Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall of BBC – Resign. You have the Prostitute and Criminal Personalities and should Resign. Read How A Human Reasons


We are the products of a violent world. We are the products of a violent planet. We still live in a violent planet that is full of suffer and pain. Full of suffer and pain’ I am saying. But how comes that ‘Violent Messages,’ that for many, many, too many years the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio One Xtra spread are not condemned by Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall that are at the top of the BBC?


I ask you; ‘what do barbarians of all times have in common?

Pause. Think.

I’m telling you that it is ‘Violence.’

Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall may have studied at Oxford and other famous universities. And so they may think that they are the ones that know everything. They may think that they are the wise guys of London Town and fare with an air of a know-it-all. Sure!


But in essence they do not know about ground reality, nor do they know how to match and blend the philosophic with the realistic. Because it belongs to the self-educated who has seen with his eyes, has listen and has learned and can tell you how things work.


Tony Hall and Rona Fairhead of the BBC do not know how many times I have been threatened by these people that listen all day the BBC Radio One Xtra and their brutal djs.


Rona Faihead and Tony Hall do not know many things. They do not know that many rappers that have preached hatred have been the authors and the artists. They have been the characters and the writers. 2 Pac was himself a gangster, a criminal and an artist. Also to skip rap, Hitler was an artist too. He was a painter. To come back to rap, Jihadi John is an example, a rapper, a terrorist and an artist that DJ Charlie Sloth praised at the BBC. And he praised and made famous Jihadi John at the BBC because he is incompetent in valuing art and in distinguishing between good and evil. He continues to make drug dealers and terrorists famous because he has the support of the hypocrite and low-life beings like Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall of the BBC.


Therefore, as long as Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall do not condemn their violent messages and Violence that the BBC spreads. That means that they have the personalities of Prostitutes and Criminals and barbarians and therefore, they Should – RESIGN. And so leave their post to other people that love Humanism and goodness on earth and that can do better.


And as long as they do not give me an opportunity to sit down and unfold my philosophy for a better entertainment industry and a better hip-hop in particular. That means that they love the way they are doing things. They love the violence that DJs of the BBC spread and they love to continue to destroy humanistic values. Therefore they should RESIGN.


Whomever preaches Violence and Hatred is not an artist. He or she has no artistic means and owns no artistic ideas and he or she has not worked to acquire them.


To glorify guns is not art.

To glorify violence is not art.

To glorify hatred is not art. War is not Peace. Is it?

Art was born to denounce violence, to denounce hatred and to denounce the means that kill humanity and our peace on earth. Art was born to denounce evil and create goodness.


But, the staunch hypocrites of the BBC seem to disagree. You See. They call artists those drug dealers that praise guns, hatred and violence. The folks of the BBC call art and good and creativity; guns, drugs and violence!


Obviously, they do it for the money. Djs earn money when they sell their cds and the BBC makes its profits in this case. Of course that they do. And evil sells, of course that it does.

Now, let me briefly clarify a big misunderstanding that is happening in here and make it clear to the simple-minded people. Make it clear how things work.


When you make a movie you usually mirror and represent the reality; you create antagonists and protagonists and you leave people to see by themselves, what is good and what is bad. When you write a book is almost the same thing. But when you rap you express subjective ideas and thoughts because you write Lyrics in the first person; I make, I do and I create. And so through this method one penetrates deep in the human consciousness.


Many rappers at the BBC pretend to be Poets. But what poets are they, when they glorify violence every single day at the GENUINE BBC?


Art means to fit’ said David Bohm and creativity means to be concerned with the essence of fitting in the ever-changing realtiy.


So the violent messages of the BBC are not art. They do not fit in a humanistic world. Therefore they should be stopped. And younger generations should be inspired and taught with a different philosophy of creating, doing and making.


The novelist David Lodge suggests that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness.


So these masters of feelings, or rappers that always practice the sad and angry emotion, are penetrating deep in the human conscious awareness. Therefore don’t be surprised if you see a London and Europe full of thugs and drug dealers because they reflect and mirror the super-thug-stars at the BBC. And these thugs of the world are directly and indirectly inspired by the thugs of the BBC.


‘I’m language and language is what I express and what I express is what I am’ said once Sartre. I mean language is action, language is thought and in language is contained positivity and negativity of being on earth. ‘Language expresses our thoughts and ideas’ said Martin Heidegger.


Therefore, I think that to continually make use of negative language means to spread negativity. Because words are emotionally charged. Negative language is charged with negative emotions. And this is what the BBC has been doing and is doing so far. The preachers of negativity and hatred and evil are called – the BBC.

And to be honest, the present day Rap is much more influential than even fine poetry of the present or the past because its message is associated with music. And their lyrics swing and swirl in the human minds millions of times, influencing not only the young people, but even those that have not had the chance to study humanism and overcome their animal side. That’s true.


Rap is an evil culture. And violence is evil. But sure that the BBC disagrees. The BBC. For the BBC Love is Hatred and vice versa. The BBC!


And surely Rona Fairhead of the BBC seems to be part of people that have not had the chance to study humanism nor be able to overcome their animalistic side.


If she is competent and human in what she does, then why are there these rappers that preach hatred and terror and evil from the BBC’s headquarters?  Why hasn’t she never ever tried to oppose their ideas of misogyny and brutality? Is it because these matters have nothing to do with her? The same applies for Tony Hall.


Rona Fairhead is the Chairman of the BBC Trust. Tony Hall is the Director-General of the BBC. But what on earth are they doing there then? This is the question; ‘What are they doing at the BBC?


Let me begin with the BBC TRUST.

And this is what the BBC says on google about the BBC Trust;

‘The BBC exists to serve the public, and its mission is to inform, educate and entertain.

The BBC Trust is the governing body of the BBC, and we make sure the BBC delivers that mission.’


The truth is that the BBC Radio 1Xtra has been for years glamorising a gangster lifestyle, preaching hatred and preaching evil. But no one says a thing against that!


DJ Charlie Sloth made famous Jihadi John on 2013 at the BBC, while Jihadi John was terrorizing London. Does that sound good to you?

Rappers or Drug Dealers at BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio One continually glorify guns and drugs and violence. Is this what BBC means by that sentence that; ‘our mission is to inform, educate and entertain?

I as an artist, that I oppose their ideas, have got threats by the editor of the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra ‘Rob Littlejohn. He has used BBC’s power to silence me.


And he sent this ‘THREAT’ on my mobile phone. ‘Don’t mention my name or you have to deal with BBC Legal Team or police’ so he messaged me on December 20014.

So in this way he sent a pure threat on my mobile phone and silenced me for about one year. Blessed be the BBC. The fascist and Evil Power of the BBC.


Tony Hall

And this is what the BBC says on Google about the BBC Trust.

‘The Director-General is chairman of the Executive Board, as well as chief executive and editor-in-chief of the BBC; he is appointed by the BBC Trust.

Roles and responsibilities

The Director-General is the Chief Executive Officer of the BBC, its Editor-in-Chief. He chairs the BBC’s Executive and Executive Team.


With what they tell on Google seems that Tony Hall is appointed by the BBC Trust. It seems that both of them are responsible for what happens at the BBC.

But the reply, that came to my first letter that I sent to the BBC Trust, was from Fran O’Brien that stated ‘Your letter is incomprehensible and does not raise any matters that are for the BBC Trust.

First Fran O’Brien states that my letter was incomprehensible that contradicts the second statement ‘that my letter does not raise any matter that are for the BBC Trust.

They think that people are stupid. But they don’t know that with what they say and do, they show to be like animals that are led by mere instincts and devoid of any logic.


The question comes; ‘How about the links of the videos that preached hatred and evil, and that I sent in my open letter to them, were these videos incomprehensible?

Secondly, how comes that my complaint, that stated that the BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio One are preaching hatred and are making drug dealers and terrorists famous, does not raise any matter that are for the BBC Trust? When at BBC website on Google you say that ”The BBC exists to serve the public, and its mission is to inform, educate and entertain.

Thirdly, how comes that the same message was understood by the BBC Complaints, but not by the BBC Trust. Because the BBC complaints replied and said to me that ‘We do not preach hatred nor do we make terrorists famous. So in this way rejecting the facts that are still on YouTube, but showing the HYPOCRISY of Fran O’Brien, top editor of the BBC, that said that ‘I’m incomprehensible. The criminal sophistry of Fran O’Brien.


I mean their sophistry is unbelievable. Incredible! They will do anything to protect their way and philosophy of their beloved children that preach hatred and evil at the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. That is so because they make money, they make profits. And as long as money and profits are at stake, then they have the rights to shift responsibility and throw dust on people’s eyes.


So Tony Hall like Rona Fairhead seems to enjoy their time at the top of the BBC. They are not doing their job properly. They are shifting responsibility. They are using the most unpredictable sophistry to protect their evil doings. Therefore they should both resign. Their personalities are equal to the personalities of base and low-life prostitutes and criminals that have no love for humanism. They are the killers of humanism.


Humanism means to listen, to learn and in listening and learning to create, but to create based in GOOD not Evil. If we create based in evil, then we will serve planet full of Adolfs. Hitler was an eloquent creator and orator, wasn’t he?


So the preachers of death of the BBC are creating based in evil, they are spreading evil and they threaten anyone who opposes them. I base this fact in my experience.


The Security of the BBC has use intimidation to drive me off the headquarters of the BBC. The editor of the BBC Radio One Xtra has threatened me and has used BBC’s Evil Power to silence me, but still no one tells this truth to the world.

So, what did you think that it is easy to oppose the ideas of a corrupted, brutal and criminal organization like the BBC?


Also, I have unfolded my philosophy of how to bring change, real change. But my ideas get ignored and I as a person have received threats by the BBC. The BBC! The modern Fascists.

I went to protest in front of the BBC the other day, but I found myself surrounded by Gestapo forces or the security of the BBC. They have intimidated me with their power and they have forced me to leave BBC’s territory for many times so far.


If Rona Fairhead thinks that to be the Chairman of the BBC is lovely, but do nothing when humanity calls for action, then she is not doing her job at all. The same applies to Tony Hall. Therefore they both should Resign from their post.

As long as Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall have done nothing so far to stop these rappers from preaching hatred and terror and misogyny at the BBC; that shows that Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall have the personalities of Prostitutes or Criminals. And again this shows that they Both should Resign.


I know what I’m talking about, because I have seen many of these personalities in London Town. These personalities ignore humanity and preach their own thing – inhumane doings and makings.

Even if Rona Fairhead or Tony Hall were simple journalists and had the ability to write a few words, then they would have done something about this social cancer or rap. They would have written an article and denounced these violent messages that are spread by the BBC. But they look fine with all that sickness and evil.


They seem to agree that to preach hatred is ART. They seem to agree that to glorify GUNS means ART. The meaning of art for them now is HATRED and evil. They have changed everything. The great people at the top of the BBC!


Therefore, the fact that THEY are fine with all the terror and hatred and evil that is spread by the BBC that means that they have the Personalities of Prostitutes and Criminals. And need to resign ASAP.

This is the present time. The time of the prostitutes and criminals that govern us, lead the world, put us to war and call Humanism; ‘Terror-ism and vice versa.


The suffer and the pain of the present time is inflicted by their tongue and actions. And the hypocrisy of our time is deeper than the day can comprehend, so to speak.


Is my reason incomprehensible? Well then check out these videos that preach hatred and evil at the BBC.


Fascists at the Top of the BBC RESIGN ASAP and leave humanity alone. Thus speaks Zarathustra to the Barbarians of the BBC.






#GimmeGrime – Devilman (Dark Elements) Showcase


Fire In The Booth – Bugzy Malone


Devlin – Fire In The Booth


Fire in the Booth – Stormzy.


Fire In The Booth Cypher 2014

(praising the greatest terrorist Bin Laden.)

DJ Charlie Sloth presenting Jihadi John  a.k.a L Jiny and that was a terrorist at that time. Isn’t this a fact that the BBC is making terrorists famous and spreading terror?




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