Sarah Everard Speaks the Hypocrisy of our British People who Idolise their Mind-Controlling Monsters of Media Monopolies or Crocodile Journalists. Media speaks, people write on Twitter. So, I ask: Can we please raise our Voices before someone dies?

Sarah Everard went had been reported as a missing person since 3rd of March 2021. Yet the attention of MEDIA Monopolies was on #PrinceHarry and #MeghanandHarryonOprah!

Alas, we see that our people are lied daily by this manipulating and abusive media. Yet our people yet don’t say, WE HAVE Had enough with Media Monopolies. Let us change for the sake of the future.

Now this happens because of a deep-rooted Mind-Controlling philosophy that continues to exist unchallenged in the British artistic class and media Monopolies.

And Sarah Everard is just another fact that shows this high caliber of the Mind-Controlling techniques of the UK MEDIA.

For if Media Monopolies keep your mind busy with Prince Harry and Meghan and the good-for-nothing royals. For sure you would not have time to think for something else.

For how can one do that? Your human mind can be focused only on doing one thing at a time. And multitasking presupposes the same thing. You glance at a TV show and then focus on reading.

Or the case of listening to music and driving. Even though one listens to music, one is focused on driving.

So human attention exists in time and is spent in time. And media Monopolies are after this precious human feature. That is human attention.

#NotAllMen” So what do you think about these Hashtags days after Sarah Everard had gone missing. And while she had been missing Prince Harry was on the front pages of the British press!

So, Sarah Everard had been missing for 6 days.
Yet people kept idolising Prince Harry and speaking pro or against royals and other good-god-nothing royal people!

On the other hand, I have 20 days that I have been evicted by Hammersmith Council. Yet now one cares. Hence, I ask “Can we please raise our Voices before someone dies? Eh? 

Once, the media Monopolies, however, decided to speak of Sarah Everard. Then suddenly the story of Prince Harry was overshadowed and people started writing on Twitter under certain Hashtags.


Oh well, but where were these people when Sarah Everard was reported as missing and the story of Prince Harry had covered the front pages of the national news. While Sarah Everard was being decomposed in her body and by the silence of the very people.

For if we raised our voices, like one, since the first hours that Sarah Everard went missing perhaps we may have saved her life. And caught the criminal before comitting his crime.

We see then that our strained social relations have reached a boiling point. Where speak out and cry in twitter Hashtags or Facebook posts only after media Monopolies have already spoken.

So 60 million people live in pain and no one cares. While when people like Robert Peston or Andrew Marr speak. Then the entire nation pays attention.

Now one may say that if we have a few journalists come out of the @BBC and say that “Women should no walk at night alone. Then that would soon be a LAW.”

Here I ask, Can we once be conscious of our pain and our history for the sake of #SarahEverard? And forget about #PrinceHarry and the #RoyalFamily as your children are dying, being killed or becoming the new criminals. While you keep idolising and speak out of those who control your very mind and very attention through Media Monopolies.

For let’s be honest. The journalists of Media Monopolies and highly-paid media editors and media owners are laughing at our pain. And they laugh by keeping their mouths shut and refusing to speak or allow to be expressed the things that matter for our country, our time and our history.

And they do so for their media Monopolies money power interests. Prince Harry catches human attention and sells the commercial ads to the people. So it all makes sense. Right?

At the end, we see that Sarah Everard speaks the Hypocrisy of our British People who Idolise their Mind-Controlling monsters of media monopolies or Crocodile- Journalists.

For we saw that when Media speaks, people write on Twitter. And when media Monopolies are silent people are silent too.

Therefore, I ask, dear British people “Can you please drop dress of Hypocrisy and allow us to raise our Voices before someone dies and passes away into death? Eh?

Or just make our human existence about Prince Harry. And forget about the rest. But then, if your think so, don’t wonder a bit about the reality shows of murder, death and pain. For Prince Harry and the royals are everything not the world and our pain and our history.

Dr ACactivism