Telegraph Editors and Roland Oliphant, a New Andrew Neil or a New Nazi Hand, are using Telegraph to link Terrorism to the religion of Islam on purpose. Doing so to attract attention, make money and increase media power – Read my Opposing Reason

The British writers of Media Monopolies all what they seem to learn in their schools seem to be the skill and art of writing.

So they grow like a machine in the skills of writing. Producing blogs for media Monopolies like British corporations produce expensive commodities in Bangladesh and elsewhere. That is, with little ease. Machine at work and slaves producing.

The British writer is not above the slave work here. But he has the media Monopolies that feed him well for his faithfulness in the Slavery. That is made possible by media masters.

That is, the British writer gets paid well and gets the respect of the majority of people for bringing into life the ideology of Media editors, media owners and media chairmen.

And the Slavery here is the cruel ideologies of the U.K Media journalism. That turn into reality through the slaves of British Journalists and British writers. Who work for media Monopolies.

Now, you may ask, “Why do I see Roland Oliphant as a new Andrew Neil pen?”

First of all let me remind the Evil of the pen of Andrew Neil.

Andrew Neil is seen as an icon and Idol of the majority of the British writers. However, he is one of these writers who used the BBC News to link Islam to Terrorism in the last decade. And so he inspired China and India to kill their own Muslim people through the power of the British imperialist culture. Made possible by GLOBAL MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

Now, at the beginning of his blog, Roland Oliphant is heard writing:

Hundreds of heavily armed terrorists take over an entire town, law and order collapses, and civilians are left to fend for themselves as masked psychopaths slaughter with impunity.

While Telegraph notes on Twitter full of ill feeling against the terrorists:

The siege of Palma was a real life nightmare:

Armed terrorists took over the hotel town
 Law and order collapsed
 Civilians were left to fend for themselves
 Masked psychopaths slaughtered with impunity

Observers were shocked…

Let us do a five-year-old psychoanalysis of truth and Reason here.

Very well. The description of the terrorists is well done. A bunch of barbarians doing the worst things on earth to overthrow civilisation by creating a barbarity of a new level. Pure wickedness by people who have nothing to do with human ideals and humanity.

But then, the Telegraph in its heading notes this as well: “Mass beheadings and vast untapped wealth: Inside the mysterious Islamist insurgency sweeping Mozambique”

And on Twitter notes in a tweet, that is shared by Twitter news, the Telegraph writes:

“In recent weeks Islamists stormed the town of Palma in Mozambique leaving decapitated bodies scattered across the town.

But Mozambique’s insurgency has been growing in power and violence for 4 years.

@TelegraphWorld investigated, thread”

So here it is clear the logic of the editors Of Telegraph and the logic of Roland Oliphant, the new Andrew Neil. They see religion of Islam as a problem. Not men’s will for power.

And I get this logic from their description of events that on purpose describes the action of terror as Islamist and as terrorist.

So the link of terrorism to Islam is clear as day. You do not need a judge. All you need is a 5-year-old logic to have love for truth and Reason.

And by doing so, that is link Islam to Terrorism, the Telegraph does not condemn
the barbarity of people who have never learnt a human ideal in their lives. Who have not even read the Quran. Because they can’t read or do not have patience to do so.

So what the writers of Telegraph and its editors do here is link Islam to Terrorism. And condemn Islam like Adolf Hitler condemned Judaism. And turned it into a scapegoat. Well done journalists of Oxford University teachings.

Hence, in whatever context you take the writings of the Telegraph and the writings of the UK MEDIA Monopolies. Their writings, who mention Islam and Terrorism in close action and link the two, intend to link Islam to Terrorism. As they clearly show in this blog.

Hence, the job of Roland Oliphant is the job of a new Nazi writer. A writer who is trying to do to Islam the same thing that Nazi writers did to Judaism and Jews.

So the media editors of Telegraph who sanction this blog, and Roland Oliphant, who is but a New Andrew Neil or a New Nazi Hand, are using Telegraph to link Terrorism to the religion of Islam on purpose. And they do so  to attract attention and make money and increase media power.

Hence, these writers have nothing to do with human ideals. But everything to do with Will to Power.

And if you asked me what is the difference between those who think like Adolf Hitler and the terrorists. Then I would answer to you that both the intelligent class and the barbaric class are led by Will to Power and pure pure wickedness. Evil.


You see they are passionate everywhere about linking Islam to Terrorism. And they do so shamelessly. Because the Opposing Reason of today, like myself, is drowned out. And all they hear and learn is Oxford University wolves and BBC idols!

Hurray for hatred then.

 Who are the terrorists? And what do they want?

The insurgents in Mozambique are often referred to simply as “mysterious”.

More ambitious descriptions are “Islamist” or “Islamic State linked”.

 The US designated the movement a terrorist organisation on March 10