RACIST Murdering Nazis of the Sun before mentioning Albanians First make a Catharsis of your Evil Souls and evil thinking. You and all the FASCISTS of the British Imperialist Media Wash your mouths when you say “Albanian or Albania”


If there is something noble in a human, then that is the will for FREEDOM and JUSTICE.


But what FREEDOM do we, Albanians, have? We still do not have our rights to work in the continent where we were born. I’ve lived myself in chains in democratic times. And now in the U.K, we do not have the basic human rights of movement.


Like to be able and come here freely or at least be able and bring our relatives to see us here. Just like all Europeans can and do. Let alone the rights to work here with human dignity. For that HUMAN RIGHT is impossible for the weak to demand. So?


So from the idea of FREEDOM we move on to the idea of JUSTICE. What kind or form JUSTICE has the strongest of Europe done to us, Albanians, when they still do not give us our rights to work in our own continent, where we were born?

So the lack of this human rights give to us, Albanians, that noble feeling of seeking and fighting for freedom. A Freedom that is taken to us by the powerful European Wolf who wants to impose its will on the weak of this continent that he oppresses and controls by controlling the economy of the World.


Now what is noble in a nation, you may ask?


In a nation is NOBLE the idea of SELF-DEFENCE. And we Albanians historically have fought to defend ourselves from the foreign invaders – greedy barbarians who wanted more for themselves by going to oppress and murder others.

And what is the opposite feeling of Nobleness, is it abhorrence or nausea? So what is abhorring in a nation then?

In a nation collectively it is abhorring the idea, will or feeling that intends to attack, invade and enslave other free nations. For what is more evil on this planet then taking guns and bombs and murdering innocent people around our planet? And isn’t the U.K and European imperialism doing just this today, in our time?


“So then, dear gentlemen and you gentle ladies, it comes to pass that the strongest will never understand or try at least to understand the pain of the weak.”



But why so? Why is the strongest so cruel, so diabolic, so murderous, so oppressive and so British in his soul?

Sure, this happens because the strongest historically has physical Power over the weak.


I am saying here “Physical power,” not human reason that holds in balance thinking and doing. And makes one think and feel of humanity through human empathy and the idea of the “GOOD” for all of the humans.


But who is the strongest?


The strongest is the European or non-European who cut the heads of humans in the past. And held these cut Human heads up in “Glory” in front of their idolizers. The strongest who slowly hanged, broke people on the wheel, burnt at stake and made drugs illegal through some ILLOGICAL CRIMINAL LAWS. Laws that are made by the powerful in all European history to control the oppressed masses like sheep.



Today the strongest has, however, shifted his way of thinking. The strongest murders en masse and is always behind these murders as a mastermind. From the intelligent thinking and doings of Adolf Hitler in Europe to the intelligent thinking and doing of Churchill in India and up to today, the strongest thinks how and how to murder and profit intelligently from mass murders.


The last wars in Middle East, the oppression of Palestine, destruction of Syria and mass murders in Yemen show and prove my above reason.


In short, the intelligent monopolises everything on earth, invades and enslaves others for their economic interest.


Today the strongest hires “SOLDIERS” sends them to drop bombs in middle East. And tell them to write on these “BOMBS,” a message for the intelligent media to write, “This is for Manchester or U.K or Europe.” And then scores of innocent people are turned into ashes, innocent women and children and men, just like that die and finish life on earth.


Today the strongest controls INFORMATION in a global scale. And spreads hate in a global scale.


The strongest listens Andrew Neil calling Islam a “Death cult Religion” at the BBC. And calls the latter a “second Churchill for scapegoating an entire religion. And for spreading global hatred against Islam through the power of the global media.


The strongest today is a mass murderer. An evil and cruel and monstrous creature that recognizes no humanity and no human feeling before the idea of MONEY and POWER.

The strongest thinks like Theresa May thought back in 2016 in regard to trade with nations who murder innocent people with the British guns, ““There will be some people in the UK who say we shouldn’t seek stronger trade and security ties with these countries because of their record on human rights.”


So I ask the intelligent of the British media and the oppressed here, “How good is that, to spread hate, murder and glorify “hate and murder” on your Monopolistic Media headquarters?


Let me tell you that for barbarians and barbarism that’s glory, that’s honor being taken back, gentlemen.


Also, the strongest is the intelligent Imperialist Barbarian who invaded, colonized and destroyed the weak or weak nations from the beginning of the capitalist mode of production.

So committing mass murders in Africa, Asia and USA for the benefit of the strongest European Barbarians. Who today control the world through a clear Money Power advantage.


And at last, the strongest is the new Nazi, new Fascist, new Imperialist journalist of the UK, USA and European media that has Monopolized information. And imposes and dictates to the world its WILL willy-nilly through the reputation and Authority of this MONOPOLISTIC Hypocrite and rich media. A rich media that makes human souls vomit their existence out in hell.


Well but who is the STRONGEST of TODAY? I didn’t make the point of the strongest of Europe in vain.


For the STRONGEST of Europe are the people who call Albanians ruthless at the Sun. And who call Albanians organised criminal mafia at the Guardian.

To be sure, they are but the descendants of Adolf Hitler-like way of thinking who have learnt to blame the weak and the oppressed for their benefit. And by telling some facts that are created by CONDITIONS.

“The Mafia Shqiptare, the Albanian organised criminal syndicates,” speaks the left Guardian in describing Albanians.


While the Sun or the darkness of Europe speaks through the mouth of Martin Beckford and calls Albanians “highly organised and ruthless Albanian cartels.”


Later on Mr Nazi Martin Beckford points out what “the U.K National Crime Agency has said.

“The threat faced from Albanian crime groups is significant”

National Crime Agency. He wrote.


Now in saying this, they turn HYPOCRISY and Hate against Minorities into reason. They, the intelligent journalists, try to prove it that this is a REASONABLE FACT said by the people within organisations that we TRUST. So that’s why we must hate these people.


In short, the journalists of both the Guardian and the Sun kill two birds with a stone. For they first fool the British people by blaming the oppressed and the weakest part of this nation – Albanians. And secondly they keep the oppressed British masses happy by moving attention from what is IMPORTANT in this nation. Like the innocent murders committed by the British politicians.




But why should Mark Townsend and Martin Beckford deal with those Albanian people who sell cocaine in London instead of dealing with the murdered women and children in Yemen by the English guns and English imperialism?


Is it because they want to create scapegoats and enemies of this nation in each time and in each year and each month and each day? So to keep the oppressed British people happy like pigs by blaming others? And camouflage the evils of the British politicians?


What is the highest form of evil on earth?

Drugs are plants. You buy them because you want. That’s the freedom of choice in free human beings. But selling guns to criminal nations and arming ARMIES that murder innocent people is an action that shows a clear murder of people. And having no pangs of conscience when you murder innocent people is the highest form of EVIL.


And logically then the creators of this high form of evil show to be the British media journalists and British politicians.



For the silence of the U.K media, left or right, that does not cry for justice and does not appeal for the British politicians to be brought to justice, when these U.K politicians murder innocent people in Middle East, is guilty and murderous. It is MAFIA-LIKE and CRIMINAL.



The Question of Moral is not the Question of the Illogical Laws made by the Powerful Oppressors.


So in terms of moral. Selling cocaine is a business. And is not morally wrong in any way of logical thinking. What you as STATE POWER want to dictate me what to drink and smoke? Are you CRAZY?

Cocaine is not poison. It doesn’t poison you.

I’ve tried it myself and it has made me feel bad. But others feel good with it. So who are you to dictate to another human being what to buy or sell?


Oppressors of EUROPE haven’t understood as yet the idea of FREEDOM. They still carry on with a will to oppress, murder and control the weak.


Who told you is wrong to sell cocaine? English science and English laws?


The English Imperialist thinking of the 18th Century who calls Black people “Monkeys” through English science. And then finds the moral to kidnap 12lve million black people and send them in the USA to build America? And after the same English Imperialist has murdered all the aborigines


If someone wants to buy cocaine why don’t you sell it if you have?


But what about the moral of selling guns to a CRIMINAL nation that Murders? When you know Israel and Saudi Arabia murder innocent people. Isn’t that like going to sell guns to a well-known criminal? The  logic of the U.K MEDIA journalists is anti human. It is imperialist. That means the strongest should win with a gun on his hand and ideas on the paper. That means, the strongest should have a plan of how to murder, invade and control. That’s how the fascist, collective wolf-like thinking of the U.K media journalism think.



From where do I get this logic or answer, you may ask?


Here the U.K media journalism, the Sun etc., does not demand justice when this ideal is needed to be pointed out. They do not call for justice when women and children are murdered in Yemen from the U.K military tactics and guns of the U.K. When Palestine is oppressed and murdered and abused every day from the fascist thinking of Israeli politics, that are supported by the U.K politics and U.K arms’ sale. So what left unanswered then?



So the greatest abhorring idea in a nation is the idea and fact when a nation supports with their taxes and their children a Political power that goes out in our world and invades, murders, enslaves other FREE NATIONS.


Who is this country that us doing this? The U.K?


To be sure a nation that funds a murderous middle and ruling class that controls them like sheep and uses their children to murder and enslave others. For who goes to drop bombs in Middle East and kill innocent people? The children of David Cameron? Or the children of ordinary people who want to get some big salaries by participating in the army power and murdering innocent people?

(In this photo are the Palestinian children that are murdered by the Israeli Soldiers that are supported morally, politically and with guns by the U.K)


So why did the Sun point out Albanians, then? This is a tactic of the strongest to appease the oppressed masses by blaming the weak.


(Yemeni children left to starve to death by the cruel and mean and evil BRITISH POLITICS that are funded by the very BRITISH people. All of them silent and working hard to fund their murderous politics and politicians with their taxes…)




For as I said there is nothing morally wrong in selling cocaine. But there is a clear reason that tells you that you are wrong if you sell arms to people or nations that you know that they murder innocent innocent people. Or when you go to support this nations with military tactics like the Murderous U.K politics do.


So you RACIST Murdering Nazis of the Sun before mentioning Albanians First make a Catharsis of your Evil Souls and evil thinking. You and all the FASCISTS of the British Imperialist Media Wash your mouths when you say “Albanian or Albania.”


Because it is not only the Sun that longs to call Albanians, criminals. It is also the most left wing newspaper in the U.K,M the Guardian that calls Albanians criminals and describes them as evil. When evil it is the New Nazi, New fascist and criminal British politics.


(The Guardian link https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/13/kings-of-cocaine-albanian-mafia-uk-drugs-crime

The Sun



For we Albanians never went to kill other people. Nor did we have the imperialist, new Nazi or New Fascist power of the U.K. We are still oppressed. And still we are fighting for our basic human rights among the strongest oppressors and murderers of Europe. And to fight for the real ideas of FREEDOM and JUSTICE is noble in an individual and nation.



The U.K has lost this human nobleness individually by funding a murderous POLITICAL SYTEM. And NATIONALLY by keeping a death-like silence that is worse than that action and thinking of the Germans who supported Adolf Hitler to create gas chambers and the rest that we all know.