Sarah Everard, the problem is society not men. When Sarah was being Kidnapped and Murdered BBC ITV GUARDIAN SKY News, all were idolising Prince Harry. And people were loving Media Monopolies.. Read

The dialectic of the UK is die first and hope of justice later.

But, the dialectic of humanity, on the other hand, should be for people to get justice while they live. Not after they die.

And the best way to get justice is to live in a just world that is led by just ideas. That’s the way. And we know that. But we don’t want to follow that way. For media Monopolies. As always people of writing confuse the world with their Hypocrisy.

So when Sarah Everard went missing the BBC, the Guardian, Sky News and the ITV etc., were busy idolising Prince Harry. And people were loving what media Monopolies were saying!

To me is very simple the explanation of what we live. For I think that through a justice system that works for all, many bad things can be avoided.

But how? you ask.

For example, the police officer, who is suspected of murdering Sarah Everard, was accused of exposing himself twice to staff at a fast food restaurant.

However, their colleagues failed to identify him because they didn’t make basic checks. Or perhaps they didn’t make a full investigation because they saw that he was a police officer. Thing which we don’t know for sure.

But it is logical to say that Met Police members, who hold all our details in their computers, didn’t investigate properly the police officer, who is suspected to have murdered Sarah Everard. Because he was their police colleague.

But what about the media?

Media Monopolies do not deal with things or stories that do not sell. They can’t write about the reports of the people. Or their pain and suffer. Or when those who hold  power, like Met Police, show to be corrupt.

For when they write, they demand big drama that shocks the public Morals. They have no time to do a democratic job.

So if at the time of this incident, media treated the complaints of the Citizens as the temple of God.
Then media would have been able to question the negligence of the Met Police. And influence police members to appropriately investigate the officer, who is accused of murder. And get things right.

Nevertheless, here is not only the question of this police officer. For here we have a deeper pain and a deeper evil to question.

So the problem here is the UK MEDIA that does not treat the pain of the people as the temple of God. The media Monopolies do not treat the ideals of justice, freedom, human Dignity, abuse of power, human pain, as ideals that they should speak about without considering their personal media ego or media money interest of political orientation.

Hence UK media Monopolies treats their personal media interest above human pain and human ideals and our human problems.

In my personal experience, recently I was evicted in the street with all my belongings by Hammersmith Council. Yet none of the media Monopolies did speak about it.


Very simple. Because they were not interested.
And so it happened with the reports of indicent exposure, that citizens made to Met Police.

Met Police showed negligence to make a right investigation while media refused to question power.

Further, even on 3rd of March 2021, when Sarah was reported missing. Still media Monopolies were busy idolising Prince Harry. And didn’t care about the pain of Sarah Everard.

And people as always they loved idolising all what media Monopolies said and did.

Now Met Police, politicians, Media Monopolies and today people make up more or less the idea of society or are the main ideas of society.

And this society we see to idolise Prince Harry when Pain and truth speak loudly of something a million times more important.

This society seems to not care when someone goes through pain. And waits for his or her death to wake up.

This society seems to put a rotten Royal family above the society’s problems.

This society seems to not care of daily Justice, daily education, daily fairness. And the daily world that never sleeps.

Hence this lack of care and this arrogance and Hypocrisy in our society show that in
Sarah Everard’s question, the problem is society not men.

For at the end, When Sarah was being Kidnapped, and needed society and media. The BBC ITV GUARDIAN SKY News, all were idolising Prince Harry. And people were loving Media Monopolies.

While after she died, the society and media Monopolies can’t stop writing and speaking about her! Say that they have a lot to say now, after her death. Hypocrites.