Police Brutality against Peaceful CATALONIA protesters show that Europe hasn’t changed at all

We all have eyes and see what is going on in Barcelona in the recent days. Police are brutally beating and dragging away peaceful protesters. Soaking Catalonia in human blood.

Reports say that Many people have lost an eye and hundreds have ended up in Hospital. Pain and police brutality is seen everywhere. Catalonia is oppressed and on fire.

Yet there is neither the politicians of Europe nor the media of Europe raising its voice loud enough to condemn the New Fascist thinking of the Spanish police and politicians. Hello you there?

So what is this thing that has changed from the past and that we can enjoy in the present, then?

Nothing has changed in Europe. We are happy because we have found a little peace among each other in Europe by killing others. The others here are innocent people in Middle East and those who are outside of what is called “Western world.”

So now we all see again what happens when you oppose Power and demand Freedom in Europe, right?

It is police brutality, oppression and mind-control that make up the values of today Europe. A few rich monsters control us. Their greed is out of control. Still we say “Thank you” forever to them. And we say thank you to them through our silence.

But when a nation or a community or a people is not free then no one is free. Especially when a people is oppressed by the politics and politicians that we fund with our taxed.

Free Catalonia