle to exist. This is my battle. 

"And thus the weight of this life's battle brings a heavy burden to my mind in my life. And weighs me down through the oppressive and unjust politics of my time. That's logical."

And further, here it is also logical to say that this weight of stress and oppression can weigh down even mythological, divine heroes. Like Hercales. Let alone humans. 

"In short, I want to say with this, that we are all susceptible and bendable from the weight of stress and oppression."

And we see these life's facts daily in our lives. For we see people bending and falling  and going mad every day.

And thus, plunged into our daily hypocrisy, we simply hope that it is not us tomorrow, who would bend and fall and go mad.

For we see homelessness, we see madness, and we see all sorts of human fall and human breakdowns.

"So then, facts are not lacking but human universal consciousness, that cares of humanity, is missing in our world."

In my own life, for example, I admit, this heavy weight of stress and oppression sends me
crumbling down to the ground like a controlled building demolition. And I fall.

The bombs here, however, have been set in by body by the system cunningly before the explosion. Like a Trojan horse.

So to make sure that I, and people in such positions, fall willy-nilly.

But you know how it is with us humans. Sometimes, we learn a lot from life. And even though we fall seven times. still we stand up eight times.

So while on the ground, pieces of my being search for meaning. They are curious to stand one more time, to feel existence again, to be in being and think once more. And see the problem of life and existence perhaps from a different angle.

The harshness of life and oppression may make you think of the...

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The System Thinks, writers write – U.K Media Writers and the vocation of Truck Drivers comparison

It was writers who created all the gods and the religions, once Nietzsche said.

And let's be honest about this, writers are simply great in the matters of composition, fantasy and imagination.

The only thing, where writers are bad, however, is when writers write for their food on the table. Or their economic interests or will to power, like the UK MEDIA writers do, for example.

For, you know, that action or thinking twists the idea of composition in writers. And brings into being ugly matters and ugly things. Which support one's food on the table and will to power rather than the ideas of writing.

"Well, but what has the vocation of truck drivers to do with the great vocation of the U.K media writers? one may ask."

Truck drivers are human beings, like all of us, who drive trucks for their food on the table. And the vocation of the truck drivers consists on the skill of driving trucks.

While the vocation of the U.K Media writers consists on the skills of twisting and turning a pen, that writes, or a keyboard, that types, as they like.

"Now, therefore, we see that both of these vocations follow a certain way of thinking. The former follow the roads of driving. While the latter the roads of twisting and turning a pen, that writes, or a keyboard, that types, as they like."

Therefore, now allow me please to give you an example from a recent thinking of these forms of writers, who write for their food on the table. And maybe for a career and money. Somehow for the same reasons that truck drivers drive their trucks.

For example, before the release of the much-talked-about and awaited Russian report interference in the 2019 General Election,
the U.K press had gone straight to the doorstep of Jeremy Corbyn.

And a Sky News journalist is seen in an online video questioning Jeremy Corbyn at this point. When logically, the press should be questioning the corruption of the Tory government. And the millions of donations that they received from Russian oligarchs in years. Or the murders that they committed in Yemen and Palestine and Syria recently.

Further, in a video that is circulating online, a Sky News cameraman is caught saying while showing to be embarrassed somehow by his actions, “It comes with the job, I guess.”

And this saying is true, for all the thinking and doing of media people come with the job.

For logically, this journalist and this cameraman has been sent there by the masters of the Sky News to muddy the waters of the real problem within the report.

Here, however, is not important the last example or all the past examples of the U.K media. What is important here is the essence of the U.K Media journalists who do not think for themselves.

For it is the system that thinks and the U.K media writers that write here. Or say the system instructs journalists to think in a certain ways.

For the system has taught, educated and instructed journalists to write in a certain way. Say for example, to follow matters that create controversy. Or write about ideas that do not harm their class interest. And so on.

Further, it is logical to think that if the journalists or writers go agai....

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied – Shamima Begum Brings to Light the Hypocrisy of British Writers, British Justice system and British Politics

The court of appeal has ruled that Shamima Begum, who went to join DAESH while she was at the age of 15, should be allowed to come to the U.K. And allowed to appeal the UK government’s decision to remove her British citizenship.

"The Court concludes that SIAC fell into error in confining itself to the principles of judicial review, since its function is to conduct a full merits
appeal" the Court of Appeal said.

Now the British judges are a bit mealy-mouthed when they judge the government. Because they are part of the same class of people. The ruling class.

For even though the court says that the law has been broken in the case of Shamima Begum. They do not state who should be brought to justice for this. Or who should be sent to prison for this. Which it is hair-raising and heinous as a practise of thinking.

But well, if the court and the government are Corrupt. Then what about the British writers, who are supposed to use their brains and their pens for good and for justice and for humanity?

Here let us be honest now, during these years that the trial took place the British media put Shamima Begum on the cross. And she lost her children while waiting for the country, that educated and raised her up, to help her.

And now that she won by the same justice system that put her down. Which is somehow an absurdity. Now BRITISH writers again do not....

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Why the Murdoch question must make any sensible British man Ashamed of their existence

The success of Murdoch in controlling information, that is our most important human ideal, to this level is beyond anything human. And it should make any sensible British person ashamed of their existence.

And I will tell you why.

So I think that British people must make some form of catharsis of their souls. And ask themselves when clean and pure,
“How on earth did we allow a single person monopolise our must important human ideal, information, through media and money?”

An individual led by greed and a sick will to power, and who knows the power of media well, comes to Britain and builds an empire of media! And the majority of people here think that it is nothing wrong with that!

How good is this thinking?

Of course, Murdoch knew human psychology. He was keen in testing the public contro....

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Defunding the Police Means Funding what is…– Dr ACactivism

The way oppressors and the manipulators of political philosophy come to power is by promising justice and economic equality. 

But theory and practise rarely meet in politics. And we all know this from experience. 

Anyways, without much ado, let us take into question the thinking of Boris Johnson. 

Was it a right thinking of Boris Johnson to think to employ 20,000 new police officers?

Or perhaps to employ more police officers means here to strengthen state power and fortify the idea of oppression? 

Now the manipulative and greedy thinking of Boris Johnson, that intends to oppress people by pretending to bring justice, is older than Oxford University. Where he and his famous bodies have studied. 

But people still do not get the manipulative thinking of politicians. Because it is subtle like women's beauty. And since the ancient times, people continue to be blinded by the grace of the manipulative thinking. That is the most powerful skill in many politicians. 

For here it is logical to say that by diverting state funds towards more police officers. Boris and his cronies have left behind those people and those walks of life that need these funds as a matter of necessity. 

So, defunding the Police then means funding what is.....

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The Beauty of Life was lost during the quarantine, but not so the hope

It seems as if before the recent, large-scale, government-mandated quarantine, that was due to the recent pandemic that we are still living, we didn’t understand or appreciate everyday little things that made our social life possible.

And it seems as if our social life and our civilisation and we, as human beings, made sense by using these little things that we have created to make our civilisation possible.

We made sense in a coffee shop ordering a morning coffee. So, to wake up.

In a restaurant or in a pub eating and drinking, in a library studying, in school and university learning from others or teaching others.

We made sense working in an office picking up a phone or in a private or public meeting discussing ideas, in traveling abroad or coming back to work.

We made sense in a cinema watching a movie, or in a playhouse watching a play. In dancing, singing and entertaining and so on.

Here, I want to say that it seems as if it was these tiny little everyday things that gave to us the beauty of life and living. It was thinking and acting socially that made our social life beautiful.

And now it seems or it seemed, while we lived under quarantine for over three months, as if without these tiny little things, the beauty of life is lost. And the coherence of civilisation is not more plausible.

So, everyone during the quarantine or during the isolation from social life was looking for something. Searching perhaps for what made us, us. That was the world that we had created.

For otherwise, in other circumstances and without a social life we all long for our ....

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BRITISH MEDIA has Metamorphosed British People’s perception to a Doggish Perception. When British Media barks, British people bark. When British Media keeps barking, Brits keep barking! When British Media is silent, people are silent too! Read How!

When you see Dominic Cummings or Piers Morgan or the royals or the today celebrities trending on twitter or in our social media,  do you ask yourself, “Why does this happen?”

And why aren’t stabbings and murders and deaths and homelessness and domestic violence and injustices of all forms and kinds and manners never trending? And people never thinking that there should be a creative solution to our problems?

So, dear reader, I want to be as candid with you as a ray of sunshine is when it fills our hearts with light and warmth. 

For the depth of sadness to me in this moment is as deep as that sadness of living in a world of the dead. Or say in a world where only animals exist. An absurd world. 

They say that truth is painful.

And so is the fact of today that show the British people, the people of the nation where I live, being metamorphosed into a doggish people.

To understand this, I suggest you bring into mind a human and a dog or a dog owner. 

And now think how a human achieves to incite a dog to bark against someone else. Or how a human makes his dog imitate his actions.  And finally, how a human achieves to appease dog’s feelings by throwing to his dog something that the dog likes. 

So, nowadays, when Media barks, British people bark. When Media keeps barking, British people keep barking! And when British media is silent, like they are in things that really matter, the British people are silent too.

Left, right and centre, these people and this nation thinks like their favourite media headquarter thinks. And hence in this nation, the philosophy of thinking and doing is, media think, people follow.

Wow! What a humanity and what a people! Damned, let this doggish and sheepish existence be. 

FACTS, please? How is it possible that British people have metamorphosed into a DOGISH PEOPLE?

To prove these facts, it is enough to see how thou...

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WAKE UP! War CRIMES against Palestine and Palestinian people are always perpetrated with the CONSENT of British and American Media Monopolies – Read and Share the Truth

In our western world in general billionaire mainstream media has hundreds of years of authority and reputation. And so their power over people is gigantic and monstrous. 

And their power over people comes but from these centuries-old values of reputation and authority.

So, through their power, they have turned into a BIG EVIL for us who demand change.

For when we shout, and when we scream and when we beat our chests in pain. And say that we demand a Free Palestine or an end to the bombing of Yemen by the British allies. Or an end to Homelessness and discrimination in our western world. Still we are not heard.

While some crocodiles of the mainstream media, like Andrew Neil, Adam Boulton, Robert Peston, etc., speak once and the world pays attention.

So, how comes that the Crocs Media are heard forever? But we are not heard at all? Because we are never allowed to participate with our pains and our ideas on the studios of the BBC, ITV, Sky News etc? Right?

So, now you see the difference? You see the big injustices of today? And how, we, independent writers and dreamers of today, are suffocated by a billionaire, monster-like MEDIA?

So, in short, journalists and media owners, who have billions and trillions of money in their banks, are controlling INFORMATION. And they are claiming a birthright in relation to INFORMATION. Here in our western world.  

Say that INFORMATION belongs to them from the moment that they put their hands on media to the moment that they die. 

And thus MEDIA, by controlling INFORMATION twists and turns the perception of the masses as it likes. 

And one example of this twisting of human perception in our U.K and western world is in the Palestinian question.  

For example, the BBC and the CNN, and FOX News, or in general U.K and USA media pretend to not know the values of humanity. When it comes to crimes committed by the Israeli occupation on Palestine and against Palestinian people. 

And, when Palestinian protests happen in London or in the U.K most of the time, the BBC, the ITV and even the Guardian st....

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Reading Attack – We suffer from pain, but the U.K Media sees an opportunity to…

Once the news of the Reading attack came out. And police said that it was a terrorist case. Then the U.K Media, like Sky News, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun etc., began a saga of hatred.

And as always using their mythical, great skills of language and writing for bad and to attract human attention. Of course, they have learnt this in their famous educational institutions!

So, British journalists found a great pleasure in portraying the person, who committed the crime, as a terrorist and alien and so on with their excellent descriptions. Like they always do..

And as always, they fabulously link terrorism to one’s origin. Making the very oppressed of this nation feel happy like pigs. And making themselves become as rich in their hearts as misers.

Do you think the headlines of the mainstream UK media link the Reading attack to Asylum seekers and refugees by mistake? Or perhaps they do it because they know that this pulls the attention of the natives like magnet?

See pic below.

So, we see again and again that in every as such painful case, where people are killed and we suffer from the human pain of the human loss, the U.K Media journalists see a great opportunity for themselves.

For what opportunity am I speaking here? You may ask.

The U.K Media journalists in the Reading attack see the opportunity of...

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The FREEDOM of Speech is Dead – I shall tell you the Murderers of the Freedom of Speech

In the recent years, famous people like Oliver Darcy and Rachel Raley have campaigned hard to ban people from participating on big billionaire media.  And out of jealousy for others, they have preached the same thing to happen even on our social media. 

Here let me conceptualise the truth to you by mentioning a few names that have been banned from Twitter and other social media outlets.

For example, Alex Jones, Milos Yiannopoulos, Azealia Banks, Meghan Murphy, Paul Nehlen, George Zimmerman, Robert Stacy McCain, Daniel Sieradski, Anthony Cumia, Roger Stone, Katie Hopkins etc., have all been banned permanently from using Social Media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Now many of you may hate these people, and you may hate their ideas as well. But regardless of how much you may hate them, still you don’t hate the idea of ...

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London Still Looks like a Dead City from…

Even though, many non-essential shops are opened since June 15, London still looks like a dead city from Hollywood movies. Its streets are empty. And a low humming scary noise pervades street paths across London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Thames River, and central London. You see only a few people walking everywhere. As if people are scared of something. Of course, this something in people’s hearts…

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Why Americans should not lose their reason because they hate Police Brutality, – Rayshard Brooks is not George Floyd

It is true America experiences a lot of police brutality cases.

It is true George Floyd was mercilessly choked to death by a cruel and callous police officer. A thing which I have closely experienced myself. 

But here, let me say that idolising a murderer or someone who is about to become a murderer is good to no one. 

And in the case of Rayshard Brooks, we saw all the action in a surveillance video that is uploaded on YouTube. (click link at the end of this blog to watch it for your self..)

We saw that after a struggle with two police officers, Rayshard Brooks was seen running away with the taser gun of the police officer.  And at one moment he turned back, trying to taser the police officer. 

Now, just a question. What if Rayshard achieved to taser the police officer and took his gun, what would have happened? 

So, I think that here even the most illogical person would be able to withdraw a conclusion. And say that the murder of Rayshard Brooks was

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Shukri Abdi is a sorrowful case that describes both the pain of the children of Immigrants and the pain of the adult immigrants – Hated by Media, unwanted and abused by the people of this country

Even though we live and work in the U.K, we as immigrants are continually described by the billionaire imperialist U.K media as foreigners.

There are human beings living and working in this country. And once they break the laws of this country, they are continually described as the Albanian criminal, the Somali thug, the Islamic terrorist and so on in the famous multibillionaire tabloids of the U.K. Or on the news TVs, like Sky News, ITV News of the U.K.

And in this way, both the children of immigrants and adult immigrants themselves live in fear. And matter less in this society that is dominated by a native majority.

But why are immigrants targeted like this by the billionaire U.K media?

Immigrants are targeted just because they are foreigners. And for a reason that goes deeper than this, of course. 

Immigrants, who commit crimes, could be described according to their crime, for example, not according to their religious faith or nationality or background.   But that is not the case for a reason. 

And this is why. In the big imperialist nations, there is a need for the creation of an enemy or scapegoat.

And by creating an enemy and scapegoat, like immigrants, to blame others. And so to control the oppressed working-classes of the imperialist nations by blaming OTHERS. 

So here the problem becomes OTHERS, not the rich media and the intelligent manipulators in politics. 

A question, how can media organisations become billionaire media organisations simply by selling News? 

Of course, peddling hatred helps catch human attention en masse. And helps fill the pockets of greed and it accumulates big amounts of wealth as well. That’s the power of hatred in media.

And here is the smug face of Nigel Farage basing all his Brexit ideas on hatred against immigrants. And while working for the most recognised and followed and listened radio in the U.K – The LBC of hate and discrimination.

This is the famous Nigel Farage who works for the LBC Media Monopolies.

And what does this form of hatred cause?  One may ask.

This form of hatred pervades the n...
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Why do people hate Police in this country called, the U.K? Dr ACactivism explains it

Reason comes from truth, right?

So, based on the truth of the past and on the truth of today, I can say that people hate the police force or the police organisation in this country called, the U.K, for political reasons.

Now let me begin explaining these political reasons by explaining the failed war on drugs.

The failed war on drugs has become everlasting on earth thanks to oppressive laws and police power to enforce as such ridiculous laws on us. And shut down the mouths and souls of people by force. 

Laws that are made against the use of drugs boil down to the ideal of freedom.  Politicians and the ruling classes do not want us free.

And they abuse our rights and freedoms by passing illogical laws in parliament.

Illogical laws that make adult people subconsciously boil in their blood with hatred against oppression. Hatred against the Laws of this country. And therefore, hatred against police, which are simply the robotic puppets of the ruling class. 

For it is clear that the majority of the working-class people want but an end to the war on drugs. And freedom for the adult world.

Secondly, Institutionalized Racism. 

Institutionalized racism comes from both the political and media class. 

These two classes are somehow part of a class that is called “the ruling class.” For it is the political class that makes our laws. And it is the media class that influences as such laws. And they do it by controlling one among the very few big ideals of humanity called, information. 

Now, to begin with, Institutionalised RACISM mainstream U.K media for decades and years has painted immigrants and minorities of this country as criminals. And as people who do not have a right to live or be in this country.

On the other hand, writers, who come from minority backgrounds like myself, have always been drowned out and silenced by this U.K racist media. And the aim of this Murdering Imperialist Media is to reduce the number of voices that stand up for what is just in maximum.

The smaller the number of people that are heard the better for the news monopolies and those who create an institution of racism through Media Power.

The political class, on the other hand, makes laws that disc...
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Joe Biden is a Coward – he should be side by side with protesters demanding the….

America has a problem at this time. And this problem is Donald Trump.

Trump has been stirring up hatred for four years. And he has had the support of an entire Republican party.

And now it is a moment, where people feel like they have had enough. And want to vent their frustration and pain in full. 

However, at this time, when America needs a united opposition to... (please subscribe to read th e full philosophical blog)

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Save America, Save Democracy, Save Humanity – Demand the Egomaniac, Donald Trump, to RESIGN Now – Pl Share the Love

We are seeing every single day that social power corrupts people. And there is no other choice for us, the weak and the oppressed of each time, but stand up against those people that power corrupt. Raise our voices. And demand social justice.  So I appeal to Donald Trump to make us a favour and resign now.  But why? Why do I appeal for Donald…

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George Floyd Protests in the USA are proportionate to the pain of the people – The Murder of George Floyd was cruel and merciless – Read and share the love

The majority of the people disagree with violence. And so do I.

Further, sometimes I think that even Marx was wrong in saying that “Material force must be overthrown by material force.”

“No,” I say, “that’s wrong, Marx was wrong.”

So sometimes, I think that police brutality, different forms of murder by state power, choking people to death, like they did choke George Floyd, manipulating, bullying and intimidating the oppressed and the weak, and every state evil action can be opposed peacefully.

 Yes, can we, or can’t we always achieve this peacefully?

The Murder of George Floyd was cruel and merciless. For over 8 minutes the knee of the police officer was over the neck of an arrested man that was pleading for help and couldn’t breathe. That was a murder in cold blood and brutally and cruelly done so. 

In the USA, a continual form of injustice against minorities of all kinds had become the new normal. Black people were killed and endured abuse because of their skin colour, immigrants of all nations were threatened to be sent back, Hispanics were taunted by Trump. And the media keeping the side of their favourite political party. So the level of pain before the protests erupted was deep..

In short, the oppressed and the weak of the USA have been misled and abused by the leaders and the politics of a highly capitalist continent called, the USA.

Further, there is a white supremacist at the head of the USA state glorifying violence and greeting and respecting white supremacists. 

So here then is a case where injustice has been accumulated and accumulated for years. And people have had enough.

So, they want to make their pain and their voices heard. And they do not want a CNN or Fox News to... (please subscribe to read the full philosophical blog)

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Why Hate Speech is a Matter of Thinking for anyone but of Action for Police and Law Only

It seems that the task of the philosophers of each time is to defend with reason and truth the “big human values” that exist in each time.

Values like what? Values like Freedom, Free Speech, Social Justice etc. 

But how do we do that? Because, there still may be people who doubt their own existence!

So what philosophers do is put the thinking of each time in a weighing machine. And afterwards weigh and measure this thinking through the ideals of good and evil.


Now, I ask, “Why Hate Speech is a matter of thinking for anyone but a matter of action for police and law Only?”

Let me first explain this by beginning to say that we should be free to think and speak and act. For hate speech and any other human problem or theme or ideal is a matter of thinking and discussion for anyone. 

However, when it comes to actions, and punishment and other consequences of actions. Then we should answer for our thinking and speaking and actions only to a...
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Think Different – The Journalists of the billionaire U.K Media are Bullying Dominic Cummings, like they bullied Caroline Flack, for a reason… Read and Share!

Once you stop doubting the thinking and doing and the innermost intentions of the rich of your time, and of the corrupt. Of the hypocrites of this society, of the mind-controllers of this society, and of the intelligent manipulators of this society. 

It is then and there, that the rich, the corrupt, the mind-controllers and the intelligent manipulators have achieved to brainwash you and control you as a people like a puppet. 

So, I suggest to never stop doubting the thinking and doing of the rich and those who are paid by the very rich – their lackeys. 

For one VALUE that the lackeys of the rich, media people in this case, left, centre and right, demand to have and that they never had, in their writings and speeches, has been and still is, – “HONESTY.

Be patient, please. For I will be short and simple. And make you think different if you as a reader believe in human values. For if you don’t believe in human values, then please stop here and go in your way. 

Maybe here is a case of much ado about nothing?

So, scores of media journalists had door stepped Dominic Cummings, crossing his personal space and bullying him with their high screeches and screams and vicious vitriol like they did to Caroline Flack. And even more than that. (Watch the media videos and photos to see it for yourself here.)

Dominic Cummings door stepped and abused by Media Monopolies.

So, first of all, here the journalists themselves had to be held accountable for flouting the lockdown rules. 

For they were obviously not keeping the social distancing while photographing and making questions to Dominic Cummings.

 Or are the today journalists different from the rest because they work for a billionaire U.K Media?

Secondly, the fact that Dominic Cummings is part of the government that makes the rules didn’t make him excepted from these rules. For he was responsible to a law for his actions not to media monopolies. And Dominic was reprimanded and questioned by police. And this had to be left there. 

And if the police had acted in an immoral and corrupt way, then this matter had to be taken with the police organisation. Not with Dominic Cummings. 

Further, when the British guns and British war tactics, used behind the war scenes of course, were killing innocent women and children and men in Yemen and Syria and Palestine. Then here I ask: “Was any media organisation or journalist door stepping David Cameron, Theresa May and… (please subscribe to read the full philosophical blog.)

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Why is the Control of Information a Necessity for the Rich and the Corrupted Powerful of each time?

Whether it is the past speaking through a barbaric brutality or the today speaking through the money power. Where millions and even billions are thrown into the promotion of the ideas of the rich. There is logically a necessity and a reason for the control of information for the rich.

What is this reason and this necessity worth for? One may ask.

In this blog, I am.. (subscribe to read this philosophic blog)

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Forgive but don’t forget in a way that you….

The faculty of memory in the human mind has made humans a million times worse than all wild species on earth.

Through memory, people have been able to remember past wars, past hatred, past fights, and repeat a history of evil and violence forever.

So, shouldn’t we... (to read this philosophical blog please subscribe)

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Why the Artist is the God of Earth

When I say the artist is the God of earth, here I take into consideration the entire thinking and doing of the artist. Including the philosophy that the artist sets new trends by thinking differently from others and leads the world with his thinking. 

In this essay, however, I will try to strictly confine my thinking to the answer of this question, “Why the artist is the god of earth?” And why do I think so?  

Now let me begin this essay with this universal question, “Can one ever think of creation or creativity without one achieving first to raise his or her soul to the creative level of the artist?

Yes, sure, you may say that one can inspire oneself and think to cre...
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Stay Alert! Covid-19 is killing people, Mainstream Media appeals for attention! – I bet that most of you in the U.K consciously think what Sensationalist Piers Morgan-like Billionaire Media think – Hearken why!

The majority of the people in the U.K think what the mainstream billionaire media thinks. And they do it consciously, because their subconsciousness has ever since been hijacked by the billionaire media. 

Their subconscious thinking becomes conscious usually a while after they have read in full the daily billionaire papers. And thus what these papers say are reflected in the people’s thinking and daily expression.


Now here I ask, “Why is the Billionaire media making a big deal about the phrase of Boris Johnson, "stay alert, control the virus, save lives?"

The Guardian called it “a divisive muddle.” Metro U.K said, “It’s all Greek to us!” The Daily Mirror called it a “crisis.” And so on, we saw a rich media full of hysteria and hypocrisy!

Now I ask again, “Is this U.K billionaire media perhaps a sensationalist Media thinking for their own interest? 

A billionaire media that even in times of pandemic is all out to grab attention and sell as much as possible online blogs and daily papers?

A billionaire media that sows division, creates confusion, increases anxiety and abuses truth for the sake of money even in times of great pain. This U.K media then is but a disgrace.  Isn’t it?

Now to begin with my philosophy, here is an ideal that is called logic. Some know about it. And some others don’t. 

However, I think that one should be able to first perc.. (please subscribe to read the full blog and support independent thinking)

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How 9 Thuggish Members of Metropolitan Police abused me, Dr ACactivism, in Hammersmith London

Pic taken by Dr ACactivism when the police left after abusing his human rights.


On 9th May 2020, I had parked my car in a park in Hammersmith, opened its door, and I was sat with my bottoms on the car seat and feet on sidewalk. Looking at the sky above, reading some ideas of Tolstoy and drinking a beer. 

Suddenly, a van full of police officers stopped.  9 police officers got out of it. And one of them came close to me shouting, “get out of the car.”

 Here my night was on its way to be destroyed for nothing.

 (Note: here the law is a different thing from the abuse of power. Still it is true that an illogical law in itself is an abuse of human freedoms. And for further explanation of the idea of law and police powers please read the full blog.)

Why? I said.

The ignition of my car was not turned on. And I had only sipped one quarter of a small beer. And it was a proof that I was reading. Because he found me with my head on the computer reading. So?

The police officer, who came shouting and yelling at me, he didn’t wait at all. But grabbed me by my arm and took me out of the car by force. Like a thug. And suddenly all of them rushed surrounding me like a group of thugs. 

And that moment, one of them shouted and screamed at me, “don’t move.” Even though I wasn’t moving.

Bear in mind this was a provocation towards me. For if I moved slightly, they would use their evil powers and abuse me with physical power. But I didn't move. So I left them gobsmacked.

And thus the provocation continued with another police officer going where my beer was and kicking it with his feet while saying, “you drinking a beer, hahaha!”

Also that time another police officer went to my bag to check it. And threw my bank cards in the street. Plus, he scattered my other things around the sidewalk. So continuing their provocation in maximum.

Then feeling offended and abused by the police officers, who were acting like thugs, I said, “Can I take my phone please?”

“No” replied one of them. You are under arrest. So I could not film them. I could not defend myself. While they abused my rights! Funny!

However, this was not all of what happened, but just the beginning of an action made by the thugs of Met police U.K. 

After they began...
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Ideas – A song and prayer of Creativism Religion


Ideas, to you I pray!
And to you I believe!
Ideas, you are my god!
And you are my soul!
Ideas, you are my hatred!
And you are my love!
Ideas, you are my everythingness!
And you are my nothingness!
Ideas, with you and for you
I dance in my brain!
Like being a lightening in the sky
Of the past, today and of the future.
Ideas, with you and for you
I create with my blood
Like a painter on the canvas
Who is possessed by creativity!
Ideas you are the rock
Of my Creativism Religion.

Ideas, you come and go
In my mind like a thunderbolt.
And when I note you down
I make you mine forever.
Ideas, you invisible power
That come to me in a
Moment of inspiration.
Ideas, you have the force
To change the world
For ... and for ...

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Hatred for others surpasses love for self – Dr ACactivism explains why we should forever keep the feeling of HATRED under control

The field of philosophy is as broad as the universe. And it goes as far as the idea of nothingness goes. However, philosophy does not deal with petty ideas and unimportant things.

So rather philosophy deals with logic, universal and particular ideas, and what is important for humanity. Not gossip and trash talking.

So as a philosopher, in this blog, I would like to speak about a very important universal and particular feeling that is called or that we call, hatred.  

Now you may ask me, “How comes that the feeling or ideal of hatred surpasses the love for self? Don't we love ourselves more than others?

Even though in the first sight, the feeling of HATRED looks hard to comprehend, in reality it is very simple to define and understand it. 

Let me give you an example. So you can better understand my philosophy.

When we get into v.....

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“Are we going to continue to Harm Children to protect Vulnerable people?” The ITV NEWS prepares the mood for mass deaths with a clear Nazi Question to end Coronavirus lockdown

With the suffer of oppression that I have lived in London, all created by this monstrous media power, I could have imagined that I will also live this day. A day where human attention is brought back to us. 

And we are not blaming others anymore. So now we have to blame each other. No other option left because of Coronavirus.

And because of Coronavirus we now can blame the weakest part of our population. End the lockdown. And carry on with our lives with blood or without blood in our hands. 

How could one even imagine this day, when until yesterday we were blaming others anyways? Others, eh?

At the end, if you as a thinker of the time in all your life have seen poignant writers of media monopolies drive human attention away from the things that matter. And do anything possible to control us like sheep. Then what would you think in a crucial moment like this?

Then wouldn’t you think that there will come also one day that will show the true colours of the talented and skilled writers, who made possible all the evil on earth for the sake of their Media power?

A day where they will make Nazi questions. And appeal for cannibalism for the sake of their EGO and impatience?

For if in the past British media, through its silence, left Yemen to be butchered by British politicians and left Palestine oppressed, today they appealed for us to eat each other in a clear-cut Nazi way.

Bear with me, I will explain my reasons to you. 

So in a blog written on 05 Apr 2020, the ITV said,

“In broad terms are we going to continue to harm children to protect vulnerable people, or not?"

But why is this question a Nazi question, you may say.

It is a Nazi question because the ITV seems....

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CORONAVIRUS Crisis – The EGO of Western People goes from eating Yemen, Syria and Palestine to eating each other

WHY THE SILENCE OF WESTERN PEOPLE IS ABHORRING, IT IS NAUSEA and it is Anti Human? We heard about the war in Yemen for years. Millions of people displaced living in the worst conditions possible. People being starved to death by the British, French and American coalition led by the Saudi Arabia.  Children women and men left without food by the very educated governments of…

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The Contain, Delay and Mitigate ideas of Boris Johnson seem to have a Nazi Strategy – “Many loved ones will die” and the T4 NAZI Euthanasia Program comparison

I am not a writer of conspiracy theories at all. For I love philosophy, - truth and reason only. And I am good with that.

So then as a philosopher, I rather prefer to hear you talk first and then act. And it is at that time that I judge your actions based on your thinking and doing. 

“Many loved ones will die” philosophy of Boris Johnson

Now, the strategy of Boris Johnson that says, contain, delay and mitigate seem to have as a purpose to allow the spread of the virus for some reasons. And kill the people of a certain class for economical interest.

Was there any lesson to be taken or way to be followed, so to stop the spread of the Coronavirus infection?

Let me say here, please, that we could have taken the lessons of what happened in Italy or China. And at least temporary close pubs, bars and restaurants, schools and mass gatherings until we had a vaccine. Or until, coronavirus was under sure and proper control.

But you see? That was not the case of thinking of the U.K government. For Boris Johnson kept hiding his innermost thoughts by bringing a few scientists and doctors in front of the cameras to brainwash the masses. And so telling us that the U.K would not become a second Italy! And that we are different!

Wow! Say, that we are not humans! 

T4 NAZI Euthanasia Program 

Hitler and the Nazis had created a program through which they intended to kill the chronically ill patients and the elderly people. 

These people were considered to be “useless eaters and burdensome lives” by the Nazis. Therefore, to kill them was good for the then Germany!

This political philosophy, however, had been an idea of Hitler from the very beginning. So to kill people that are incompatible or unworthy of living. And make the Germany youthful, and in full working order. So cleaning it for the sick and the old people.

Now to come to the coronavirus and the policy of Boris Johnson’s thinking and its results. 

According to the recent resear... (please subscribe to read the full blog)

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Millions of Refugees or “Displaced Animals” are dying from COLD AND HUNGER, please share it in your social media to raise awareness – thank you all for your love and kindness towards Animals

In this blog, I do not want to refer to the “refugees” of Syria and Middle East as humans. That’s right. For that does not raise awareness, anyways. More exactly it does not touch the kind minds and hearts of the Western people.

 A united people that in the recent decades seem to love more animals than humans. 

And thus, when our soldiers bomb Middle East and our politicians murder innocent people in Middle East. Responsibility for these ghastly and gut-wrenching political actions is the last thing that our fellow western people want to take! 

Say that our taxes pay not our western governments, but the governments of Middle East! 

However, when these kind and courteous Western people watch in the news Media, Australia burning, or a certain sort of animal living in captivity. Then suddenly they become emotional, empathy shows off in their hearts. And they deeply feel that they need to express something and contribute for a better world!

So, adults and teenagers go up in flames in our social media platforms. And share in their stories and feeds with broken hearts and sad minds, the stories of “captivated animals or the stories of animals dying in Australia or Africa or elsewhere in our world! 

However, when it comes to the Refugees and humans, there is a total silence in these people’s social media platforms! Wow!

For example, the latest eruption of violence in Idlib, northwest Syria, stirred one more time the nev

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Caroline Flack is a Case where U.K Media Journalists ate one of their own by bullying, harassing and Intimidating – CPS and the ITV also have directly pushed Caroline to Suicide

“Whatever she said publicly, she told those close to her that she had in effect been sacked,” the source is quoted as saying.

The Mirror, said on 16 FEB 2020.

Next is the ITV itself.

“Flack was arrested and charged with assault by beating after police were called to her flat in Islington, north London, on December 12. But former professional tennis player and model Burton does not support the prosecution and insists he is not a victim.” The ITV wrote on 24 December 2019.

I will explain to you later on, why I showed you what the Mirror and the ITV said. 

For now, please allow me to focus on a universal way of thinking which tells the psyche of this degenerate and corrupt U.K Press or media.

To begin with, in the recent weeks people have signed up a petition that calls on the U.K parliament to create laws that can prevent the British press from bullying, harassing and intimidating people.

At the end of the day, isn’t the press an institution of truth and justice, where humanity must be held above all and whatever? So why are the people worried about a press that is supposed to keep their right?

In an ideal world, the press must be objective, balanced and unbiased searching for the ideals of justice and truth. 

But can you have as such press when media owners get billions and media journalists hundreds of thousands of pounds?

Unfortunately, there where big money enters is almost impossible to be objective, balanced and unbiased. For the power of money as the biggest power on earth would drag you willy-nilly towards the opposite of humanity and of what I said. 


U.K media journalists have hundreds of years that know that “Information is power.” So, that’s why, they do not care if they harass, bully or intimidate for the sake of information or catching human attention.

They don’t care if they oppress someone’s voice on the other hand. They don’t care if what they do is good or evil or hate or meanness of the soul. They don’t care of what is human or anti human.

All what the U.K Media journalists care is catch human attention. And make money for their papers! 

So the case of Caroline Flack shows that the U.K Media journalists turned into Wolves. And thus, they ate one of their own, Caroline Flack, by twisting, exaggerating and alienating truth. And by bullying, harassing and intimidating her.

Before her death, Caroline Flack had said, “truth has been taken out of my hands and used as entertainment.”

Now let me show you some facts that show how degenerate and corrupt the U.K media is.

Firs the ITV.

The ITV for example instead of dema... (please subscribe to read the full blog)

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Roman Polanski, – Syria is Burning, Refugees Gassed in the Turkey-Greek Borders, still the French, the British and the Americans inspired by the Rich Media are enraged with jealousy and Hatred against Roman Polanski!

The attention of the RICH MEDIA MONOPOLIES is on POLANKSY not on Syria that Burns or on Refugees that cry for help! All because of our IMPERIALIST WESTERN POLITICS.

It is impressive to see the attention of the RICH MEDIA MONOPOLIES on POLANKSY
at a time when Syria Burns and Refugees are crying for help. All because of our IMPERIALIST WESTERN POLITICS that have created hatred in there by murdering innocent people by the thousands for economical interests. 


Just look at the USA-UK-EU Journalists, and their educated people, how they scream under the influence of the feelings of hatred and jealousy against Roman Polanksi. At the same time when Syria is burning down from the French, British and USA politics. And poor refugees are gassed in the Turkey-Greek Borders.

It all looks like a conspiracy theory. Or like a 1984 unreal occurrence.

Journalists scream from billionaire media headquarters and squalid little blogs. And common people, inspired by such defenders of our murderous political system, find a Roman Polanski to express their negative feelings. And feel above him for a moment on Twitter and social media!

Leave the Syrian problem, the war problem, the refugee problem, and throw all your anger and negative energy on Roman Polanski!

It seems, like our prob.... (please subscribe to read the full blog and donate to support independent thinking.)

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Greedy, Hypocrite Journalists or MEDIA Wolves, Like Samira Ahmed, Fight who gets paid more at BBC or in the UK Media – Millions of Voices remain unheard because of the corruption of MEDIA MONOPOLIES


Journalists, media editors and media owners are doing the greatest injustice to the present-day world.


They fight who gets paid more at a time when millions of voices remain unheard. What equality are you telling to...
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Your BRITISH-NESS PRAYS for OPPRESSION. BRITISH People are Taught with a Culture of Oppression – This must stop because it is PURE EVIL

It impresses me to see on twitter under a hashtag “Free Tommy” many British people crying out loudly against the BBC. And the reason for that is because a woman, that was a fan of Tommy Robinson, had been allowed to participate with ideas at Question Time show!       

She didn’t have a bomb, she didn’t carry a knife with her and she didn’t threat any one. So? Why do you as people appeal for the oppression of her voice instead of appealing for the BBC and the U.K MEDIA in general to create much more opportunities for people to participate and be heard with ideas?

This way of thinking of the British psyche seems to have its origin in the 600 hundred years of capitalist oppression. So they can’t endure the idea of giving more freedom to them. That’s why they appeal to rich billionaire media monopolies to create more oppression for them.

Say that the oppression of ideas that is in place is not enough! Wow, what an incredible thinking!

I will upload at the end of this blog the facts that show how much the majority of the British people appeal for oppression.  And hate the ideal of FREEDOM.

Well, but what is the evil of this way of thinking? you may ask.

Now let me explain it to you, please. To appeal to the big rich and monopolist media to silence the voices of certain people means to give to them, the incredibly rich and powerful mainstream media, the...
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Fresh Facts – How the Journalists of the U.K Media and twitter News, now a mouthpiece of Rich Media, Twist, Exaggerate and Alienate Truth to Catch attention and sell NEWS – TERRORISM linked to Islam is still our top News Media Scapegoat

To twist, exaggerate and alienate truth in any way is equal to saying “lies.”  And this is what the U.K media does all the time.  A few days ago, the wolves of the U.K media ate one of their own, Caroline Flack, by twisting, exaggerating and alienating truth.  Before her death, Caroline Flack said, “truth has been taken out of my hands and used as entertainment.”…

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Congratulations KOSOVO, Happy Independence Day – We stand for FREEDOM forever

When I bring into my mind, Kosovo, always comes into my mind my childhood. Me, an Albanian 11-year old boy already living a civil war in Tirana, watching on the Albanian TVs my people fleeing from Kosovo in terror and fear. Meanwhile, in Kosovo whole homes and villages were being ravaged and turned into mere rubble. And innocent Kosovo Albanians were forced to leave Kosovo…

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Democracy is Dead – Donald Trump and Today American Politics confirm just that

On 05 February 2020, the American Senate shamelessly acquitted President Donald Trump of the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. 

This was but a clear historical evil. Or history made to demonise our humanity or human ideals. And so create evil. And pass it for good.

Was here Justice twisted through cunning Reason and turned into corruption or a clear form of Injustice?

There was strong evidence that Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine to demand political investigations. So to prosecute his political rivals. And win the upcoming elections by abusing his power.

At the end there was a legal obligation for all the senators to be impartial. But unfortunately the Republican senators were not impartial at all.

By law the Congressmen of America are supposed to be fair during an impeachment trial of their president. Like to judge the president of America fairly during an impeachment trial, to hold the right, the truth, and stand above political interest and above partisanship. When justice and their duty calls them to do so.

However, during the Trump impeachment trial, the Republican congressmen did just the opposite. The Republicans blocked witnesses from testifying, blocked facts. And they left Trump win for their political interest’s sake.

For decades now, America has led and inspired the world through its respect for the law, its passion for justice and work for equality. 

But what the Republicans, and the American Congressmen did was but a disgrace to humanity and to the meaning of Democracy.

For if Democracy is about using a cunning reason to twist truth and call corru....
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Islamist-inspired? The Creatives of the UK Media have coined a New phrase to link Islam to Terrorism – Good

I can't deny the fact of the matter that the journalists of the U.K media are intelligent creatives! They always create and think how can they forever be on the top of others?

For example, in the past, I used to hear a lot as such phrases, like "Islamic Extremists or Islamic Extremism or Islamic Terrorism and so on.

Nevertheless, after the latest Terrorist attack in Streatham, the UK Media journalists seemed to have coined a new phrase and somehow become more creative in linking Islam to Terrorism.

Once the media learnt the name of the attacker, Sudesh Amman, and once they learnt that he is Muslim, then they began creating and using their famous imagination to link Islam to terrorism.

"Islamist-inspired" rumbled hard the news MONOPOLIES of the Sky News, Daily Mail, Yahoo News etc. Very good the intelligent, eh?

To be honest UK Media journalists are too good at linking the weakest part of this world to evil. And in doing that, they create scapegoats and keep us happy by...
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Terrorism in Streatham, Why I, Dr ACactivism, think that we should neither thank the Police nor the Politicians nor the Media

It is logical to say that when terrorism hits us, the weak and the oppressed of today like myself and you, we should not rush in praise for the Nazis of today. 

Because what makes the world a dystopian world or a bad place is injustice and corruption that is created by the leading class. The political class. 

Secondly, our politicians by waging wars in Middle East and around the world, they create the conditions for us to be killed and butchered here. So why rush in praise?

Thirdly, let me be you and in your mind.

“Well, but why not thank the media or the police at least?” you may ask. 

To you, I would answer thus, “Is there in our world any organisation that is richer and more corrupt and more controlling than the U.K Media?

So then I logically showed that the politicians and the media do not deserve to be thanked.

 But again you may be curios to ask, “Why shouldn’t we thank our police officers that save lives at last?

If you think so, then I would answer to you thus.... (please subscribe to read the full philosophic blog)

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FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PLEASE. Katie Hopkins, Alex Jones etc., are being Silenced by the New Nazi Media Personalities, like Rachel Riley of Channel 4. A Billionaire U.K MEDIA that wants to Murder Free Speech and impose their IDEAS on us – READ

Me, you and everybody should answer only to a clearly defined...

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STINKY BRITISH NATIONAL AWARDS. Why British Artists like Ant and Dec, Holly and Phil, BBC and ITV, etc., Make Me Sick to Death

At a time of mass mind-control of today people by Media. At a time of mass oppression. At a time where Trump has created the worst deal ever between Palestine and Israel.  At a time where the death toll in the war in Yemen exceeds 100,000, and with British support, we have British Artists thanking each other and happily showing us how glad that they…...

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Nicholas Parsons died at the Age of 96! While He Was Working for the News Monopolies of the BBC – Why this form of Death must make us happy

In one thing I can’t, and I would never be able to agree with this sick festering British artist thinking that sees taking and never giving as a good and right way of thinking and doing. Just imagine being like Nicholas Parsons working for the BBC for all your life. And dying there in the chairs of the BBC being heard, lauded, and glorified until…...

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Daily Corruption in London and in the U.K is created Daily by a Manipulative, Monopolistic, Evil of All Evil, U.K Media News Monopolies

Today, 9 January 2020, I enter a local shop to top up my oyster card in South East London. And I see the Daily Mail U.K, a news media monopoly that has been created since 1896, and the entire U.K media news monopolies showing on their front pages Prince Harry and the pretty Meghan!


Wow, I was shocked by this. "Why" I asked myself, "isn’t there any other more important thing going on in London or in the U.K than the faces of Mr Harry and his wife, Mrs Meghan?

(picture taken at local shop in SE London)


Now let me tell you how important things are brushed aside. And instead stupid things take the attention of our corrupt Monopolistic Media. And the purpose is to control our minds through some do-nothing brain-dead celebrities. Of course.

For example, yesterday, that is a day before U.K Media bursting with Prince Harry and Meghan headlines, in my area, I saw almost 30 police officers arresting a black woman. A black woman that appeared to not have ID.


And when I approached the police officers and asked them what is going on, they said me “Go away. It is not your business.” And imperialistically so.


Of course, because the police of Boris Johnson have made "stop and search" a racist routine now. And the U.K media have made Prince Harry and the pretty Meghan their daily business as always. Speaking about them and selling millions of papers daily!


What about daily violence that we experience ourselves in our London and U.K? What about police and state injustice? Isn’t there any other more important message than Prince Harry to be written or put in the front pages of the News monopolies of the Daily Mail and of the U.K media in general?

Ej, you, U.K Media what are you doing to our humanity? Why are you playing with us always? To control us like sheep because so it suits to your class interest?


We see daily homeless people begging for food. We hear daily here and there of stabbings, drug dealings and death. We hear daily of political mu...
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For the New Year, 2020, and for the New Decade, the Vision of Dr ACactivism wishes a happy Death to News Media Monopolies and to all Political Injustice

It is hope that keeps us alive. And this hope, that I speak here, is a form of hope that doesn’t hope itself. But however this form of hope does see the idea of hope as a vision.   This form of hope visualises or anticipates that one day will triumph over corruption, over human greed and all evil. It will triumph over News MEDIA…

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The Cry of Losers! Labour MPs, who lost their seats, Appeal for a party election Review that Intend to make LABOUR Anti Human and Anti Human Values


The tragical-comical politics of today in the U.K have continued with a letter titled, Stand up for Labour’s record in office. A letter that was written by some crying losers, labour MPs, who lost their seats because the British Soul changed direction from pro human to anti human.


This letter strangely and tenaciously appeals for a party review in the labour party. Instead of appealing for the British people to make a serious soul-searching and introspection for their hidden votes that were generously given towards a racist, bigoted and pro imperialist wars Tory party.


Here in this letter of crying losers, however, we do not see “a cry” of the losers that intend to put right what has been wrong. Of course that no. Contrariwise, here we see a cry of losers that intend to make labour more anti human and anti human values. By wanting to see the labour party pro Western and pro imperialist wars in the future.


These former labour MPs or crying losers for sure that they haven’t caught the crux of the problem in the U.K politics. And so they cry like three-year-old children when they lose in a game between kids of the same age, where candies and chocolates are involved. And the winners take them all!


For example, they intelligently call, an 'obsession,' the condemnation of the war in Iraq. And they call 'wrong' the public condemnation of labour’s spending. Which has been a right criticism by people and a wrong party policy by the past labour government. So they are lost, basically.


“Not just internally, with the obsession of many with Iraq, but externally to the wider public by attacking the accepted narrative that Labour’s profligate spending caused the economic problems that necessitated austerity.” They said in their letter written to the news monopolies of the Observer.



Secondly, the cry of the losers speaks of their rejection from people.

“We were rejected on doorsteps not just because of our woolly, changing position on Brexit, or in Scotland because of our weak commitment to the union,” they said “but because the very people we were supposed to be.... (please subscribe to read the full blog of Dr ACactivism and please donate to support Independent thinking)

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Why For Christmas we shouldn’t Want Gifts but the Freedom of the oppressed people – All I want for Christmas is a Free Palestine

Most of us in the western world are interested in things that pigs are interested. Like say to eat as much as possible without being conscious of what or how one is eating. And have a good time while we eat and drink what has been served to us mostly by third world slaves! For example, I see many different messages for the Christmas of…

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Twitter Hashtags are another fact of the today that tell us daily that the British Soul is mind-controlled like sheep by a few corrupt Media Monopolies

People of all classes and all fields and all professions contribute daily with their tweets on Twitter through different hashtags.

And they do this right after they have watched something on the mainstream media or heard something from the big radios. That means, when they have watched certain journalists speak or when they have heard these famous hypocrite journalists on big radios of the rich.

And most of these tweets are written under certain hashtag, say, Piers Morgan, Andrew Neil, BBC, ITV, Good Morning Britain, Andrew Marr, Sky News, Stormzy, and so on.

In short, whatever goes into the minds of the journalists of the mainstream media is reflected in the hashtags of Twitter daily by the British people.

Wow! What a mind-control of a people!

Some of these people are angry, some are funny and laughing, some taunt other people.

Still the minds of the British people reflect the topics and the...
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The Democrat Congressman, Adam Schiff, Can Become a Political Hero if he Achieves to Remove from Office one of the most corrupt USA President ever and the most Powerful one that is politically linked with Corruption

The Passion of truthfulness through which Adam Schiff appeals for Justice is something to be admired and upheld as human and a righteous way of thinking.


“Those who excuse the President’s conduct because of partisan loyalty betray their oath of office.

But I intend to uphold mine.

I voted to impeach Donald J. Trump.” Mr Schiff said in a tweet shared on 19th 12 2019.


We have already learnt to not be lied from beautiful words, but Adam Schiff has showed to us also beautiful actions.


For Trump is now impeached. And all what remains is but his removal from office. Thing which is the hardest thing. Because Adam Schiff will face the entire wolves of the Republican party who will logically call “truth” untruth for their political interests.


Now the question is, can Adam Schiff become a Political Hero by achieving to remove Donald Corrupt Trump from Office? A president that is one of the most corrupt USA Presidents ever and the most Powerful one that is politically linked with Corruption.




Many past philosophers have asked themselves and argued about this question “Does history make heroes or people make themselves... (please subscribe to read the full blog and donate to support independent thinking)

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Impeachment Day! Anyone still doubting the intelligent power of Adolf Hitler, and Nazi supporters, Benito Mussolini and fascists, today must watch the Republican Congressmen in the USA and see how Intelligently they defend injustice and the corruption of their president, Donald Corrupt Trump

Let me tell you that many Republican congressmen on purpose do not see the impeachment of Donald Trump from office as a matter of justice.


But what is this purpose? you may ask.

This purpose of course that consists on the fact that the Republican congressmen do not want to lose the chairs of power. And that’s why they run scared, like chicken, from truth and reason. And defend intelligently injustice for the purpose of social power by twisting truth through corrupt reason as a matter of fact.



For example, the Republicans in the USA senate try to make appear or to explain the impeachment of Donald Corrupt Trump as a political thinking of the Democrats that want to nullify the 2016 votes. So in this way they intelligently avoid the quest for justice by twisting what is the right thing to do. That is defend the justice of humanity.



To show you a more detailed picture I will give here an example.



Douglas Collins, a Republican congressman, said in regard to the impeachment vote, “Today’s impeachment vote is going to be a... (to read the full blog please subscribe and please donate to support independent thinking.)

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The Tragedy of the British people! The Old Goriot of Balzac and the Evil Soul of the British People, who over voted the NAZI politician called, Boris Johnson. Dr ACactivism explains

A man named Goriot, who was once a rich merchant, is now a poor, wretched man, scorned by most of the tenants, who call him "Old Goriot."

Honoré de Balzac, Father Goriot


When Honore De Balzac was asked by his critics to describe or define the character of the Old Goriot in his own words. He had said then in the 19th century, “Old Goriot is like a murderer's dog, who licks the hand of his master when it is soiled with blood; he does not argue, he does not judge, he loves.”




Now what has a character of Balzac got to do with the universal thinking of a nation called U.K or specifically a people called "British?"

Here let me explain certain facts.

The British people do not argue against the murders that were committed by the Conservatives while they were in power for 9 years. Do they? They do not judge the murders of a political party called, the Conservatives, do they? So what I said means that the majority of the British people love the Conservative party unconditionally. And in the last general elections, the British showed their love to this party of criminals by gaving to the Conservative party a super victory with their VOTES.

Fact. Didn’t the British people over vote a barbarian and New Nazi called, Boris Johnson?


And before the general elections wasn't the same British people who, with their taxes, gave the right to go and murder innocent people in Yemen to the Conservative party?


So then we see how evil and barbaric and mean the universal soul of the British people is.

Therefore, in order to give an answer to this universal evil of a people. I was trying to find a book character to describe the VILE and EVIL soul of the British people who voted for Boris Johnson.


A soul of a people, that is rotting with GREED and licks the blood of the...
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General election 2019, Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson, Labour or Conservatives? U.K hasn’t got a political choice, but to vote Hypocrites and Barbarians

Some questions rack my mind for years. Questions like, “Where was Jeremy Corbyn at the time when innocent people were killed in Yemen by U.K participation in new wars? Where was Jeremy Corbyn at the time during which Israeli Politics created and never lifted the blockade of Gaza? A political action that made Gaza the biggest prison in the world.

Here are many other things that have gone wrong in the last decade, like the infiltration of the Russian and World’s dirty money in the U.K. But my point here is that at all these cases, where injustice was crystal-clear, Jeremy Corbyn either was little active or silent.


But why was Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party silent then? Was he waiting for the moment to win the new elections like a cat standing in front of a good toast? Wow! Why is change created only when you come to power? Have organisations of people, peaceful protests until justice is made, and appeals for justice  lost its meaning?

So during his time in opposition, Jeremy Corbyn never stood firmly against... (please subscribe to read the full article and please donate if you can to support independent thinking)

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Many Albanian nationals have been deported from Dublin Ireland. As an Albanian Writer and Thinker, I can’t be heard and take a stand. Because I live in the U.K Where Media MONOPOLIES Murder your Voice Daily

Many Albanian nationals have been deported today, 5 December 2019, from Dublin, Ireland. Their exact number is unknown. The number of the Albanian people that are abused by courts with harsh sentences, or police or laws, again is unknown.


For the U.K Media does not speak for these facts and forms of pain. Because it hurts the name and reputation of an imperialist European country called, U.K.


Now you hear my pain. I am part of a nation that is being abused daily by imperialist powers. Still I, as a writer and thinker of this oppressed nation, can’t have my voice be heard and speak of these rights that I have.

Therefore, the point that I want to make here, however, is not about the number of the Albanians that have been deported from Dublin to Albania. But rather I want to make a point of justice and rights.


For the rights of my Albanian nationals are and have been abused. While I as an Albanian writer can’t be heard or take a stand for what is right. For the rights of my oppressed nationals and nation. You hear my pain?


First, as an Albanian writer I see my personal rights being abused in the middle of London and U.K. And I see the rights of my Albanian nationals being abused as well.

What rights? one may ask.

In the national level, we are Europeans. Still we do not have rig...
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Why I, Dr ACactivism, and you, oppressed people of the U.K, should Mourn the Victims of the London Bridge Terrorist Attack. And why this tragedy is man-made?

In this world of suffer and pain, in this world of corruption and injustice, nothing remains to us, humans, but mourn the victims of natural and political tragedies.

A few days ago, I was mourning the victims of a natural tragedy, that happened in Albania. Today, 01st December 2019, I will mourn the victims of a political tragedy or man-made tragedy. And I will tell you why the second tragedy is a political one.

The tragedy that happened in Albania is authentically a natural tragedy and needs no explanations. While what happened in London is politically man-made. And it needs thinking to unravel and discover its inner meaning.

So first of all let me explain my reason by speaking in a subjective way of thinking. And so telling you why I will mourn the victims of the London Bridge Terrorist Attack in the same way that I mourned the victims of the natural tragedy that happened in Albania.

Where over 40 people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands left homeless.

London Bridge is a place where I walk at least two or three times per week. And some times I pass there more often. So in London bridge could have been me, could have been you or anyone that lives in London, U.K or that visits us here.

So then, I will mourn because U.K and London is my home already for ten years and the place where I call my home and live. And that’s why U.K for me is equal to Albania.

Now to come to the political part. And to the political ideas and ideals. And to politicians and journalists in particular that with their wrong way of thinking and doing endanger our lives daily.

So let me tell you here why it is the ruling classes of today that have alienated the people of today beyond... (please subscribe at Dr ACactivism to read the full blog and donate if you can to support independent thinking.)

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Dr ACactivism writes: On Prison and Rehabilitation, – on the criminal turned a hero and the criminal committing another crime the answer is….

According to the Twitter News, one of the men who helped thwart the attack has been revealed to be a convicted murderer on day-release from prison.


Now if we compare both ways of thinking here. The criminal, who killed two other innocent humans, and the criminal who became a hero after almost 16 years, then we come to the following conclusions.


Usman Khan, who went to kill others, was someone who had almost a year that had been released from prison.So logically this criminal, who committed a terroist attack in London bridge, has not been rehabilitated or educated properly. Or he has been re-educated with ideals of terror and terrorism. Or he has played dice with all thinking and pretended like he was interested on the good life.


While the criminal, who became a hero, is a person who has understood the meaning, power, and the right way of thinking among others in a peaceful and creative way.


So it does not need a big philosophy to come to the conclusions that what makes one a human, and what can also turn the eyes and minds of criminals towards humanity and human thinking and doing is....

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London Bridge Terrorist Attack. The BBC, The Guardian, Sky News, U.K Media in general, for the first time in recent decades do not describe the Terrorist as “Islamic Extremist or Islamic Terrorist” in their headlines. Even though the terrorist believed in Islam. Is it because of Dr ACactivism decade-long criticism?

I want to be honest with you, dear reader. I cried a little bit and dropped a few hot tears unconsciously. When I swiftly surfed across google and social media and saw that the U.K NEWS MEDIA MONOPOLIES had not written, "Islamic Terrorist or Islamic Terrorism or Islamic extremism in their headlines.


Well, to be honest it was only the headlines that the U.K Media had changed. For the close-minded and evil reporters of the U.K media weren't able to refrain themselves in the body of their blogs. For in there still they spoke indirectly but clearly of how much they hate those who preach the religion of Islam. And Islam as a religion itself.

This form of hatred against a certain enemy and created scapegoated can be seen in all human history. Working classes always were a scapegoat of the ruling classes, black people a scapegoat of white people in the European imperialism and colonialism era. Jews were a scapegoat of Nazis. And in the recent decades "ISLAM" has been a scapegoat of U.K and Western media in general.

So the change of the headlines in the U.K NEWS MEDIA MONOPOLIES wasn't radical with self-awareness and humanity. But still journalists and media editors seemed to have made all of a sudden a big step forward towards what is human, what is right and what is just.

For, to be honest, I had written for years for a change in the way U.K media describes terrorists and criminals of minority backgrounds in the U.K. I had written for years against the way U.K thought and described minorities, when one of them happened to commit a crime.


At the end, what has terrorism to do with a religion? Doesn't good lose its meaning through a bad action? So shouldn't we  stop calling a religious person, a religious person, when he commits a terrorist action? And isn't a good person called a criminal if one day he wakes up and kills someone? So? Just think for yourself.


Anyways, who am I to speak to you? Do I work for the U.K MEDIA NEWS MONOPOLIES or the rich? No of course.

I am simply an independent thinker of Albanian origin, an oppressed immigrant and oppressed voice in London who never gets invited to speak and participate with IDEAS in the headquarters of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES. This is who I am. Unheard and oppressed on purpose by the intelligent artists who control today social power in the U.K.

(I will insert the links of some of my blogs that have spoken against the ideals and the injustice that is made by U.K News Media Monopolies at the end of this blog.)


In short though, in the recent decades, every single time, when a terrorist attack happened in London or U.K or even Europe and the terrorist was a person who had faith in the religion of Islam and unfortunately not in the religion of Dr ACactivism called “Creativism Religion or any other religion, the journalists of the U.K Media wrote in their headlines “Islamic terrorist or, Islamic extremist.” And so on venting their anger against Islam and spreading hatred against a religion. And in the same time linking terrorism to Islam.


But why were the U.K media bosses and journalists so intelligently cruel in their hearts and minds? is the question.

Of course, with this form of description the journalists of the U.K Media Monopolies intended to kill three birds with a stone. First they distracted attention from the imperialist murders of the U.K and Europe in Middle East. And secondly, they blamed others, they created a big enemy, Islam, like Nazis created “Judaism and Jews.

And the third bird here was in the fact that by creating an enemy and scapegoating a “religion,” the U.K media journalists achieved to unite us here. For we all see that when a terrorist attack happens we are more united, we love each other more. And so we have trust in the U.K media more than ever.

All what goes on in our minds here is subconscious.
For example, consciously the U.K MEDIA through its writings makes us think and believe that together we have a....
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We, Albanians, are mourning the victims of a Natural Tragedy. Still I see love in pain. I see a united Albania, United Balkan Nations and United people working for Humanity

An earthquake that happened during the night of 26th November, 2019 in Albania created a national tragedy for us, Albanians. 40 people have died so far, hundreds have been injured and thousands have remained homeless.   This tragedy was brought to us by nature. And we can’t do anything about it, but mourn, cry to the silent heavens in pain, and work to support the…

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Robert Peston of the ITV News Monopolies stands with a Double Knife against Free Palestine. As a New Nazi writer and Proud Jew, Robert Peston Supports the Baseless Criticism of Chief Rabi against Jeremy Corbyn with an underlying EVIL Purpose to KNIFE A FREE PALESTINE

One thing makes me wonder why is this Chief Rabi up at this time, that is close to general elections in the U.K, against Jeremy Corbyn? And why is Robert Peston, that works for the News Monopolies of the ITV, speaking with a heavy heart in support of Chief Rabbi Mirvis at this time again?


Whoops, in two weeks we will have general elections in the U.K. And Jeremy Corbyn has called illegal the Blocade of the Gaza Strip. And so spoken in support of a Free Palestine.


Further, the Labour Party Manifesto 2019 clearly states that it will suspend the sale of arms to Israel for arms used in violation of the Human rights of Palestinian civilians.


So then both Chief Rabbi and Robert Peston know what they are doing. They want... (Please subscribe to read the philosophic blog and donate to support independent thinking)

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Why Boris Johnson is a Nazi Politician. Be careful before casting the vote for this solider of Adolf Hitler

When you call out a politician as being “Nazi” usually the minds of the people go to the crimes of Nazis. But that is not a right way of thinking. Why not? you may ask.


I think so because what makes one Nazi is the similarity of thinking with Nazis. Not the amount of crimes a politician has committed or that intends to commit. Is this right?

Anyways, allow me please to unfold my ideas and the truth in this blog. And speak about a video shared by Boris Johnson on twitter on 8/11/2019. A video in which Boris Johnson makes for Nazi points in 30 seconds of time.


Let me begin with the first point.

Boris Johnson praises the... (Please subscribe to read the full blog and donate to support independent thinking)

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Why Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is closer in thinking to Washington Post Journalists and Western Media and Politics than Religious Scholars and Religious thinking

It is strange, how the same journalists, the same media and the same intellectuals, or cruel barbarians and priestly intellectuals, who created the Daesh Terrorist group by heaping hatred towards the religion of Islam. Today they again turn their eyes in victory for the last time against the alienated souls and keep linking Islam to terrorism.

These pseudo journalists or writers, who grovel for social power like worms, for sure that they have learnt how to write. They also have learnt how to intelligently spread hatred and divisions.

Nevertheless, these close-minded creatures, that dedicate their lives to sick careers on media and money power, have not learnt yet how to become humans. They are still primitives. Or even primates in relation to the vocation of the writer a humanity.

Islam and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has no relation, and no logical connection with....

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The 39 Dead Bodies, All Immigrants and Foreigners that were found in a container in Essex, are a RESPONSIBILITY of the British People and British Politicians not of Human Traffickers. The World Can’t Be More EVIL.

If you haven’t lived a civil war like I have in the Albania of 1997. If you haven’t experienced a Kosovo war and seen your people being butchered as a teenager. If you have never ever seen your people oppressed and murdered, then what feeling or thinking or experience of the human pain do you have as a simple person, teacher, preacher or philosopher?

So that’s why here in this blog, I want to write about my way of thinking and the way I see a just, fair and good world.

So let me begin with the ideas of WARS. Who is creating the wars of today, Imperialists powers or small nations, that from necessity are pushed to take sides, with "A Devil" or "B Devilish" power?

Wars are created by imperialist powers such as the USA, U.K, France, Germany, Russia etc.


Who created the YEMENI war, who supported Saudi Arabia with arms and military techniques and war tactics? Who flared the flames and even created the Syrian Civil War? Who keeps Palestine under siege and continually oppressed and exploited? It was and it is the U.K and a few other imperialist powers.

If the truth is as I put it on this Microsoft document or metaphorically on the table, then why shouldn’t you blame the BRITISH PEOPLE and the British Politics for their Imperialist part and thinking? Eh? Because you are a sheep person and can't think properly? Because "truth" and logic hurt you deep? Eh?

First you create the wars, gentlemen. Then you push innocent people, who want to leave from war zones, to leave their countries. And the third action that you do is “Close your borders and take no RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for you actions that are done behind the scenes and barely mentioned by the corporate corrupt U.K and European media. So?


So can this planet and this world be more evil than it is?

Essentially, then, and by the logic of facts and truth and reason, and human values, from where I derive my judgement always, the suffer of these 39 people, the choking to death of these people in the container, and the murder of these people is a RESPONSIBILITY of the British people and British politicians.

We need a different way of thinking in Europe, gentlemen. And in the world at large as well. We can’t continue like this, wage wars, take no RESPONSIBILITY, close the borders of Europe, and party hard like animals in London, Ibiza and across the main cities of Europe. While at the same time, on the other part of the world, a world towards which we direct our guns and our bullets, people are suffering and dying and are choked to death from our IRRESPONSIBLE ACTIONS.

So that's why we need some form of change in our planet, dear gentlemen and you gentle ladies who party hard. We need a different way of thinking. Like more..... (subscribe for Free to read the full Philosophic Blog and share it to raise AWARENESS please)

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Say no to Injustice, Oppression and Silence. Why Catalonia is a Karma to Europe for the Murdered Women and Children in Middle East

We as a European Continent have a language through which we can communicate with each other. And this Language is called English.

However, we do not have a POLITICAL CULTURE. And we need a political culture today more than ever.

But why do we need it? You may ask. We need a political culture to say no to injustice, to say no to oppression and to stand up in solidarity with other people across Europe and across the world. That's why we need a political culture.

Today we see what is happening in Catalonia. We see the police brutality. We see how peaceful protesters are beaten by new fascist Spanish police. We see how people are covered in blood like they are some wild animals waiting to be slaughtered by Spanish Police. And we see the silence of Europe at the end.

However, what is happening in Catalonia is a lesson to Europe. And somehow a "KARMA" for the silence that has continued in the recent decades in relation to the people that are murdered and oppressed through our taxes and politics in Middle East.


And this Karma and this silence need a thinking humanity that....

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Police Brutality against Peaceful CATALONIA protesters show that Europe hasn’t changed at all

We all have eyes and see what is going on in Barcelona in the recent days. Police are brutally beating and dragging away peaceful protesters. Soaking Catalonia in human blood. Reports say that Many people have lost an eye and hundreds have ended up in Hospital. Pain and police brutality is seen everywhere. Catalonia is oppressed and on fire. Yet there is neither the politicians…

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Bernie Sanders, Opposition parties of today, DEMAND JUSTICE or take a GUN and Kill yourselves – People are being killed from the USA politics in Syria

The recent immense human pain, that the USA government has created by betraying Kurds in an unreal immoral way, demand for people of ideas, and the opposition of the USA and European politics, to stand up with speeches of condemnation. And organise protests until justice is brought back on earth. Until those responsible for murder are brought in front of courts.   But to whom…

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FACTS show that British people wake up only if you take their SOUL, Food on the Table or MURDER them. But U.K is an Imperialist power, so?

Hashtag #ShockToTheSystem is trending today on twitter. The reason is because the Bureau of investigative Journalism, on Twitter called @TBIJ, had made an investigation. And it had found that 94% of the homes in the UK are unaffordable to people on benefit.   The Bureau of investigative Journalism said, “The Bureau has found that councils have been increasingly encouraging those facing or experiencing homelessness to try…

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Three People have been Stabbed in Manchester, U.K. But strange why isn’t BBC, ITV, Sky News and the U.K Media in general calling it “Islamic Terrorism?”

Three people have been stabbed in Manchester, U.K. But saddingly the BBC, ITV, Sky News and the U.K Media in general is not seizing this great opportunity! And catch the attention of the people by blaming it to Islamic Terrorism or linking it to as such idea somehow. This is wrong. And against the spirit of the democratic media. Why shouldn’t you as media seize…

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Why peaceful protests must continue against Boris Johnson and British people rebel against Political oppression and injustice

In a democratic world all the guilt falls on the badly lied and manipulated masses. Because at the end it is the people who elect the leaders of our country.


So it was in the British imperialism and colonialism era. And so is in the today New Imperialist Britain.


Like say, for example, politicians promise a bright and a better future by colonising another continent. And the people follow. Politicians promise a bright future by waging wars in another continent and turning black people into slaves. And people follow.


Ej, you the people, who follow like sheep your leaders, hello here?


So the question here is, "Why do people of all times follow the mendacious and aggressive ideas of their politicians towards others? Because the masses have almost nothing, everything has been on the hand of the few for centuries. Say at least from the beginning of the capitalist era.


And for centuries, it is the children of the poor that turn into soldiers, doctors and teachers at the bottom. While the children of the rich become politicians, journalists on the mainstream media and businessmen. That’s the reality.


And the answer is that people can't stand still and think "when a better economy is promised to them." So people of all times follow all evil ideas of their politicians if a better economy is promised to them.

For example, to the today British people, a people whom we can straightaway blame for the Brexit chaos, the Brexit side and Boris Johnson promised a...

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Spanish Schools are “RACIST” shouted some foreign parents near my table in Marbella, Spain Bullying and Racism at School can be easily cured if a will to do so is there



It is morning time and a coffee time. So I sit to a Starbucks coffee here in Marbella, Spain. And I hear some foreign parents, a Lithuanian mom, an Arab father, and two young women with the Lithuanian mom, chatting with each other about a very sensitive topic. Bullying and racism at school.

“Spanish children are racists” shouted the Lithuanian mom a little bit of angry. And this phrase caught my attention while I was putting the cup of coffee near my lips.

“They bully foreigners,” she went on saying with a higher passion. And then her voice suddenly wavered.
“So if you want to bring your child to a Spanish school, I don’t recommend it to you,” she told to her younger friend of unknown origin.

At this moment, the Arab father jumped in the conversation and said, “You are right, they bully a lot and especially the Arabs. I remember one day my son came back home sad and with tears in his eyes said to me that his classmates pushed him to the ground.


"And when I asked my son why? he told me that his classmates said to him, “You are not Spanish, so go away from us, we don’t want to talk to you. and so on..."

“Here in Spain schools are a disaster, our kids are bullied daily while the teachers do nothing.” He said and then paused drinking some water.

“Yes, and it happens everywhere, they don’t like foreigners,” the Lithuanian mom went on speaking. “The Spanish create groups of friends, because they are the majority, and fight against the foreigners.” Here she suddenly stopped because her voice began to shiver.

And then she began again talking and now with a crackling voice. “When I first came to Marbella from Lithuania,” she went on saying now almost crying, “my child came back home crying and...

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Why the Promotion of the ideas of Greta Thunberg show the Highest Form of Western Hypocrisy

Suppose that there is a Palestinian activist pleading and shouting with his soul for the freedom of his country.   Suppose that there is a Yemeni activist crying out loud with the pain of his soul. And demanding the British and the Americans and the Europeans to stop their imperialist thinking. And to stop murdering innocent people in his country.   Suppose or imagine if…

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100 Innocent Muslim Letter Boxes Killed in Yemen by Saudi Coalition Airstrikes – U.K, USA, France – No U.K MEDIA Coverage for these Letter Boxes!

CNN reported that 100 people were killed in Yemen by multiple Saudi-coalition airstrikes. And this Saudi Coalition we know is made of U.K, France, USA.   Now we also know that Yemen is over 90% of the population Muslim. So here the silence of the U.K MEDIA is the silence of the happy and content U.K Media journalists who are pro war and pro murder….

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Open Letter to Katherine Viner. Why should You, £340,000 Katherine Viner of Guardian, Resign ASAP and Stop using the Guardian to Manipulate People

We are all in the same boat faring towards an unknown destiny. But here in our boat, that is in the middle of the ocean, we have a major newspaper called, the Guardian, that pretends to defend our rights. And stand up for what is just and good in our boat.     Here I do not want to mention newspapers of sewers like the…

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U.N Report found U.K, United States and France guilty of War Crimes. Where is the U.K Corrupt Rich Media? Hiding Truth from the British People?

In recent years, facts have shown that the U.K politics and politicians are taking part in immoral wars. And have killed innocent people. For instance, the war in Yemen is a tragedy created by the Western greed that wants to control the world through an imperialist and insatiable will for more political power. Well, but if facts have not been missing, if truth has shown…

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Is there any difference between the sheep and wolves’ family? Dr ACactivism explains it philosophically

The difference between the sheep and wolves’ family is a bit absurd. Because at the very bottom of their thinking there is no difference between such opposite ways of thinking.   So opposite and similar at the same time is a bit absurd, no? Oh what am I saying here? Well, let me explain what I mean. So if you allow me to explain here…

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Attention Please! Why the Move of Boris Johnson for a no-deal Brexit is a move to save the Conservative party not the future of the British people

In the UK’s European election of the 2019, the Brexit Party, that was led by a racist scaremonger called Nigel Farage, won 29% of the vote. And in this election, the BRITISH people gave a clear message to Boris Johnson and to all political parties that lead the U.K.   Thus the results of the European elections showed that there are still many people who…

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The Actions of Boris Johnson are compared with the actions of Adolf Hitler by the very British People

TODAY, 28/08/2019, many twitter users are comparing the action of Boris Johnson to prorogue parliament to the actions of the Adolf Hitler at a time when he came to power.


History books say that when Hitler came to power, he set the REICHSTAG, the then German parliament, into fire in order to control public opinion by blaming communists for this. And he did this on the 27th February, 1933.


And philosophically speaking, Hitler with this action intended to kill two birds with a stone. That meant, to seize more powers and show up to the German people as the new “defender and leader of the oppressed and of the poor.”


So somehow twitter users and the British people are right to make this comparison. For the action of Boris, that is to prorogue parliament, is comparable to the action of...

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What Calls for JUSTICE?

The answer of the question, “What calls for JUSTICE?” is contained in this historical fact. A historical fact that says that the way justice is done and expressed historically (that has been either by laws that on purpose supported the powerful or by the sword of the strongest barbarian that chopped human bodies and cut their heads) has been wrong or unjust.

And therefore the idea of justice historically has been equal to the idea of injustice.

That’s why the oppressed historically rebelled when the pain of injustice hit them hard deep in their hearts. And they felt like they couldn’t endure their existence on earth anymore.

And so the oppressed threw themselves under the feet of the horses of the powerful for justice's sake. Like Emily Wilding Davison for women's emancipation. Or they fell on their swords or were blown away by their gunpowder. Like many oppressed people did in the past human history.

But why did the oppressed die and turn into nothing just like that by the powerful oppressors?  Was it because they liked to die young?

"No. The answer is that the oppressed rebelled with a cause and died fighting for a better expression of the IDEAL of justice."


“For the highest level of injustice is also the deepest and most profound human pain.”

 Why do I think so? one may ask.

I think so because everything in life is made of levels. So it is in all forms of art and thinking. And thus, the highest level of injustice is also the deepest and most profound human pain.

But why is it so? you rightly ask.

It is so because “The JUSTICE SYSTEM of each time or the Justice ideal” attacks the oppressed on their basic rights. Like the human basic right to exist and work with dignity. To be free and live in freedom. And be able to care for what is more important on earth by having a certain form of economic independence.

Therefore, we see state power decide for everything. And everything they do intends to oppress more and hurt more, the oppressed. 

That's why the deepest cry that calls for justice is also the most profound pain. So what calls for Justice is the deepest of all pain on earth. And that is the highest level of injustice.

So then, here we ask, “What form or concept does have the highest level of injustice on earth?

The highest level of injustice is but the loss of the....

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Why Patrick Wintour, the diplomatic editor of the Guardian, is a soulless Left Wing fascist that intelligently defends the murders of the UK Government

If you call yourself a writer and use your pen to defend murder and murderers, then what is the point of writing?


Of course that here is a point of writing, you may say. We all have seen this point of writing and still see it.


Here is the point of those writers who rush to join the Monopolies of certain media organisations. And use their pen to advance their careers and protect as much as possible their MONEY and POWER interests. While silencing and drowning out independent voices in the most criminal, mafia-like and unjust way.


They forever are heard. As we are forever silenced and drowned out. Wow? Why? Because they work for MEDIA MONOPOLIES, right?



And this is Patrick Wintour, this is Owen Jones, and these are all the left and right wing barbarians, who think and act like MAFIA, still they pretend that they are doing good to humanity in front of the sheep’s eyes that can’t differentiate between a wolf and a human.



And this is gentlemen the point of this form of writing. I call it wolf-like, new Nazi and new fascist form of writing.



If you are a right wing, nationalist and imperialist hypocrite this way of thinking, like defending British and European imperialism and their murders, fits to you.


Well, but what when you call yourself a left wing writer and defend murders and murderers, then what do you call this?


We all have eyes to see, gentlemen, that what makes one fascist and Nazi is not the action of seeing them beat their “breasts” like chimpanzees. Claiming that they are not Nazis nor fascists nor imperialists at all. Claiming to be humanists and left wing thinkers who fight for what is right and change! Ej?



Who do you think that we are, sheep, who take shepherds for wolves and wolves for shepherds?


So, I think that if you call yourself a writer and use your pen to...

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RACIST Murdering Nazis of the Sun before mentioning Albanians First make a Catharsis of your Evil Souls and evil thinking. You and all the FASCISTS of the British Imperialist Media Wash your mouths when you say “Albanian or Albania”

  If there is something noble in a human, then that is the will for FREEDOM and JUSTICE.   But what FREEDOM do we, Albanians, have? We still do not have our rights to work in the continent where we were born. I’ve lived myself in chains in democratic times. And now in the U.K, we do not have the basic human rights of movement….

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Boris Johnson begins his “Prime Minister” aura by recruiting 20,000 police officers. But what EVIL THINKING does this Political Move hide?

  So what EVIL THINKING does this Political Move of Boris, the war criminal, hide?   Boris Johnson begins his “prime minster” aura with a fascist and an old school way of thinking. And that’s an evil early sign that shows an old school thinking.   And this old school way of thinking always thinks of oppression as a solution. It is simple. It is…

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A Dark Day for our world, A War Criminal and a Murderer, Boris Johnson, has Become the new Prime Minister of the U.K

Boris Johnson has won by a landslide the leadership of the Conservative party. He beat Jeremy Hunt with 66.4% percent of the vote in the ballot. And on Wednesday, 24th July 2019, he formally became the new prime minister of the U.K. Sad for our world though.   “Well, but what if Jeremy Hunt had won?” you may ask.  There would have been the same…

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Yahoo U.K back to Hatred against Minorities linking the origin of a person to all Asylum Seekers and Minorities and Immigrants

  Yahoo U.K on 3RD of July 2019 had written a small headline in their front page with the title, Asylum Seeker Stabber ‘asked people if they were English.   But this is the same like saying, a white stabber, black stabber, or English Stabber. I mean this form of expressing a certain idea or truth is a universalization of truth and link of a…

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The Brexit Party results, the top political party in the U.K with 31.7% in the European Elections, speaks out the inner feelings of these people who voted for Nigel Farage – bigotry, racism, hatred etc.,

          People are bound to repeat the evil and dark parts of human history if we do not stand ready to remind to people that what makes us humans is the great human ideals. This is awareness for good. That means, what makes us humans are not the low and the egotistic ideas that have always created wars, hatred and divisions…

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EUROVISION 2019 Explains to us the ADOLF HITLER-LIKE ARTIST versa the KARL MARX-LIKE Artist

“…Right at the heart of the murk were France’s intellectuals and artists. Even before the war, their German and Soviet counterparts had been largely silenced, imprisoned, killed, or enlisted as totalitarian propagandists. …everyone knew that cultural life in occupied France amounted to much more than a “show.” The New Normal by David A. Bell written at The New Republic on February 2011.   History books…

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Assaulted by two Fascist Spanish Police officers in Ibiza, while two others were watching. Slapped on the left and on the right cheek. My Story with the Spanish Fascist Police

When a thug assaults you, then you can call police. But what when the police assaults you for nothing? Whom shall you call? Especially in Spain where you do not have even an independent police force to report the crimes made by the police themselves.   That’s why we as people must demand justice and police to not abuse our laws. Because the police in…

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Is our U.K a Democracy with a Crooked MEDIA or An Aristocratic State with a Corrupt Corporate Media? The Palestinian Question Contains the Answer

I have been participating in at least last three big Palestinian Rallies for Justice and Freedom. Facts: Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands wounded by the Israeli army since the Great March of Return back in 2018. Facts: We also know that the U.K government has supported the Israeli politics by selling arms to Israel behind the scenes. And our U.K government has…

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The Racist Journalist of the BBC, Danny Baker, showed the true Racist face of the British Journalists and their inner feelings. My Albanian Origin and a decade-long Oppression of my Voice because of my Origin Tells the Story

How can you understand the inner Imperialist and RACIST thinking of the journalists of the UK MEDIA? They don’t allow you to sit on the same table to speak and take your right to be heard. Yet they do not say it openly. They simply never invite you to take this human right of being heard. They don’t allow you to enter at BBC’s studios,…

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Why Prince Harry? Why Royals? Why Brain-dead Celebrities every day in the News MEDIA? How the Big Brother or the U.K MEDIA Mind-Controls People

Hey is our time a time in the human history where people are mind-controlled like sheep by the AUTHORITY and REPUTATION of the Mainstream Rich U.K Media?   For example, before people beginning to speak on Twitter about “Royal Baby” preceded by a hashtag, the Mainstream U.K MEDIA, like BBC, Sky News, ITV, Daily Mail, The SUN etc, had been writing and speaking all day…

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AWARENESS For Trump’s Psychopathy. Why Donald Trump is nearly Equal in Crimes and Thinking to Adolf Hitler?

Donald trump and Adolf Hitler have some parallelisms in thinking. FACTS Adolf Hitler came to power by appealing to the nationalist feelings of Germany. Donald Trump did the same. Adolf Hitler Promised to the Germans of the 1930s to fight against big corruption in Germany! Donald Trump did the same. He said let’s drain the swamp to the American people, even though he was himself…

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Knife Crime has become a PLAGUE in London. Why do I, Dr ACactivism, blame the MONOPOLIES of the U.K MEDIA again?

  In London we have a concentrated Media Power that the only thing it does is report at least half of the knife crimes that happen every day in London. And knife crime has become but a PLAGUE in our London city.   So I hear of people being stabbed and killed by knives almost every single day in London. And at times, I hear…

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The Murder of Mariam Moustafa is an Example that shows that FOREIGNERS are WORTHY Only as OPPRESSED SLAVES in the U.K

  “Mariam Moustafa, 18, was left in a coma after she was attacked by six teenagers last year in Nottingham. And she died nearly a month later.” Twitter news and the Press association said.   The Press Association also said that the father of the murdered Mariam Moustafa have said that authorities in the U.K have showed “no respect.” By not informing him of a…

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U.K Media, The Daily Mail and Sky News, Promote Terrorists to Catch Human Attention and sell their Ideas to People. And Twitter supports them! Dr ACactivism explains their Mean and Evil Thinking

  When I went into Eurovision 2018 and took the microphone from Surie’s hand, that was the British contender in the Eurovision, what did I want?     I wanted my “Anti Media Corruption Ideas” to be heard. Nevertheless, I never achieved to have my ideas heard because the U.K Media is louder than myself, Dr ACactivism, all the time. So the U.K Media drowns…

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Ideas and productivity – How to keep ourselves productive at all times?

Great artists prize craftsmanly ability above all else. Before everything else they demand its careful cultivation based on complete command. More than anyone else they are at pains constantly to renew their grounding in a thorough craftsmanship.

 Martin Heidegger, The Origin of the Work of Art.


Have you ever asked yourself curiously, “How do we mirror our world? Or how do we make art? Why art? Or why do we create? Or why should we create in the first place? What’s the point of creating? What’s the point of thinking and creativity?


And at last, I ask, why ideas and why productivity? And how can we keep ourselves productive at all times?

So in this essay, I will answer to the above questions through my speculative thinking and examples.


“What is art?” one may ask. Art in a sentence is no more and no less than the....

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Mueller Report: Should Donald Trump be impeached or not? Dr ACactivism Weighs in

Russian Collusion?   The Mueller Report cleared Donald Trump and his team of any collusion with Russia over the 2016 election. However, according to the report, people associated with Donald Trump campaign, deleted relevant information or communicated during the relevant period using applications that feature encryption or that do not provide for long-term retention of data.   Further, the hackers of the Russian government and…

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Why David Lammy is a New Che Guevara who courageously, fearlessly and factually compares Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg to Nazis and Hitler

Why is David Lammy a New Che Guevara?


In this blog, I intend to express why I think so.  So let me begin explaining my thinking.

In an interview with Andrew Marr, David Lammy factually accused Boris Johnson for being close with Steve Bannon. Mr Lammy said, “We do know that Boris Johnson is with Steve Bannon who is a white supremacist.” And that was a fact.

David Lammy also showed facts and accused with facts Jacob Rees-Mogg for supporting the far right in Germany.

He said “We have in the ERG and in Jacob Rees-Mogg someone who is happy to put onto his web pages the horrible, racists AFD party. A party that is Islamophobic and on the far right of the German system.” And again what Mr Lammy said here was a fact.

Further, Mr Lammy said: “We do know that there are links between Viktor Orban and Salvini and others. And that is a fact too.

So then, allow me to say here that through this form of factual speech and reason, Mr Lammy showed with facts that Europe and USA is supporting a New Nazi way of thinking that is comparable to past Nazis. And therefore his appeal was for justice and unity of humanity at the very bottom.

And what Mr Lammy said here was first courageous and secondly right. Because we all see the rise of New Nazis across Europe. So shall we deny the...

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Julian Assange’s Arrest means “Free Speech” is behind bars by Imperialist Western Politics

In the western world has begun a happy “Imperialist saga” that has no end. And this “imperialist saga” means that whoever achieves somehow to uncover the evil of the powerful politics and politicians must be oppressed.

So every time a whistle-blower rings the bells of truth, courts and politicians appeal for their arrest. It was the same with the hero, Edward Snowden, the same with Chelsea Manning and it is the same with Julian Assange.

Wow! But I ask here, "How can our western politics be so treacherous?
And what is this demand for the arrest of people who achieve to inform the people for an evil thinking and doing of a certain government?

We have seen for years the UK police standing like wolves in wait of their prey outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Their reason was sexual assault allegations made against Assange in Sweden.  Allegations for which Julian Assange has always maintained his innocence.

However, after Assange was arrested early today, CNN wrote, “Today, it seems, Assange was right.” That meant, the reason of why the U.K Government had been waiting for so many years in front of the Ecuadorian embassy had been to extradite him to the USA.

Theresa May was quick to highlight her treacherous thinking in the U.K Parliament by saying that no one is “above the law.” However, those who killed innocent people in Yemen, Syria and Palestine. And the backdoor politics of the U.K that supported all these murders seem to be above all and any human....

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For a Free Palestine only a few hundreds of People Stood Up! For Pro Brexit and Tommy Robinson Hundreds of Thousands of people blocked Westminster! For the Anti Brexit rally almost a Million people hit the streets! Dr ACactivism explains what is wrong with today British and Non-British people

If logic springs from truth, then from where does the logic of today spring? Here allow me to note by saying that the logic of today can be easily withdrawn from our today thinking and doing. So here I ask, “For what thing or ideal do most of the people of today care for? For economic power? Yes, that is the truth whether we like…

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The Hypocrisy of the UK Media Journalists is Comparable to the Hypocrisy of Ancient Barbarians who Stoned People to death to Protect their Laws and Ideals. Adam Johnson’s Victim and Shamima Begum are my examples

U.K Media journalists have resorted to three tactics to easily silence my voice, the voice of Dr ACactivism, as a foreign writer. First they never invite me in their media Studios to take part with ideas. Secondly, they ignore my voice and my ideas, when I oppose them. So they drown out my voice easy-peasy. And thirdly, they block me on twitter.

How good does that sound to you as a reader?

The latest one to block me on twitter, was a hyena-like mouth called Olivier Brown.

But why did he do that? one may I ask.

It seems as if he was bothered too much from a few questions!

For I made to Oliver Grovelling Brown a few question on twitter. And it seems that U.K arrogant Media Journalists can’t endure one questioning their arrogance, and the interest of their class of luxury, fame and reputation!

You know how good they are? They are great writers! But with a penchant and a way of thinking that is comparable in style to that of ancient barbarians, I want to say.

In short, I see that the U.K Media Journalists through their thinking minds, they love to stone people to death. But they do not want to do so with their hands. More exactly, they love to do that with their pens.

However,  the latter way of thinking is even more evil than the former. Because the inspiration of the pen coming from the reputation of the U.K Media Monopolies inspires millions. That’s the problem. You get it?

Well, let us come to the point now. And please, allow me first to begin with the 15-year-old, Shamima Begum. And show you how some journalists and politicians of the U.K media turn mud into water when they want. And manipulate human thinking for the sake of their ego and greed.

For example, the New Nazi, Piers Morgan, a famous journalist, wrote that Shamima Begum “to go and f**k herself and to rot in hell. Jeremy Hunt, a politician, said in an interview to the Metro, “Ms Begum knew the risks when she ran away from home in east London aged 15 to marry a Daesh militant.”

However, here is also a contradiction of thinking. For instance, Sky News Middle East correspondent said to

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Don’t Give Publicity to Close-Minded Terrorists. Dr ACactivism explains that Truth is divided in two levels, “One level of the Logic of Truth is the Truth of human Existence. And the second level of the logic of Truth is the truth that….

                          Many people here may ask: “What do you mean by that idea, do not give publicity to close-minded terrorists, are you telling us to not tell the truth?   Well, to these simple-minded people, that probably have a journalistic background, I will answer. What is truth for you?   So here I…

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ChristChurch Shootings in New Zealand: Dr ACactivism Explains why today every Muslim must blame the Preachers of Death, BBC and Western Media in General who Used their Global Power to Spread Global Hatred and Islamophobia

  “Anti-Muslim rhetoric often associates Muslims with terrorism and extremism, or portrays the presence of Muslim communities as a threat to national identity.” OSCE, Bias against Muslims.    So today, the terrorist actions that happened in New Zealand speak louder than the facts that we are going to say. But it is our facts that we are going to say that make the link in…

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