The Corpse of David Dimbleby was Removed at 80 Years Old from the BBC’s Question Time Show! After Many Years that Dr ACactivism had Criticised the BBC for Working with GREEDY OLD Dictators or Journalists who Do Not Want to Give Up Social Power Until they Die. Hey: What is Wrong with Those Old Journalists of the U.K Imperialist Media or Dictators who do not want to give up Big Social Power like Big MEDIA POWER?


It comes to pass that for years, I open twitter and I see the pale face of a 75-76-78-79-80-year-old man appearing under the giant MONOPOLIES of the BBC’s name and reputation.To me he looks like a corpse or a Greedy Walking Dead that wants forever more Social Power in his hands.

If he, however, appears on big media Monopolies as a guest or independent thinker, he would look beautiful. For I think that independent work makes you look beautiful. So it is GREED for more SOCIAL POWER, when the voices of millions are oppressed and drowned out, that make the old journalists of the BBC or Big MONOPOLISTIC U.K Media appear as Walking dead creatures or corpses. Who do not want to give up Social Power.


So I see the old dictators of the BBC and the U.K Media promoting their ideas and shows on twitter, Facebook and around Internet. And in this way, I feel invaded on my social media. While I, as an independent thinker, am unable to enter for once the studios of the BBC with ideas, truth and speech to express my thinking being!


Wow! I express myself unconsciously. How comes that at 70 or 80 or 90 years old, they still want to be the presenters of the Monopolies of the BIG media? On the other hand, we the new creators of this world aren’t able even to enter for once at the BBC, that is our national TV?


Then I ask again, “Is Humanity about taking and giving? Or taking Social POWER in your hands and never giving it up until you die? And doesn’t it mean to work for the BBC as a presenter to have a great deal of social power in your hands? Or am I wrong? Highly paid Journalists and presenters. Glory and power surrounding them. Their ideas are never oppressed. Our ideas never make it on TV!


Wow again! What a stark reality! A reality that is Suicidal because of corruption and injustice.

I will explain a bit later on of what humanity consists. For now just let me speak of the GREED for power that makes up the soul of thinking and doing in the UK MEDIA dictators or “GREEDY for Social Power” New Nazi Journalists or artists. Call them as you like. They are as such – the dictators, the artists, the ones who are greedy like pigs for social power, and the journalists.



So for many years I, Dr ACactivism, have criticised a painful fact, that consists on seeing old and too old journalists lead the BBC and the U.K Media in general, for humanistic ideals. Until the BBC came to a point to think of parting ways with some old Greedy Journalists, like David Dimbleby, who wanted to die on the BBC’s Social Power chairs. However, the ungrateful of the BBC, at the end, didn’t even send me a “thank you!” Let alone invite me and express my ideas at the BBC!


Nevertheless, people at the BBC seem to have reflected on what I have said. For they are not PIGs, they have the power to reflect. So? But they, of course, that ate GREEDY BARBARIANS who want to lead, control Social Power and oppress. Especially, when they see no one raising their voices up.



Now let us come back to my thinking and questions. “Oh, hey what is wrong of being 80 or 90 years old and still being a journalist or a politician? You may ask.


Two things are wrong here. The first thing that is wrong is that when old people lead that means that old ideas lead over new ideas. Someone who is 80 and 90 years old still lives with an old way of thinking. Unless he is in touch continually with the new ideas and open to the humanistic ideas.


But how can you be open to humanistic ideas, when you still work at the BBC or at other MEDIA MONOPOLIES at 80 or 90 years old of age?


If you are open to the New ideas then you have to show that through independent work not by controlling Social Power and silencing the voices of Millions of people. Right?


Anyways, if you are still unconvinced with my thinking you will ask again. “Hey are you mad or what? Your thinking is convincible enough to show that to be too old and working for the media monopolies is wrong.” You may say.



Okay if you think so, then here is another humanist idea that can convince you. Life is short and humanity is about taking and giving. And not just taking Social Power in your hands and never thinking of giving what you took from humanity. Right?


And I think so, because a way of thinking that takes and grovels to climb at the top of social power and never gives is embedded in all dictators thinking and doing. For once dictators take social power in their hands; they do not want to give it up until they die. We have seen that at all dictators and we still see it.

The BBC is one. As David Dimblebly and his old greedy cronies are a bunch of people who control media and our culture with their ideas. So here is a big wrong way of thinking going on. Nevertheless, oppressors are not feeling the pain of the oppressed. So they continue to control INFORMATION and lead the new with the old.


I ask, “What about the New ideas that want to lead and other people who want to be TV Presenters or journalists? People who want to influence our culture with their new ideas? Shall we send them in the sea of depression and oppression and drown all human creative power because the MONOPOLIES of the BBC and U.K MEDIA want so?


Or would you say, “Let them use twitter?” Is this your answer? But have you seen the BBC and the Big Media invading us even on twitter too? Splashing money in promoting the BBC across Internet like money is water for them? While for us Money is so hard and so tough that we at the end of the month need to borrow money for food?



So then what do I suggest? Or what do I think?


I think that one thing does not fit to you as a human being once you turn 60 years old. And what does not fit here is the GREED to lead through the MONOPOLIES of Media. And so continue to control SOCIAL POWER. When you should work in an independent way and try to influence the world with your knowledge through independent work. In case you consider yourself a humanist, person of ideas and wise, I mean. In case, you are a barbarian then do what fits to you as a barbarian. But don’t come to the BBC and pretend to be someone that I must listen and follow.



Here on our earth, then are certain ideas that are unalterable. For instance, that fact that when we get old, we all die at some point of this age. So that means that when it comes to the positions of SOCIAL POWER, we must become like athletes at relay races. I mean, we must think to pass the baton onto the next runners who think that they have the ideas ready to control social power. And influence our culture and our world with a new way of thinking and doing.


For only by giving the opportunity to the New to lead can we hope that the New Ideas will forever lead. And the new will be forever the god and the torch of our world.


On the other hand, to think and act differently means to lead with the old. And to lead the world with the old ideas means to oppress it. That is, oppress change and innovation.


And so at the end, to oppress the new ideas means to be an oppressor and dictator. The latter are the journalists of the U.K MEDIA who want to work for the MEDIA MONOPOLIES until they die.


I, Dr ACactivism, am still waiting for once to enter at the studios of the BBC or UK media as a creator with ideas and truth. The corrupted worms or Journalists of the U.K Media or New Imperialist Nazis continue to oppress and drown out my voice in different ways. And I continue to create and spit at their Dictator-like ideas.