Shame On You! Brits cry at the UK Government on Twitter! Not because of a new Law that Authorises Murder and Torture but because they can’t cook for their own Children!!

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It must be a pleasure to cook for your children. Especially nowadays that many people are out of work.

But this is not the case with the Brits of today who have turned into a petulant, ill-tempered and peevish people. Who don’t know what is good and what is bad.

A people who think to extinguish a candle but ignore the forest fire.

So Brits tweets on the #ShameOnYou hashtag. It’s not for the new bill that has been passed by @UKParliament to authorise murder and abuse by Covert Human Intelligence agencies. Nor is it for any today or past Injustices.
Rather all of this fuss is over school meals!

Because the heartless can’t cook and perhaps don’t want to cook for their own Children!

So, I am confused, shall I say “Shame on you” on people who don’t want to cook for their children and ignore the forest fire or important matters of today?

Or shall I say shame on you on the UK government who just passed a bill that authorises murder ands torture by the covert intelligence agencies on the pretence of national security?