The Brexit Party results, the top political party in the U.K with 31.7% in the European Elections, speaks out the inner feelings of these people who voted for Nigel Farage – bigotry, racism, hatred etc.,






People are bound to repeat the evil and dark parts of human history if we do not stand ready to remind to people that what makes us humans is the great human ideals. This is awareness for good. That means, what makes us humans are not the low and the egotistic ideas that have always created wars, hatred and divisions among us as humans.


And when I say, “US” I do not mean “US” as British or French or Germans, who killed each other for centuries. And butchered the world. Therefore, when I say, “US” I mean “us” human beings, that exist upon this planet called earth, from Asia to Africa and from Africa to Europe, America, Middle East and all around the globe.


Here I ask, “Where are these great human ideals today that Britain voted for a racist, bigoted and anti-immigrant politician that represent The Brexit Party in the times of Social Media and globalisation?


One either stands for certain human ideals or does not. Are the British of today then standing for the great human ideals? And what way of thinking can unite the British and the humanity of today?

Again, it is the great human ideals that should unite us as British and as humans beings in times of turmoil, depression, oppression, political murderers etc.


But now having 31.7% given to Nigel Farage that represents the worst human ideas as a politician, what does one make of it? An aberration of people? A political confusion and mind-control of the masses by a few media moguls?

In Britain people are confused. A plurality of opinions is missing here. And people fall into traps set by the rich and kae big mistakes that are paid heavily with human lives. And this confusion, of course happens because of the oppression of ideas that has been designed by a very rich U.K Media.


But who is Nigel Farage, anyways? Those who are alive all know his ideas and politics.



Nigel Farage is a politician that has appealed in different ways for hatred, racism and bigotry for years. And even decades. His rhetoric has been venum for minorities and immigrants who live in the U.K.



And he has spread fear and hate against the very weak and oppressed of this society.


For example, in 2016, Nigel Farage’s anti-migrant poster was reported to the police. And simple people from twitter compared his anti-immigrant poster to Nazi propaganda footage against migrants. A footage that the BBC had shown in a documentary in 2005.

So Nigel Farage is a clever politician who knows what political points can give him political power. And he knows what not. He knows that the close-minded natives do not like immigrants and minorities. So he has appealed to those ideas always. And on purpose.



His words and ideals always against Immigration and the right of movement of the people. The right to work fairly on the planet where someone is born and exists.




So the 31.7 percent who voted for the Brexit party are those who empathise in someway with Nigel Farage and his bigotry, prejudice and hatred against the great human ideals that make us humans.



We are all Humans that exist on a planet, that makes no sense, but that has a purpose. And the purpose of this planet has and always should be to keep the great human ideals, such as freedom, justice and equality, high.


Otherwise, fanaticism, violence, hatred and animalism would take over the planet like it has done many a time during the human history.



For now, at this point, Britain has lost its human way. And the future would be dark and darker if we continue to think only and only to win the next elections. Like the Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn and their supporters have done.