Stormzy, Another Terrorist that Djs and Editors of the BBC Made famous.

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On Saturday night, 21st November 2015, Stormzy was at Fire In the Booth show. Fire in the Booth Show is a show that you all know about it, there hatred and evil is called good and art. There things and human values are turned upside down.

And it’s striking because many herd people call it artistic expression! Many herd people call guns and violence – art. That’s interesting, isn’t it? Art, art, art and art is hatred, – they think so.

But how can these ideas of violence be artistic expression! When out there one in two words is about guns and one in two words is saying, Bi…! This is what you call art? ‘You call art guns and drugs and misogyny and hatred’? This is art for you?

Hahahahahahaha – I’m literally crying with laughter…

The great lovely folks of BBC have changed the meaning of Humanism, and the meaning of art. It seems that they think in this way that; ‘If you say one in two words guns, then it is art, but if you say two in five words, Bi.. and guns, and kill..’ then it is art combined with creativity…

Hahahahahahaha – I’m literally crying with laughter… Barbarians and huns of BBC. You see?

Back to Stormzy, now it seemed that they, or BBC, had invited him to show his skills and his art and his talent. That’s fine. These lovely folks of BBC! But I as an artist, Rapper, Dj and MC and Creator with millions of ideas of positivity, never got even one single opportunity from their radio; BBC 1Xtra. You see?

Now the natural question comes like this; ‘What is the art and the skill and the talent of this guy? Obviously, it is guns and drugs and violence. And this is all what this Stormzy, this guy loves and makes and creates; that is to say, a pure evil.

Am I crazy? Was David Cameron crazy back in 2006 when he said that Tim Westwood encourages people to carry guns and knives? But you fans of guns and hatred, you weak creatures, do you think that you are mentally stable when you follow religiously those people that glamorize the gangster life? Turn your eyes towards your area where you live. In North West London where I live I see gangsters, drug dealers and violent people everywhere. In LA where I used to live two years ago was ten fold worse. I had to turn my head back every now and then, because behind me always was an aggressive person ready to break my skull for some filthy papers. Especially in those areas like Inglewood, Lakewood, Gardena, Venice Beach and the most dangerous place that was and that they call ‘Compton.

So you see? That’s what they call art, and they call art guns, a gangster life and violence… Hmm… these great people of BBC! Or better to say the terrorist-makers of BBC that prepare the ground for terror and terrorists.

Terrorists? Did I just say terrorists? Yes terrorists, they, BBC, or DJ Charlie Sloth in particular made famous, at BBC during Summer 2013, the greatest terrorist of all times, Jihady John or L Jinny. And that’s the truth.

If you don’t like the truth, then that’s not my problem. At least I don’t speak about the truth of gods and religions and other world stupidities. But, I rather speak about the truth of the fact.

Thank you.

Now here is the point because Jihady John, or L Jinny, like Stormzy, he was preaching death and hatred and evil when he was in London in 2013, but still the great EDITORS of BBC called him an artist that deserves attention and respect. You see?

Terror for them is an art, and a great one though! The editors of BBC…

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaha – I’m crying with laughter… Barbarians and huns of BBC. You see? Can’t you see?

 So don’t wonder if one day Stormzy goes to fight Jihad, because as long as he loves guns and violence and terror, then what is missing to him?  Nothing at all. So why shouldn’t he join ISIS and fight with them side by side just like the other rapper L Jinny did? Why not!

 ‘Go Stormzy, go to fight with ISIS, you are a terrorist, you are not an artist. Leave humanity alone’ that’s what I tweeted to Stormzy out of pain on the last Saturday night.

Now to come back again to what I was talking about and that was about – Stormzy at Fire in the Booth Show.

Stormzy was rapping about guns and violence and hatred and killings on Saturday night, 21st November 2015, at 11;30pm, at BBC Radio One and BBC Radio One Xtra. He was preaching hate and he was preaching death and he was preaching terror.

He was inspiring all the evil that is possible to utter and express through language and speech.

NOW, is this what you call art and creativity? Aren’t ideas of guns and hatred, a pure evil?

 I’m being a bit repetitive I think, ain’t I? But that is the art of a brutal rap, and the art of the BBC – the terrorist-makers of now. 

 Pause – thinking is good for the human health – so think.

Then, to be honest my blood began to boil because of pain. And because of the fact that I have been fighting for many years to make people aware of that fact that guns and violence are not an art and that guns and violence are wrong.

But people are busy working as always. Working like everybody else, working like I do for my bills and my food on the table, i.e., like slaves.


And to be sure DJ Charlie Sloth is aware of the fact that I oppose his ideas of hatred. So perhaps he did invite Stormzy and did advice him to be as brutal as possible. And so to hurt me like never before because Stormzy glorified guns and violence to the skies guns, to be honest.

So while my heart was bleeding of pain, then I continued to tweet out of pain like this;



They make a Terrorist like @Stormzy1 famous & then they make him the idol of youth, an example to be followed. The inhumane Beings of @BBC

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Stormzy1 Go to ISIS Stormzy, Go to ISIS. If guns and violence is your art then go to ISIS leave humanity alone. Terrorist. @TruthAlsoWisdom


@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Stormzy1 You criminal, You terrorist where is your art? To glorify guns and Violence. You ordinal murderer. Disgusting fascists of @bbctrust


The last sentence was for BBC Trust and they know why. Because while DJ Charlie Sloth and some other Djs spread hatred and evil around, they never say a thing against it. Contrariwise they love it all. Hmmm… you see? These great people of BBC!

Well, Stormzy just glorified guns and drugs and hatred, so what should you expect from someone that is fighting tooth and nail to make a better world?

Are you expecting from him to say that ‘Stormzy was doing great’ when he was glorifying guns and violence? Are you expecting from a Creator to do like Stormzy’s fans did, that defended his evil?

No, no, thrice no. If you glorify guns and drugs and hatred in the first person and then pretend to be a poet, a lyrical poet, and an artist, then that is totally absurd. It can’t be like that. Art doesn’t work in that way. You can’t be a poet and glorify violence.

You can’t call yourself artist and glorify violence in the same time.

Art does not work like that. Art works for humanity and should be for humanity. Adolf Hitler was a painter too. So if another Adolf comes up and begins to create evil, then shall we allow him to do what he loves to do?

A fan is a very weak person, a very weak and despicable person when he or she sees other humans as being gods or as having greater powers than he or she. ‘God is within’ said Bertolt Brecht at Galileo. So think about it, you are a god yourself.

If you are the fan of somebody give it up now. To follow someone for fun and to be friends is another thing. But to be a fan in a way that you support someone even when he or she is evil that is absolutely mad and brutal. This ideology of being the fan of somebody in that way is sickening and appalling and people should be made aware of that great weakness. And so think about their own power of doing and making and not look at others as a way of liberation.

I think so because how comes that all fans of Stormzy defended him. And none of them said, ‘wrong’ to his guns and violent ideas?!

Guns and violence is a way of terrorists. So I won’t give up the idea that to preach hatred and terror is not a way of terror-ism.

Then, Stormzy retweeted, my tweet and said that I was being a bit harsh. The hypocrite. He said ‘Fucking hell I’ve smacked up a few people back in the day, but that’s a bit harsh pal.


He didn’t mention the guns and violence that he just rapped about at BBC Radio 1Xtra, but still showing again that he is a gangsta – smacked up!

But, I replied again;

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Stormzy1 @BBC what harsh you are terrorising the planet. Guns and violence. Is this what you call Art? What about inspiration, legacy, humanity?

This tweet of mine got some likes and retweets despite the fact that I haven’t been at the Ministry of Truth or BBC like he has been.

Then offences and brutality and hatred began;


hollie @lovedaisychains  19h19 hours ago

@TruthAlsoWisdom @Stormzy1 @BBC idiot

2:59 AM – 22 Nov 2015 · Details


@loocuzl @TruthAlsoWisdom @Stormzy1 @BBC kys


What kind of dickhead

More tia ‏@Tivxm  21h21 hours ago

@TruthAlsoWisdom @Stormzy1 @BBC ur just a back up dancer and so is you’re mum.


Another one said;

@Beno_Ldn: Your a fucking idiot!!

Then I replied to him like this; 

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Beno_Ldn @Stormzy1 @BBC What is there for an idiot? You are not an ape you are a human being. So think then talk. Guns – is a way of Terror.

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Beno_Ldn @Stormzy1 @BBC He was glorifying guns just earlier on @BBC @1xtra and that’s truth. Now you think guns is a means of Terror. Cheers

And it seemed that it worked. Once I said to him to think, then he didn’t swear to me again, but reflected and it seemed that he slightly understood that to glorify guns is wrong. And so he simply said that Stormzy is his friend. Therefore, I shouldn’t speak about him. Hmmm…


Then I tweeted again;

@TruthAlsoWisdom: The fact that fans of Stormzy are offending me on his behalf and loving his guns and drugs tells that @BBC is killing Humanism, full stop.

I mean, how comes that almost all of them began supporting and backing up his evil ideas. Hey, just think about it. The influence that he has on the youth’s mind is unbelievable. A youth that is isolated by the modern day world, and that sees a few drug dealers as a way of liberation and sees at them a liberating path. This path shows their brutal and  violent ideas of destroying humanity and humanism and that the youth esteems and reveres everyday. 
Hey just think about it. Violence is not good and an artist is not a drug dealer.

Truth Stormzy was a drug dealer a few years ago and BBC made him famous. The reputation of BBC rends rocks and tears up the earth. Whatever comes out of BBC is respected and revered. I can’t even oppose their evil ideas because I sound wrong despite being right. Guns and hatred is not art and is not creativity, full stop.


Art means to fit’ said David Bohm and creativity means to be concerned with the essence of fitting in the ever-changing reality.


So this way of glorifying guns and violence is neither art nor creativity, but it is just a mad way of doing things and that brings evil and negativity on the planet earth.

Then it was the time for another fan ‘to tweet’. An old chap that was boasting about artistic expression and so he moved me a bit and made me to reply to him back. This is what he said;


@Deebiosi: @TruthAlsoWisdom @Stormzy1 @BBC Have you ever watched The Godfather? One of the greatest films of all time. Art. Violent. Grow up.

Haha, so for him it was the same, the Godfather like Rap! But the Godfather is created with protagonists and antagonists and that can make people see the good and the evil by themselves. But Rappers are the protagonists and antagonists of Rap themselves.


I say that because rappers speak in the first person; I do, I make and I create and so inspiring the world with what they do and make and create. And to put it like Steven Best, an American philosopher that spoke about rap in 2000 like this; ‘Artists living and dying the violent scenarios they were performing.’ Hmmm. Thank you. The past, like the present.

So I replied to him;

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Deebiosi Listen you narrow-minded being. Godfather mirrors reality. As rap is about lyrics that express subjective ideas. I do, I make, right.

He replied again;

@Deebiosi: @TruthAlsoWisdom Rap mirrors reality. You are twisting yourself into pretzels here. You are an enemy to artistic expression a la Goebbals

You are an enemy! He calls artistic expression drugs and guns and violence. Another low-life human that is getting lost in the wind of idiocy. I’ve been myself a rapper for 15 years and those rappers that are famous do not respect your work or ideas if you do not speak about guns, about hatred and about killings. What he says makes no sense.


I am not against artistic expression at all, because I am an artist myself. But, It should be art. And what they are doing is not art. Guns and drugs and violence all the time is not art’s way, but pure evil, and

Afterwards, they started to swear at my tattoo;

 Stormzy and his fans said that my tattoo about art and creativity was shit. Yes shit!

 And so I replied to Stormzy and to his fans;

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Stormzy1 of course, but that tattoo talks about Humanity, creativity and sacrifice not drugs and guns, right? Go to ISIS man. You are not Artist.


Again I tried to make the point and calm them down, but fans of Stormzy were excited and wanted to impress his idol. So they thought that guns and violence is good. Hmm. That big was the influence that Stormzy had on their minds. It seemed that they were ready to got to war on Stormzy’s behalf. That Drug Dealer. That Stormzy, that gangster that the reputation of BBC made famous. You see?

I tweeted;

@TruthAlsoWisdom: The novelist David Lodge suggests that lyric poetry is human’s most successful means to describe qualia, the raw feel of conscious awareness.


That means that they corrupt the world through lyrics and feelings and the rap beat, therefore not only influencing them, but even changing their minds to some degree.


But still no one liked that. No one seemed to understand that. Of course some were teens, but amid them were and some 40 and 50 years old grown men that had the same ideas, to be honest.

 Then someone tweeted about Nietzsche and Stare that are amid my favorite authors and one of his tweets was like this;


@Judiniho: @TruthAlsoWisdom but you’ve reduced that to terrorism. We are strong not to succumb to the near poverty society has painted for us.

First he tried to make it black and white. He didn’t condemn at all drugs and guns or anything like that of him. He didn’t condemn Stormzy for his guns and violent ideas. He just saw the theme and spoke.

The leech pretending to be a philosopher!

But I have criticised many white rappers before like Devlin that was at Fire in the Booth in July 2012. And he praised knives, guns, killings and violence just like Stormzy does now. So is not about black and white, but it rather is about culture and values. Guns and Drugs need to be stopped because they have been and are still spreading negativity in the planet.

To write lyrics is not the same like writing a book or play and creating protagonists and antagonist and helpers and actants etc… To write hip-hop lyrics means to write and speak in the first person and express and utter subjective thoughts and ideas, like I do, I make and I create and so penetrate the human mind directly and indirectly and in both ways.

And these messages of guns and drugs, to say it like Russell Brand put it at his Revolution book, move fast and stick hard and go deep, deep in human subconsciousness.

This thing was proved on Saturday night by the fans of Stormzy that attacked me with all means of brutality and hatred. And they did so because I spoke out the truth that Stormzy or their idol, was glorifying guns and violence. Indeed the truth of the fact seemed that did hurt their feelings, as long as they reacted in that manner and that was totally unfair and one-sided.

So I said to this leech-man;

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Judiniho What do you mean by Sartre and Nietzsche? They were neither drug dealers like Stormzy nor terrorist-makers like Nazis of @bbctrust

And he replied;

@Judiniho: @TruthAlsoWisdom Nietzsche is an admirer of the strong opposed to the herd weak, who propagate ideas from the priest, another type of strong.


Here he now tried to show his wisdom disregarding the fact that Nietzsche says to be a creator and not a weak fan like he was being while loving the gun’s ideas of Stormzy.

Anyways, he just spoke for something that had nothing to do with the matter in question, but anyways I replied to the leech-man;


@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Judiniho Nietzsche speaks about Creators not Drug Dealer. Go and tell to the terrorists of the present day media. They will tell you better.

He then said;

Jude @Judiniho  @TruthAlsoWisdom life is fucking wild, deal with it, art has always been an expression of death, violence and more you cunt. Good night


So the leech philosopher began to swear at the end. It seemed that someone had spoken to him about art and Nietzche and Startre, but for sure that he had no idea of what art and philopshy is.


If art has been an expression of death and violence and more, then Art and artists always knew the means of how to express it. And true artists always condemened violence, and always were agaist hatred of any kind.

 So what art is this of Stormzy that speaks about guns and drugs and hatred?

 And yes, it is the art of 2 PAC and Machievelly. The latter said at his deed The Prince, that you need to be evil and pretend to be good. This is the art of Stormzy and those that made him famous. They are evil and pretend to be good.

Another interesting tweet of the leech-man

Jude @Judiniho  Nov 22 @TruthAlsoWisdom and as for Sartre he argues for freedom within your means, we are free to act how we must to achieve the state of freedom.


I replied

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Judiniho Sartre said we didn’t find values in the Skies but we created values right? So we created goodness and we have to recreate it.

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Judiniho You have misunderstood Sartre and everything. Sartre said ‘I’m the other and the other is me. Get it into your head. Guns is Wrong.

He had some good points, the Leech-man, but he still didn’t get my point. I was not trying to teach to people Nietzsche and Sartre but I rather was saying the truth, that guns and violence of Stormzy are wrong and therefore a way of terror-ism.

But, for the Leech-Man that was fine, guns for him were fine. Of course he was a philosopher!

 Some of my other tweets on the night.

@TruthAlsoWisdom: The guns of the dead evils 2PAC -Machiavelli should be replaced by my Philosophy. MC Keen-Zarathustra i.e Creative Positivity. #Merky #rap

@TruthAlsoWisdom: For all the fans of the Terrorist @Stormzy – #Merky Art and Creativity is not about Guns but about Humanity and being creative for Humanity.

@TruthAlsoWisdom: For all the fans of the terrorist @Stormzy1 #merky sorry. Thanks for offences. It’s the fault of nazis of @BBC that make terrorists famous.

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @cfairyweather This is the last message to all you who are educated by the @BBC

They glorify Guns & Violence & that means – Terror. Wake up

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Urbanmusicaward I guess that you who give these #Merky awards should be drugs dealers or some greedy barbarians of the present day world…

@TruthAlsoWisdom: @Urbanmusicaward Well as long as you gave an award to @Stormzy1 #Merky then pleas go & give some awards to #ISIS. Only bombs miss to Stormzy

@TruthAlsoWisdom: For all the fans of the Terrorist @Stormzy – #Merky Art and Creativity is not about Guns but about Humanity and being creative for Humanity.

Some of my tweets are really full of pain. I look back at them and I reflect most of the time. But this is the world that I live in.

And it seems that to fight for goodness is wrong and stupid. Sometimes I just want to give it all up and focus on my long-term goals. But Rap distracts me, I hear about drugs and guns and violence and I want to stop them. Furthermore I have been rapping since I was 15 and now I am 28.

On 22nd October 2015 I went to protest in front of BBC and the Security of BBC told me that he could send me to jail if he liked. And for what reason you may think? Just because I was delivering some leaflets at BBC. So do you think that these actions do not bring pain to me?

Last year the editor of BBC, Rob Littlejohn did threaten me and he did silence me using BBC’s power. So do you think that this is not a fascist way of doing of the BBC? Do you think that this does not hurt me?

Another important thing to say, how comes that my one million ideas for art and creativity and positivity were never respected by the BBC but all drug dealers and those who glorify guns and violence are respected and kept for heroes?

This is the present day world. Forgive me if I say that it is unfair and disgusting.

A Drug Dealer and a man that loves Violence is not the same like a Creator that writes the new values on the new table and shows you the way. They are not equal. A Drug Dealer can’t be equal with a Creator.

Now to sum it up, I think that these people, that follow Stormzy religiously just like they did to Dr Dree and Eminem in the past and still do, should buy a mind and think for themselves and judge like this that guns, drugs, violence and terror are evil.

 Do you love terror and evil? Then this thing is up to you. But just think first. You must be able to think because you are a thinking being.

And yes the BBC should stop changing the meaning of Humanism. Guns and Violent ideas are evil, but not good, are brutality, but not art.


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