The Daily Mail, a QAnon-Like Newspaper, Returns to HATRED: “Gunman Shouting Allahu Akbar” It says, instead of saying, “Teenager Equipped with wrong ideas”

First of all what happened in PARIS shows how far that young people, who are equipped with the ideas of intolerance and hatred, can go.

Secondly, this shows how the QAnon-like newspapers, like the Daily Mail, stand by waiting eagerly for an opportunity of death to happen by people. Who are part of minority backgrounds.

And afterwards, they, the wolves, to attack all minorities and religions, that represent minorities, by painting the majority of them with the same brush.

Further, Paris case or what happened in Paris is a moment for hatred for all the Right Wing and New Nazi European Newspapers.

Newspapers who instead of writing for the sake of Understanding. And a better humanity, they write for attention. And online clicks. So they can make money..

But why does the Daily Mail and others think and act so? One may ask.

To be honest as such opportunist newspapers are just like the wild predators in the animal world. Who lie in wait for their prey. For they see minorities as their prey that would boost their credibility. And bring money home.

Money for the news monopolies by catching Human Attention with what human attention loves to hear. That is blaming the weakest. And creating a scapegoat in each moment of human existence.

So, why is the Daily Mail like the QAnon? you may say.

QAnon always appeals to the prejudices of the people that mainstream media has created and supported indirectly to make millions. And control people’s minds.

Similarly, the Daily Mail instead of following the vocation of writing and saying, that a teenager has been equipped with wrong ideas. It says, Gunman ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’ BEHEADS a man in northern Paris before being shot by police.”

So we see that the British national newspapers are a disgrace and they need a hammer to be destroyed.

For as such news monopolies are neither interested on Truth nor on understanding. Rather they want human attention for online clicks and money.

So shouldn’t as such newspapers razed to the ground with a HAMMER?

Give me a HAMMER, please for the sake of fairness and Freedom!