The Bully Imperialist Pig, Fascist British Artist, Charlie Sloth, from BBC Radio One to Beats One! Now invading Internet! Pigs go Higher and Higher by first grovelling, then controlling and oppressing other Artists’ voices

If you don’t have a hip-hop song, that should first be liked by the clique of Charlie Sloth to be called a hip-hop song, but have ideas for change and innovation, then does that mean that your voice and ideas must be silenced? Because that’s how the clique of this bully imperialist, Charlie Sloth, and Charlie Sloth himself want?

Still if you rap and create hip-hop songs, doesn’t that mean that you should take your right to participate as an artist?

Further, one’s artistic power is not restricted strictly on one field, anyways. For as an artist one thinks, creates in different fields and intends to bring change somehow with his new ideas. Whether his ideas are an anti-corruption pamphlet or creative and original ideas that appeal for change and innovation.

So Charlie Sloth and his cronies at Kiss FM, Capital Xtra etc., decided to control Entertainment Industry like a M.A.F.I.A Group, They invited whoever they liked and wanted to be famous and express ideas at BBC or Kiss FM, or Capital Xtra and so on.

“So I ask: what was the pain of my time and my generation?”

This pain consists on this universal truth. That means, here seems to be a historical struggle between those who want change and create while oppressed and those who control SOCIAL POWER. The latter are also artists. For we all know many Fascist and Nazi leaders were also creative artists.

And they were creative artists, like Charlie Sloth and his cronies on big UK Media and UK Radios, who want at any cost to control, invade and protect their MONOPOLISITIC POWER. Wow! So, today British Fascist artists seem to be too sweet to be called bad!!!

Now let me get into more detail of my story and pain and struggle against these today Fascist Artists.

This is how the bully imperialist pig, Charlie Sloth thought while having the BBC on his hands for years.

In 2014, I sent to him, to Charlie Sloth, many emails. And I even messaged him on Instagram and asked him to allow me to express my ideas at BBC Radio One for the sake of change and humanity. I also demanded my right of participation as an artist. And I demanded radios to allow artists to participate. And not make Big Radios only for a few people that they wanted to be there. And in this way CONTROL the ENTIRE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

Charlie Sloth replied to me thus, “You will never come to express your ideas at BBC.

And he was right. “I never achieved to enter at the BBC through ideas as a man of ideas.” I wasn’t allowed by the British Fascist Artists. Because they saw the BBC as a shrine of those who think like they think. They saw radios as Business where they can make billions of dollars and pounds by controlling them with a few friends or cronies. They saw MEDIA in general as a good means to control SOCIAL POWER and people.

Because we all see that it is through the POWER OF MEDIA, that controls almost 95% of INFORMATION, that the today BRITISH FASCIST ARTISTS and MEDIA LORDS control the minds of 60 million British and non-British people in the U.K.

Nevertheless, I am diverting a bit from the topic, that is the Imperialist Pig, Charlie Sloth. However, what I said express also the conditions that make CHARLIE SLOTH an imperialist PIG and Fascist.

So, even though Charlie Sloth and his friends at Kiss FM and BBC Radio One did not allow me to express my ideas, I did not stop there. I wrote, created, moved and spoke against their OPPRESSIVE AND CONTROLLING IDEALS.

So I wrote against the corruption of the entertainment industry. I created ideas for change and innovation in entertainment industry that were never heard. I spoke against the artists of the big radios who controlled entertainment industry with a chilling silence. And I went even to protest at the BBC Radio One with ideas in my hands and a megaphone. But no one cared. No one said hey come and express your ideas.

Except yes, the security of the BBC who pushed me away, punched and kicked and threatened me. So abusing my physical integrity with their hands. And the same security of the BBC even dared to threaten me psychologically by telling me that they will call the police many times. You see? You see how fascist artists work?

So in short, I demanded to be heard as an artist. I wrote many times against Charlie Sloth’s ideas of controlling Entertainment industry with a clique of friends from radios and record labels. I criticised the fact that they choked free competition and did not allow all artists to participate.

So fundamentally, I demanded change in the MONOPOLIES of Entertainment Industry. I demanded the right of participation through ideas, the right of being heard. And I demanded an end to the MAFIA-like control of entertainment industry. I wanted to be heard and bring change.

But all I got was silence. I got the oppression of my voice and ideas. And the cherry on the top of this criminal control and oppression was a threat sent to me by the editor of the then Charlie Sloth and BBC Radio One, Rob Littlejohn.

Mr Rob said to me in a text message that if you demand as such things one more time, then I will contact BBC’s legal team. That was a nice threat. A threat of the artist who is in control of legal teams, monopolies and silences your voice just like that. Like you are a worm to be pressed so easily. And like people who work for big radios are like a god who can do whatever they like with human social power. And our fate!

It was 2014 then. It is 2019 now.

And you see the PIG Imperialist Charlie Sloth goes at BEATS One now. My voice as an artist and philosopher was never heard. Always oppressed. Even when I took the mic from Surie in Eurovision 2018, again the MAFIA clique of the BBC and of the U.K Media did not invite me to express my ideas. Why? Because my IDEAS spoke against them.

So you now ask, why is he, Charlie Sloth, an Imperialist PIG? First I say so because he was born in a country that takes imperialism as a new humanism.

At this moment, I am not speaking of 19th and 20s century political imperialism. Rather here I am speaking of CULTURAL IMPERIALISM of the 21st century. That means, UK MONOPOLISTIC MEDIA control European and world’s culture through big radios and big TVs, who are in control of information, and refuse your right of participation through ideas.

Does anyone here want any more crystal-clear fact?

Secondly, why is Charlie Sloth, a fascist British artist? What I said above showed clearly what they did to me as an artist for a decade long in London. What I said to you above was the oppression of someone who spoke and created against them. So here I ask, FASCISTS, what did they do? They controlled and oppressed through different ways. So?

So at the end, we see that in each epoch of human history the war is staged against those who have innovative, new and creative IDEAS.

So today, those who control information, whether on entertainment industry or News Media, impose their ideas on you. While they control INFORMATION and monopolise every thing from any industry.

In short, they want to be in control by creating monopolises and silencing millions of voices. Say that our earth and our sky belong to a mafia fascist clique like Charlie Sloth and others.

Then, we say, “Long lives the queen and long lives the corruption of today, mean barbarians who grovel like worms for Social Power. And once they achieve some kind of social power, these Mean Barbarians turn into bully Fascists who silence the voices and ideas of those who disagree with them. And these fascist hideous and hypocritical faces are today British artists like Charlie Sloth. Artists who work for the British Monopolistic media, left and right.

So the bully Fascist Charlie Sloth through bulling, control and oppression of others, he climbed the chairs of social power from the bottom to the top. Thus he goes from the high BBC Radio One to the higher Beats One! Now invading Internet!

You see then? Pigs go Higher and Higher by first grovelling, then controlling and oppressing other Artists’ voices.