Why I, Dr ACactivism, and you, oppressed people of the U.K, should Mourn the Victims of the London Bridge Terrorist Attack. And why this tragedy is man-made?

In this world of suffer and pain, in this world of corruption and injustice, nothing remains to us, humans, but mourn the victims of natural and political tragedies.

A few days ago, I was mourning the victims of a natural tragedy, that happened in Albania. Today, 01st December 2019, I will mourn the victims of a political tragedy or man-made tragedy. And I will tell you why the second tragedy is a political one.

The tragedy that happened in Albania is authentically a natural tragedy and needs no explanations. While what happened in London is politically man-made. And it needs thinking to unravel and discover its inner meaning.

So first of all let me explain my reason by speaking in a subjective way of thinking. And so telling you why I will mourn the victims of the London Bridge Terrorist Attack in the same way that I mourned the victims of the natural tragedy that happened in Albania.

Where over 40 people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands left homeless.

London Bridge is a place where I walk at least two or three times per week. And some times I pass there more often. So in London bridge could have been me, could have been you or anyone that lives in London, U.K or that visits us here.

So then, I will mourn because U.K and London is my home already for ten years and the place where I call my home and live. And that’s why U.K for me is equal to Albania.

Now to come to the political part. And to the political ideas and ideals. And to politicians and journalists in particular that with their wrong way of thinking and doing endanger our lives daily.

So let me tell you here why it is the ruling classes of today that have alienated the people of today beyond... (please subscribe at Dr ACactivism to read the full blog and donate if you can to support independent thinking.)

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Dr ACactivism writes: On Prison and Rehabilitation, – on the criminal turned a hero and the criminal committing another crime the answer is….

According to the Twitter News, one of the men who helped thwart the attack has been revealed to be a convicted murderer on day-release from prison.


Now if we compare both ways of thinking here. The criminal, who killed two other innocent humans, and the criminal who became a hero after almost 16 years, then we come to the following conclusions.


Usman Khan, who went to kill others, was someone who had almost a year that had been released from prison.So logically this criminal, who committed a terroist attack in London bridge, has not been rehabilitated or educated properly. Or he has been re-educated with ideals of terror and terrorism. Or he has played dice with all thinking and pretended like he was interested on the good life.


While the criminal, who became a hero, is a person who has understood the meaning, power, and the right way of thinking among others in a peaceful and creative way.


So it does not need a big philosophy to come to the conclusions that what makes one a human, and what can also turn the eyes and minds of criminals towards humanity and human thinking and doing is....

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London Bridge Terrorist Attack. The BBC, The Guardian, Sky News, U.K Media in general, for the first time in recent decades do not describe the Terrorist as “Islamic Extremist or Islamic Terrorist” in their headlines. Even though the terrorist believed in Islam. Is it because of Dr ACactivism decade-long criticism?

I want to be honest with you, dear reader. I cried a little bit and dropped a few hot tears unconsciously. When I swiftly surfed across google and social media and saw that the U.K NEWS MEDIA MONOPOLIES had not written, "Islamic Terrorist or Islamic Terrorism or Islamic extremism in their headlines.


Well, to be honest it was only the headlines that the U.K Media had changed. For the close-minded and evil reporters of the U.K media weren't able to refrain themselves in the body of their blogs. For in there still they spoke indirectly but clearly of how much they hate those who preach the religion of Islam. And Islam as a religion itself.

This form of hatred against a certain enemy and created scapegoated can be seen in all human history. Working classes always were a scapegoat of the ruling classes, black people a scapegoat of white people in the European imperialism and colonialism era. Jews were a scapegoat of Nazis. And in the recent decades "ISLAM" has been a scapegoat of U.K and Western media in general.

So the change of the headlines in the U.K NEWS MEDIA MONOPOLIES wasn't radical with self-awareness and humanity. But still journalists and media editors seemed to have made all of a sudden a big step forward towards what is human, what is right and what is just.

For, to be honest, I had written for years for a change in the way U.K media describes terrorists and criminals of minority backgrounds in the U.K. I had written for years against the way U.K thought and described minorities, when one of them happened to commit a crime.


At the end, what has terrorism to do with a religion? Doesn't good lose its meaning through a bad action? So shouldn't we  stop calling a religious person, a religious person, when he commits a terrorist action? And isn't a good person called a criminal if one day he wakes up and kills someone? So? Just think for yourself.


Anyways, who am I to speak to you? Do I work for the U.K MEDIA NEWS MONOPOLIES or the rich? No of course.

I am simply an independent thinker of Albanian origin, an oppressed immigrant and oppressed voice in London who never gets invited to speak and participate with IDEAS in the headquarters of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES. This is who I am. Unheard and oppressed on purpose by the intelligent artists who control today social power in the U.K.

(I will insert the links of some of my blogs that have spoken against the ideals and the injustice that is made by U.K News Media Monopolies at the end of this blog.)


In short though, in the recent decades, every single time, when a terrorist attack happened in London or U.K or even Europe and the terrorist was a person who had faith in the religion of Islam and unfortunately not in the religion of Dr ACactivism called “Creativism Religion or any other religion, the journalists of the U.K Media wrote in their headlines “Islamic terrorist or, Islamic extremist.” And so on venting their anger against Islam and spreading hatred against a religion. And in the same time linking terrorism to Islam.


But why were the U.K media bosses and journalists so intelligently cruel in their hearts and minds? is the question.

Of course, with this form of description the journalists of the U.K Media Monopolies intended to kill three birds with a stone. First they distracted attention from the imperialist murders of the U.K and Europe in Middle East. And secondly, they blamed others, they created a big enemy, Islam, like Nazis created “Judaism and Jews.

And the third bird here was in the fact that by creating an enemy and scapegoating a “religion,” the U.K media journalists achieved to unite us here. For we all see that when a terrorist attack happens we are more united, we love each other more. And so we have trust in the U.K media more than ever.

All what goes on in our minds here is subconscious.
For example, consciously the U.K MEDIA through its writings makes us think and believe that together we have a....
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We, Albanians, are mourning the victims of a Natural Tragedy. Still I see love in pain. I see a united Albania, United Balkan Nations and United people working for Humanity

An earthquake that happened during the night of 26th November, 2019 in Albania created a national tragedy for us, Albanians. 40 people have died so far, hundreds have been injured and thousands have remained homeless.   This tragedy was brought to us by nature. And we can’t do anything about it, but mourn, cry to the silent heavens in pain, and work to support the…

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Robert Peston of the ITV News Monopolies stands with a Double Knife against Free Palestine. As a New Nazi writer and Proud Jew, Robert Peston Supports the Baseless Criticism of Chief Rabi against Jeremy Corbyn with an underlying EVIL Purpose to KNIFE A FREE PALESTINE

One thing makes me wonder why is this Chief Rabi up at this time, that is close to general elections in the U.K, against Jeremy Corbyn? And why is Robert Peston, that works for the News Monopolies of the ITV, speaking with a heavy heart in support of Chief Rabbi Mirvis at this time again?


Whoops, in two weeks we will have general elections in the U.K. And Jeremy Corbyn has called illegal the Blocade of the Gaza Strip. And so spoken in support of a Free Palestine.


Further, the Labour Party Manifesto 2019 clearly states that it will suspend the sale of arms to Israel for arms used in violation of the Human rights of Palestinian civilians.


So then both Chief Rabbi and Robert Peston know what they are doing. They want... (Please subscribe to read the philosophic blog and donate to support independent thinking)

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Why Boris Johnson is a Nazi Politician. Be careful before casting the vote for this solider of Adolf Hitler

When you call out a politician as being “Nazi” usually the minds of the people go to the crimes of Nazis. But that is not a right way of thinking. Why not? you may ask.


I think so because what makes one Nazi is the similarity of thinking with Nazis. Not the amount of crimes a politician has committed or that intends to commit. Is this right?

Anyways, allow me please to unfold my ideas and the truth in this blog. And speak about a video shared by Boris Johnson on twitter on 8/11/2019. A video in which Boris Johnson makes for Nazi points in 30 seconds of time.


Let me begin with the first point.

Boris Johnson praises the... (Please subscribe to read the full blog and donate to support independent thinking)

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Why Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is closer in thinking to Washington Post Journalists and Western Media and Politics than Religious Scholars and Religious thinking

It is strange, how the same journalists, the same media and the same intellectuals, or cruel barbarians and priestly intellectuals, who created the Daesh Terrorist group by heaping hatred towards the religion of Islam. Today they again turn their eyes in victory for the last time against the alienated souls and keep linking Islam to terrorism.

These pseudo journalists or writers, who grovel for social power like worms, for sure that they have learnt how to write. They also have learnt how to intelligently spread hatred and divisions.

Nevertheless, these close-minded creatures, that dedicate their lives to sick careers on media and money power, have not learnt yet how to become humans. They are still primitives. Or even primates in relation to the vocation of the writer a humanity.

Islam and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has no relation, and no logical connection with....

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The 39 Dead Bodies, All Immigrants and Foreigners that were found in a container in Essex, are a RESPONSIBILITY of the British People and British Politicians not of Human Traffickers. The World Can’t Be More EVIL.

If you haven’t lived a civil war like I have in the Albania of 1997. If you haven’t experienced a Kosovo war and seen your people being butchered as a teenager. If you have never ever seen your people oppressed and murdered, then what feeling or thinking or experience of the human pain do you have as a simple person, teacher, preacher or philosopher?

So that’s why here in this blog, I want to write about my way of thinking and the way I see a just, fair and good world.

So let me begin with the ideas of WARS. Who is creating the wars of today, Imperialists powers or small nations, that from necessity are pushed to take sides, with "A Devil" or "B Devilish" power?

Wars are created by imperialist powers such as the USA, U.K, France, Germany, Russia etc.


Who created the YEMENI war, who supported Saudi Arabia with arms and military techniques and war tactics? Who flared the flames and even created the Syrian Civil War? Who keeps Palestine under siege and continually oppressed and exploited? It was and it is the U.K and a few other imperialist powers.

If the truth is as I put it on this Microsoft document or metaphorically on the table, then why shouldn’t you blame the BRITISH PEOPLE and the British Politics for their Imperialist part and thinking? Eh? Because you are a sheep person and can't think properly? Because "truth" and logic hurt you deep? Eh?

First you create the wars, gentlemen. Then you push innocent people, who want to leave from war zones, to leave their countries. And the third action that you do is “Close your borders and take no RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for you actions that are done behind the scenes and barely mentioned by the corporate corrupt U.K and European media. So?


So can this planet and this world be more evil than it is?

Essentially, then, and by the logic of facts and truth and reason, and human values, from where I derive my judgement always, the suffer of these 39 people, the choking to death of these people in the container, and the murder of these people is a RESPONSIBILITY of the British people and British politicians.

We need a different way of thinking in Europe, gentlemen. And in the world at large as well. We can’t continue like this, wage wars, take no RESPONSIBILITY, close the borders of Europe, and party hard like animals in London, Ibiza and across the main cities of Europe. While at the same time, on the other part of the world, a world towards which we direct our guns and our bullets, people are suffering and dying and are choked to death from our IRRESPONSIBLE ACTIONS.

So that's why we need some form of change in our planet, dear gentlemen and you gentle ladies who party hard. We need a different way of thinking. Like more..... (subscribe for Free to read the full Philosophic Blog and share it to raise AWARENESS please)

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Say no to Injustice, Oppression and Silence. Why Catalonia is a Karma to Europe for the Murdered Women and Children in Middle East

We as a European Continent have a language through which we can communicate with each other. And this Language is called English.

However, we do not have a POLITICAL CULTURE. And we need a political culture today more than ever.

But why do we need it? You may ask. We need a political culture to say no to injustice, to say no to oppression and to stand up in solidarity with other people across Europe and across the world. That's why we need a political culture.

Today we see what is happening in Catalonia. We see the police brutality. We see how peaceful protesters are beaten by new fascist Spanish police. We see how people are covered in blood like they are some wild animals waiting to be slaughtered by Spanish Police. And we see the silence of Europe at the end.

However, what is happening in Catalonia is a lesson to Europe. And somehow a "KARMA" for the silence that has continued in the recent decades in relation to the people that are murdered and oppressed through our taxes and politics in Middle East.


And this Karma and this silence need a thinking humanity that....

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Police Brutality against Peaceful CATALONIA protesters show that Europe hasn’t changed at all

We all have eyes and see what is going on in Barcelona in the recent days. Police are brutally beating and dragging away peaceful protesters. Soaking Catalonia in human blood. Reports say that Many people have lost an eye and hundreds have ended up in Hospital. Pain and police brutality is seen everywhere. Catalonia is oppressed and on fire. Yet there is neither the politicians…

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