Read my Message for the today past Germans who supported Adolf Hitler to murder and gas 7 million Jews, but live in our today U.K. And my message for the same Germans who want to be in the right side of History.


A thinking humanity that is being oppressed will be unacceptable to the animal world of the philistines that merely enjoys what others have created. That was what Marx said.

I said, “War is not Peace,” in the Eurovision. Do you like our U.K government waging wars and killing innocent people? Do you like our media controlling information and controlling us like sheep and slaves? Do you like U.K Government prostituting women by laws?

Now you German Nazis of our U.K, all of you see the Murderers of the BBC, ITV, Sky News, etc., the U.K media in general, that controls Information. And oppresses our voices. Then why do you, German Nazis, stand for Oppression? Why do you stand with these people who act like Adolf Hitler? Because it fits to your brute and animal interest? Because you don’t think of humanity in general, but think only of Adolf Hitler and Nazis that feed you? Because you are loveless and oppression has murdered your human feelings?


Because you don’t have sympathy for the today Jewish artists, (not today Jews but us, past Jews, who fight against those who have turned into powerful machines) that are murdered and silenced by the very Adolf Hitlers?



We as humans stand for great values, peace, freedom, equality, humanity, justice and so on. But where are all of these values. Our values and our humanity are being murdered by the very intelligent. And my stand in Eurovision, even though I was passing out or maybe I died, was to stand against the very intelligent of our U.K – artists, journalists and media organisations.


So this is a message for those who support oppression and “Adolf Hitlers of today” that manipulate them with a royal baby and sweet birds. And on other hand uses them, and oppress us, the thinking humanity of today.


As my message for those past Germans that live in our today U.K but that want to be in the right side of history is, “Keep resisting and standing for the values that we stand – peace, justice and freedom.


Dr A.C