Palestinian Protest in Front of the BBC MEDIA MONOPOLIES! But there were no JOURNALISTS to report the truth and people’s struggle for Freedom and justice from the Corrupted UK MEDIA

Today UK MEDIA Journalists are a shame to the ideas of Justice and Freedom. They are a pity to the idea of humanity. And this is why. Let me tell you the truth, and the reason of it, as it is with no fear and no regret for telling it.



On the first of December, 2018, Palestinian Solidarity Campaign held a protest in front of the BBC’s headquarters at 3pm. I was present in there and it lasted for almost 2 hours. Poets, activists and people who love freedom and justice appealed for a Free Palestine and Justice.


Why did we protest? You may ask.


This protest happened because the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign demands that the BBC withdraws from the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. And I went there to do my citizen duty. That means, to stand for our human values and stand with the oppressed not oppressors.


The message was clear. And the protest had a great meaning.


The message of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign was great and had a meaning. In their website they say, “Join the protest calling on BBC to withdraw from the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest hosted by Israel, to avoid being complicit in Israel’s ongoing violations of Palestinian human rights.” (Taken from the article. BBC Protest: Boycott Eurovision in Israel 2019.)


So if the message was great, then what essential Democratic Value was missing in this protest do you think?


In the protest, we saw people, we saw placards being held up for JUSTICE and FREEDOM, we saw speakers, we saw police. And saw even those who support the oppressive politics of Israel holding the flag of Israel. However, we did no see our supposed democratic Media value.

We didn’t see those who are entrusted to report truth to the people. We didn’t see those who are entrusted by the people to control information and get paid millions for that. In short, we did not see the Journalists of the U.K Media coming to report the truth of what was happening to the people. Even though the protest was in front of the BBC’s Media MONOPOLIES. Wow!


So of course that this Collective media Mafia-like silence impressed me. For there was no Journalist to mention the struggle of today people for freedom and justice. Question, “How comes that the highly paid UK MEDIA journalists aren’t there to report the truth of what is happening, when truth is in front of their headquarters?


This then is called, but CORRUPTION. And CORRUPTION with capital letters. A total silence. Not even a soul from the UK MEDIA journalism present to take notes and report to the people what was going on in front of the BBC!


But this action of COLLECTIVE SILENCE is not only a SHAME though. This action is rather a collective GUILT. Intelligent people from the UK MEDIA headquarters refusing to report then truth of what is happening. And make people aware that there is a struggle against their corrupted ideas.


During the protest, I asked a few people live on twitter, I said to all of them, “What is your message for the UK MEDIA journalism? And what do you think when you don’t see the U.K MEDIA journalists present to report the struggle of the people for freedom and justice?


A poet, among the people, was too critic and called the U.K Media Journalists and their silence corrupted and New Fascist in nature. The secretary of the Jewish Voice for Labour when he was speaking on the podium said, “Never with the oppressors, always with the oppressed. However, at the end, when I went close to him and asked him about our politics of oppression and murder, he was generous and welcoming to the silence of the Journalists of the U.K Media! What a Hypocrisy!!!


Even though, I reminded to Kein, who was the secretary of the Jewish Voice for labour, what the greatest philosopher in Europe has said in regard to the idea of justice and freedom. That was, the idea that one who wants to call himself a writer and takes a pen and speech as his way of thinking and doing, then he has to use his pen and speech to protect freedom and justice.


Still the secretary of the political movement, Jewish Voice for Labour, protected the crystal-clear corruption of the UK Media Journalism. Trying to be as little of a critic as possible. In this way, he became contradictory to his cry against OPPRESSORS, that was the reason why I tried to speak to him. For at the end, he protected oppressors and was ignorant to the great ideals of Humanity.


There was joy in pain anyways. For at the end of my interview, there was an old woman that was like a cake after a bad meal. For she spoke with great honesty and said a great message for the U.K Media Journalists. She said to the UK MEDIA Journalists, “Don’t be pressured. And courage to report the Truth.” Good, isn’t it?


My last prayer:

Free Palestine, Free World and down with oppressors and hypocrites who defend injustice, oppression through sophistry and on behalf of some filthy papers or money power.



Dr ACactivism