The Good is Dead, But…

You remember that value, that value that our forefathers praised historically, that value that our ancestors praised so high, raised it to the skies and glorified heroically and with great heroism, that value that they compared with the gods of the beyond and the light of the bright stars, you remember it, don’t you dear folks of the today?

From Zarathustra of the east to the Socrates of the West, from Aristotle to Nietzsche and from the latter till now all these great man of the past times have spoken with such a great pleasure, great love and great virtuosity about the good, and human goodness. And what is more important is that they all agreed and all said that the Good needs to be created forever in the ever-changing reality.

But, where is it, where is the good now? Where is the good of 2015? Where is the good of our century? Where is it? Where did you hide it? Where? Where did you put it? Did you put it in the market and made it a commodity of the Capitalist man? Did you leave the good on the hand of a Capitalist man, to be exploited and humiliated to death? Or did you turn the good into an activist, beat it up and shot it in the head through your corrupted politics and politicians? Or did you put it at the stake and let it burn relentlessly and mercilessly to death? Or did you hang it with the ruthless and unsparing hand of a hangman?

Or did you use the hot tongs and sharp pincers and boiling tweezers to pinch and nip its flesh till its bones look so obvious, so clear and so cruelly, so ferociously and savagely put to death as the execution of Jews was in the gas chambers and extermination camps during World War Two. So what did you do with the good? What on the earth did you do to it? Where on earth is the good? Where is it? Where? Where? Under which rocks shall I look for it? Behind which mountain is it hidden and beneath which sea is it entombed?

Alas, for you humans of now, but where is thy dignity? Alas, for you humans of now but you are not humans anyways, are you? Oh! My heart bleeds for your innocence or perhaps for your hypocrisy mostly, for you have put everything in the market, everything for sale, everything for a capitalist man that sucks the blood of the poor and the wretched, remorselessly and full of macabre deeds, everything for a capitalist man that exploits and hates to death all what is called goodness. And yes you have put the good in the market, you have sold it, you, humans or apes of today are done once and forever with the greatest value of humankind, with human goodness that implies life and love, joy and harmony, and that’s why life has lost its meaning, joy has faded away, harmony is destroyed and everything is lost and dead, everything is so confused and messed up full of violence, greed and hate, because you’ve either put the Good in the market or killed it mercilessly and buried with a tearless face like an atrocious Kobold of an underworld that has no pity, no feeling and no human blood in his very veins.

Yes, they have materialized the Good like the women of the today, they have calcified it, commodified and petrified it like the artefacts and products of a buried depot where it is hard for the light to penetrate, impossible for the vendor to sell and impossible for the customer to buy. A good that is out of touch, out of sight, out of every humanistic reason, of every human sense and residing in an outside world, out and beyond, but not in this planet, not in this galaxy not in this universe. In this one the good looks dead and done with.

And yes you killed the good, you killed it, you inheritors and heirs of the world, you inheritors of hate and evil, you inheritors and heirs of all idiocy of all hypocrisy and all veraciousness who kept and keep your mouths shut there where the good had and has to be created, there where the good needed and needs your help, there where the Good needed and needs to be regenerated anew, but you always turned and still turn a blind eye to all evil and threw and continue to throw dust in the eyes of the few who desired and still desire to live in peace, love and harmony like our very nature asks for it. But, you killed the Good and you killed it because of your rapacious nature, your rapacious desires, your rapacious inner animalistic wants to own and have everything for yourselves, thus you the elders and waders of the past and now need to be blamed because due to your unprecedented and illogical deeds the Good is dead and you are its very killers that need to be held accountable to eternity and nothingness for all this pain and suffer that you have inflicted in our young hearts that are overfilled with passions of love, creativity and truthfulness.

So what left on me as an inheritor of a broken world living a broken life in a broken house? What left on me as an inheritor of a confused planet, confused earth and confused human? What left on me to do, to create and to make, as a doer, creator and maker of good and art?

I can tell you crooked and twisted elders and betrayed and lied brethren, that on me left nothing expect the will to revive, resurrect, restore and recreate the good one more time as a means to an end, to leave behind as a legacy what I didn’t and never had, i.e., Human Goodness. So let me create a world within a world as all creators did and do and let me fight to death for my godlike principles of goodness and humanism and reincarnate one in another as one in all and all in one, – Human Goodness.


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