Stephen Cowan, a Councillor with the values of a drug lord, of a kidnapper, of a thug. And a murderer who abuses people by breaking laws and denying their rights – Because of unjustly being Evicted in the street with all my belongings by Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Suicide has been my only option

To say that I simply feel let down by a Corrupt political system is an underestimation of my feelings.

To say that during these days, where I have been thrown cruelly in the street by Hammersmith and Fulham Council with 200 books and all my belongings, to say here that I simply feel over depressed and over anxious.

To say here that I simply feel over worried about a place to sleep, simply experiencing panic attacks and going as close as to feel a heart attack. And barely able to focus on anything.

To say what I just said, this is just the beginning of expressing the pain that I’m going through.

For the pain that as such London councils put you through is like a machine gun pervading your soul with a million bullets without end. Or like seeing an eagle eat your heart little by little. 

For a deep human pain, that comes from the Abuse that I have been getting and still get from Hammersmith and Fulham Council, pervades my soul. 

And from this form of State Abuse, I feel like I want to get out of my skin or end my life.

I feel pain in my chest. Can’t focus on anything. Can’t sleep. And totally destroyed emotionally and psychologically by an abusive council. A council that is abusive from its policies to its individual councillor thinking or leader called, Stephen Cowan.

Because we are poor and because I asked Hammersmith and Fulham Council, like I asked 200 landlords, for a place to live 9 months ago. Because they accepted support. Now because of a gesture of a common sense, that many landlords do daily in London, they demanded to take my Dignity by refusing my tenant rights for 9 months in row. While claiming housing benefits on my behalf. To pay their animal stables or rented to lease properties. Wow.

And after taking my Dignity and kidnapping me in their properties by controlling my basic human need for accommodation, they went to my life. Threats, discrimination and evicted me in the street with all my belongings. Breaking the laws of this country and abusing my human rights. And caring for nothing at all. Simply because they can.

For as a matter of fact, from Monday 22nd to 23rd and 24th 02 2021, I have been in the street with all my belongings trying to keep calm. To calm a feeling over sensitivity and suicide down, that was created by the pain that I was going through. To imagine that I’m not living in a silent London that is happy with abuse of power and with deaths and suicides. That appear one after another in the dark horizon of our city. Like something to be admired or idolised. And like something that we should not care for or think to find its cause. 

Now, let me tell you that in these three days, while thrown in the street with all my belongings. Suicide was my only option. But I kept myself alive while struggling badly for a place to live. And give to the desperation of the soul a feeling option of escape through imagination. By taking away my mind far from London. Far from this abuse of power and far from the silence of this city.

Imagination is the only thing that has saved my life. Keeping calm under immense pressure and abuse by Hammersmith and Fulham Council. And by pushing dark thoughts away. So, to feed my soul with strength in pain and desperation of the spirit. 

Ancients say that when we are left with nothing at all. And feel like this is the end. There is an inner power that comes out of nowhere to give us energy. And make us cope with difficulty once more. 

On Monday 22nd 02 2021, for example, as I was thrown in the street, like a lifeless object by Hammersmith and Fulham Council.  I tried my best to raise the alarm and express my pain. I contacted the office of Stephen Cowan the whole day. Asking him form an ounce of humanity and for my rights. And I sent him a personal email.

(See screenshot below)

Email sent to Stephen Cowan asking for dignity and my rights.

A lady working at his office promised me that, she sent my message to Stephen Cowan. However, the results were that Stephen Cowan never replied to my phone call. Never replied to my emails. And he must have been the one who has even ordered the break of the law and the cancellation of my accommodation. Simply because he can. And simply because I criticised him.

For, who are you to criticise the abuse of power of a Councillor, who feeds himself with a Luxurious salary coming from the taxes of the millions of Slaves? Who are you to demand your rights? Who are you to ask them to respect our laws?

Further, his silence to reply as a councillor or open his phone tell something here. And they tell his arrogance. An arrogance that can be seen only on the generals of Nazis. An arrogance that does not care for the human lives, I mean.

Furthermore, the top employees of Stephen Cowan’s leadership showed that they do not only derive pleasure from causing abuse. Like I have seen them to think. They also loved to act like little Macbeths and stab you as a citizen from behind.

And as they don’t seem to have any human feeling or human empathy themselves. They work to kill any empathy left on us. By knocking us around like lifeless objects. And abusing our human rights and our human feelings through their bad treatment. 

For their decision to through me in the street like a piece of paper, what do you think that its presuppose? Of course to push me to lose my humanity and get out of my character. Or to make me lose my mind from pain and end up into suicide. 

On Monday 22nd 02 2021, for example, Hammersmith and Fulham Council had said to my lawyer that they had accepted to house me for one night at least.

(See screenshot below)

This is the email of my lawyer showing the Macbethian knife of Hammersmith and Fulham council.

However, the out of hours team of Hammersmith and Fulham Council called me late in the evening. And told me to call them the next day. As they cannot house me for one more night. They said. 

So sleep in the street tonight with all your belongings, they said. And call us tomorrow.

That Macbethian knife that I received on the Monday night, 22 02 2021, gives me both the shivers. When I think in what mean and evil hands today citizens are. And it also makes me over depressive when I bring to mind the dead silence of this city. How on earth can this silence be possible?

Of course, the Ministries of Truth, BBC and ITV etc., are the truth only…

Now in what sense do you see the values of this Stephen Cowan?

I see Stephen Cowan as a Councillor with the values of a drug lord and of a kidnapper. For I feel kidnapped from his abuse of power.

And I say that because for 9 months I asked for my Rights. For my tenancy agreement. For my Rights of accommodation and for a respect for our laws.

Instead of giving my rights, Hammersmith and Fulham council made me feel like being kidnapped. For I wasn’t feeling free because my need to exist in dignity in a civilised society  was controlled. And my rights and our laws abused. And I was continually threatened with the end of my accommodation. 

So how can this not be called a kidnapping of the Citizen’s psychology in the least?

When you control his needs and refuse to give his rights and disregard our laws and continually threaten him or her?

Why a thug? The behaviour of Stephen Cowan, and his school children, that he seems to educate with his leadership, is thuggish.

For they have thought and acted in a Criminal way by threatening me. By showing racist thoughts towards me. By working with letting agencies that discriminate against the poor. Making discrimination a rule. And so on. 

Thus through continual psychological and emotional abuse, they made me end up for three times in Hospital. Destroying my psychological thinking through continual threats. And continual abuse.

For how can Continual threats to end my accommodation in the middle of a pandemic be called otherwise?

Why a murderer, who abuses people by breaking laws and denying their rights?

By throwing me in the street Hammersmith and Fulham Council broke the law clearly. And they also denied my human right to get of tenancy agreement in their rented to lease properties or over priced animal stables. 

Hammersmith and Fulham Council also murdered my friend, Agim Sefaj, by continually stressing him with his housing issue,. And pushing him to experience a heart attack. Fact which I have written in other writings. 

I also wonder, “With what the Hell does he educate his employees? With abuse of power?

Therefore, facts show Stephen Cowan to act criminally like a Murderer.

Hence, Sephen Cowan, you may be a Drug Lord, a Kidnapper, and a Street Mafia Thug in your thinking. But you have nothing in common with leadership of human being who believes in our human values. But everything with Abuse of Power and abuse of citizens through this power that you control.

Facts show Deaths among homeless people to have been risen by more than a third in 2020. And you wonder why! When abusive councils stand there, hovering above the heads of poor working classes like mad witches to push people to suicide and eat human souls. 

I am living first hand this pain. As I have been evicted unjustly, without ever taking my rights and thrown in the street with all my belongings by Hammersmith and Fulham Council. And because of this and other forms of abuse, that I have received for 9 months by Hammersmith and Fulham council, at times, I feel Suicidal like wanting to end every thing.

For it seems pointless to live in a world where the corruption of power and the silence of my fellow citizens reigns like death over us. 

For “Why live among crocodiles, who create traps for the other fellow human beings to see Suicide as their only option, anyways?”


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For Over 9 months I am Kept as homeless in the PROPERTIES of Hammersmith and Fulham Council without rights and abused psychologically and emotionally by this Monster of Power, Labour Local Government. Read my Story and Pain. Now Evicted by Them for the 7th Time.