Paid £1.1 million by the ITV, Piers Morgan caught spreading open RACISM towards Black People by Dr ACactivism

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Piers Morgan wrote in his headline at the Daily Mail, “This senseless sheriff-shooting by a cowardly black criminal is just as horrific as George Floyd’s death at the knee of a cowardly white cop – and if you don’t agree, you’re part of the problem.”

Do you see any problem here? What if you read the entire blog, would you think that something would gnaw your soul based on the headline of this blog?

The entire blog of Piers Morgan, that mostly speaks about the shooting of two deputy sheriffs in Compton, Los Angeles, like an alien, does not describe the cops, who brutally murdered George Floyd, as being criminals. Yet he calls the people who shot the sheriff in Compton, LA, as “black CRIMINALS.” Wow!

Obviously, this form of writing is a clear open RACISM by Piers Morgan.

And of course, they are used to racism. And getting away with it.

For if something happens by an Albanian, for example, they scream their guts out, “ALBANIAN CRIMINALS.”

Similarly, when something happens by a 000000000.1 percent of black people. They scream their brains out, BLACK CRIMINALS.

I had not read anything so open and so cruel towards black folks in a while. I used to hear the Daily Mail speak against Albanians and immigrants. But not so against black people.

So I feel shocked. How dare they be so openly Racist?

But what do you expect from a billionaire Media that pays an intelligent new NAZI, like Piers Morgan, £1.1 million for promoting RACISM and hatred?