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Tolerance and Humanity equal zero for some English Fans that turned Violent because their feelings were hurt – Imagine if they were oppressed and had their rights abused for 10 years by the U.K Media Monopolies like Dr ACactivism has?

The atmosphere of the delayed Euro 2020 was amazing in London up to a certain point. For people were cheering, drinking, singing, dancing and having a great time up to the moments before the final…

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Armend Xhika. One Albanian is murdered. Yet U.K Police has left the suspects Free! Albanian community live in fear of U.K State revenge. So Justice for Albanians when we are hated, murdered and prosecuted is not possible.

Five arrests have been made so far over Armend Xhika’s murder. Yet, all of the suspects have been released pending investigation. Further, there is no news at all about Armend Xhika’s death at Met Police’s…

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