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We are seeing every single day that social power corrupts people. And there is no other choice for us, the weak and the oppressed of each time, but stand up against those people that power corrupt. Raise our voices. And demand social justice. 

So I appeal to Donald Trump to make us a favour and resign now. 

But why? Why do I appeal for Donald Trump to resign? 

We saw Donald Trump using his presidential power to influence Ukraine to investigate and indict a political rival. 

We saw Donald Trump use a language that supported white supremacy and stirred up hatred in America. 

We saw Donald Trump try to chop up Palestine. And instigating a new war between the Palestinians and the Israeli people by moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And with his prejudiced so-called, deal of the century. Killing innocent people for his ego’s sake.

We saw Donald Trump let down Kurds, who fought so hard against terrorism. So giving the green light and allowing Turkish government to butcher them en masse. 

We saw Donald Trump policies also intervene in Yemen and leave people who resisted to starve to death or be shot like jungle animals. 

We saw but evil being created by this president of the United States. 

In short, we saw the president of the biggest empire on earth that is led by a sick ego. And that has no compassion or care for humanity whatsoever.”

And we also saw the entire Republican congressmen stand behind him like faithful dogs. Even though, they all knew that the morals of the president, Donald Trump, are not compatible with what is democratic and humanistic in the same time. Still they defended evil actions with eloquent rhetoric. So?

So, I appeal that we save America, save Democracy, save Humanity and Demand that the Egomaniac, Donald Trump, RESIGNS Now. 

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