The Intelligent Double Murderers of the U.K New Nazi Media – How the U.K MEDIA Journalists turned me from a Hero, that went into Eurovision to demand Justice and Freedom for Humanity, into a coward that went there to assault a woman. How the U.K Media Journalists urged British people to Murder Dr A.Cactivsim

It was not enough the fact that the journalists of the U.K media have openly supported prostitution. And have turned London into the centre of world’s prostitution and crime. It was not enough the fact that the U.K Media linked the idea of Islam to the idea of terrorism in the last decade. And so they repeated the NAZI history with a new Nazi philosophy. Urging people to kill innocent immigrants and innocent people, who follow the Islam ideology. It was not enough the fact that the U.K media journalists created all the new Nazi movements through their hate speeches against Muslims and immigrants.


It was not enough the news media MONOPOLIES. And the manipulations of truth in all forms that we all see and have seen come from the rich media. It was not enough the fact that when Prince Baby Harry went to Afghanistan on the 7th September 2012, the media were quick to speak of him so to sell their newspapers to the sheep. And in the same time, the Afghan fighters in learning that the Prince Baby Harry had come to fight against them, they rebelled as never before killing two Nato’s soldiers. And so throwing the country into chaos.


“KABUL, Afghanistan — Insurgents using guns and rockets or mortars launched an audacious attack on the largest NATO base in Helmand Province shortly after midnight Saturday morning, killing two American service members, according to a spokesman for the international forces here.” The New York Times, SEPT. 14, 2012.


So here the media shows that it was neither able to keep the going to Afghanistan of the Prince baby secret, because stories about him sold millions of newspapers, nor were the journalists able to ask for the Prince Baby Harry to stay home. As a result many soldiers lost their lives, many innocent people were killed and the injustice that had been caused was never atoned. But who cares? The media and the money come first here.


At last, it was not enough all the evil thinking and doing of a corrupted media that for a decade long uses its reputation and authority to control, oppress and make money at the expense of human lives.

So when I, Dr A.Cactivsim, achieved to give a message to the intelligent U.K media journalists in front of the world, and tell them that their thinking and doing is evil. And that we demand “Freedom and justice.” The intelligent journalists didn’t take responsibility again. So they chose to rather counter attack “truth and pain” with lies and illogical exaggerations. For the sake of cruelty and barbarity that dwells in their spirits and dark souls. For victory’s sake.


For they wanted to triumph over my pain and truth again and again. They simply wanted to win again and again. For they are the winners as always. And they love to win even when they kill, even when they prostitute by laws, even when they oppress by laws, even when blood is so clear and obvious in their hands like Macbeth’s blood in front of the mirror. Never mind their evil thinking and doing, they always want to win. They are not losers. No one can call them losers, for they are winners that forever win. And they win by using manipulative speech, guns, lies of all forms, force and every evil way of thinking that is possible on this damned earth. “They are the very intelligent people, the class of journalists and artists of the today U.K Media. A pack of wolves that is never happy. A pack of wolves that want to extort forever more and more from the oppressed and the exploited classes.


A pack of wolves that think and create with a term that I call “the pen of Adolf Hitler.” That is, they are the ones that have social power. And they are the intelligent ones that want to control social power and want to oppress the thinking humanity that thinks and creates but that has no social power.


So they used “SuRie” as a tool to preach murder and death on Dr A.C. And as ever the very intelligent, who think and create with an ADOLF HITEL pen, came to appear as just and good people in front of the fooled sheep people. The very intelligent.


The question is how did they do that?


This is the truth. After I had disrupted the Eurovision for Justice and Freedom, the journalists from all over U.K Media didn’t highlight my revolutionary ideas – ideas that intended to bring change in the monopolises of the mainstream U.K media. They didn’t highlight the way U.K Parliament is prostituting women by laws to help SEX INDUSTRY flourish. They didn’t highlight and didn’t even mention my appeal that said, “War is not Peace.” And the fact that we are supporting Israel to kill innocent Palestinians. And so keep an entire nation under occupation and continual oppression. They didn’t highlight the facts that the U.K government sold guns and trained the Saudia Arabia soldiers to murder innocent people in Yemen. They didn’t highlight the facts of how the rich of the world, who may have murdered to make their money, have made London their city of protection and dreams. Where our police and taxes protect the very corrupted that make all us walk and live with blood in our hands.


They didn’t highlight the fact that my generation has been drowned out by the monopolists of the mainstream media. They didn’t highlight the facts that news media, entertainment and every institution that has to do with ideas is being controlled and monopolised by a few corrupted media organisations that think that they have a right to do so.


They didn’t highlight my ideals that have appealed for years for change. They didn’t highlight the many years that I have struggled to take my right of speech and my right of being heard. They didn’t highlight my struggle that has demanded “a change in the way Mainstream Corrupted media controls information.” In short they didn’t highlight their evil corrupted thinking and doing. So as ever they resorted to their evil thinking to distort truth, distort reason for their political interests, and preach and urge death on me, Dr A.Cactivisim.


The intelligent. The very intelligent. But who are the ones that have committed the biggest crimes in the human history? Aren’t they the very intelligent?


The Times called me a “Serial Offender.” Not themselves perpetual intelligent murderers. The Sun called my revolutionary act, a senseless act. They called me fame-hungry not justice and freedom-hungry – the intelligent double murderers. With the “lefties,” that think justice is to stab others in the back, The Guardian and the Independent praising the security and not mentioning my war for Freedom and justice. To finish my point here with the ones that stand at the top of the table of assassins. And they belong to the ITV.


So the ITV invited SuRia in their studios and tried to throw dust on everyone’s eyes by making me appear as if I went there to assault SuRie. And even as if I had assaulted her! None of my revolutionary ideas were mentioned.

They weren’t even ashamed that the video was in front of every one’s eyes. So fooling the people face to face without seeming to have any pangs of consciousness.


Phillip Schofield, the super paid New Nazi that is from a class that feeds on the human blood, seemed to have prepared his questions beforehand and he even seemed to have instructed SuRie of the way she must answer. A drama played on the ITV that seemed to be thirsty for death.

He asked SuRie, while scratching his cheek like a Nazi soldier may have scratched his cheek before shooting Jews, “At what stage were you aware that he was on his way?” SuRie instructed of the way she must answer said, “Right there.” That meant close to her face.


That’s a big lie. I asked SuRie from far, “Please give me you mic, she saw me coming. She saw that I was an activist and I was there for her mic not to touch her hands or touch her in anyway. So for what was this big lie for?


The New Nazi soldier, that gets paid to protect the blood that his class has on their hands, then asked, “were you terrified?” But his voice here was slow, piercing and full of acting. His eyes terrifyingly transfixed as if wanting the death of somebody.


“No there wasn’t any time to feel fear” SuRie at last answered. As if wanting to not fully show their plot to urge the British people to send me death threats. As if not wanting to show the truth that they were urging people to murder me, Dr A.C. – The intelligent New Nazis.


Then the new Nazi presenter asked again but in an assertive way. As if he had been on the stage of the Eurovision not she. And his tone of voice and the way of provocation and pronunciation seemed to come with a new Nazi intention here. That was to preach death and urge the people to attack me in the streets.

“But he hurt you?” he said assertively.

“Well, there’s a couple of bruises, you know. (SuRie didn’t show these bruises to the camera.) The New Nazi presenter intervened again to make sure nothing is left unsaid from their script, “So you have bruises in your hand from where he wrestled the mic from?”


SuRie replied, “Yeah, but I am okay.” And again the new Nazi death-preacher presenter helps SuRie to remember her script, “And your shoulder where he bulged you (here he wanted to say that I attacked her or god knows what this New Nazi presenter wanted to say) “Where he came in as well,” added Surie.

First, they said that I went from behind SuRie fooling millions of people face to face. For that wasn’t true, the entire world saw that I came from her front.


Secondly, after having invented this “lie” they seemed to have instructed SuRie to tell that she had some injuries on her back shoulder! So moving from a lie into another lie. And the purpose of this was for the ITV and the U.K Media Journalists to urge the British people to murder me in the streets. For I received thousands of death threats after SuRie appeared on the ITV to tell these lies.

Here is one of the threats,



So the very intelligent journalists, first through the power of misinformation and lies made me appear as if I went to assault SuRie in the Eurovision. Secondly they urged and preached death on me, Dr A.Cactivosim. And thirdly, and that was the most important of all, they turned me from a hero, that took the mic from SuRie to demand my right of speech and my right of being heard, into a coward that went to Eurovision to assault a woman! The intelligent, who can make the mud boil and turn mud into water, achieved to deceive the British people again and again. Just like Adolf Hitler that through intelligent speeches and writings fooled the Germans of the Second World War again and again.


Death threats appeared into my email. Swearings never stopped. The feeling of superiority and racism was shown by more than 99% of the British people. They had achieved to turn the oppressed and the exploited people against me. The one who went to the Eurovision to stand for the oppressed and the exploited now was being attacked by the same exploited and oppressed classes.


The masters, the media and journalists, on the other hand, knew that if the British people and the ten million immigrants that live in the U.K saw me as being part of them, and that I went to the Eurovision for all of us to fight the monopolies and the injustices of the today, they would have thrown rocks on the masters.


That’s why the masters quickly invited SuRie at the ITV and used her as a lifeless object as a tool to achieve their ends. And urge people to throw rocks at me.


I lost again. The masters won again and again through the reputation and authority of the mainstream corrupted media. And with ideas on the one hand and guns on the other hand. I was beaten to a point of death. And I survived by luck. Because I breathed through the fingers’ holes of the hands that were trying to murder me through asphyxiation and choking. The ones that had taken orders from above to murder me through asphyxiation.


The today artists and journalists, the class of the intelligent New Nazis, are working to protect the interest of their class. Their high salaries on the one hand, and the money and power interests of their media bosses. 

These are the artists of the today U.K Media, grovelling worms and snakes with many heads. People with no artistic soul but with an artistic greed. That is an unreal Desire to control and oppress – barbarians. 





These are some of the tweets sent to the SuRie hand to the new Nazis of the U.K Media that turned me, Dr A.Cactivsim, from a hero into a coward.



The Journalists of the UK media turned me from a “Hero,” that took that mic from @surieofficial to demand my right of speech, into a coward that went to @Eurovision to assault a woman! The @ITV quickly turned SuRie into a tool to urge British people to murder ME. Double Murderers



Death threats appeared into my email. The wise journalists were not happy enough for having preached death on immigrants and turned Islam into a scapegoat of Europe. They didn’t stick to my ideas. But used the “Tool” @surieofficial to urge the people to murder me in the streets.



You @surieofficial like all artists of London can’t be such easy thing to turn into an “object” of the rich. No one touched you. And I didn’t come from your back. I came from your front. You saw me coming. And you gave me the mic with your own will. I was there to demand #Freedom



The journalists of the UK media weren’t happy that I survived the clutches and the punches and boots of the Nazis and brutes that hit me to a point of death. So They used #SuRie as a tool to turn me into a coward. As if I went there to assault a “Woman”. The intelligent Murderers




The Monopolies of the news media. The Monopolies of entertainment industry. London that has turned into a city of Prostitution and crime. The oppression of ideas. The unjust and criminal way that “information” is controlled etc., All the “Injustice” for which I called their names in front of Europe were played down or even not mentioned by the intelligent journalists. With David Brown of @thetimes calling me “a Serial Offender” not a Freedom Fighter. That is being drowned out and oppressed by the very intelligent Murderers who control our social power here in the UK.



At the end the journalists of the U.K Media convinced the British people that I assaulted a woman like Adolf Hitler convinced Germans to murder and gas Jews. That is with lies and by having the power of authority and reputation over them. Whatever “Hitlers” say is true and right. And the sheep follow on their path as ever without thinking or knowing the real truth or what lies underneath the lies of the masters.



Who did assault a woman? I took a microphone for my right of speech and my right of being heard. And I did not touch any hand or bottom but the microphone. I stood for my oppressed generation and the coming generations. I made a stand against the very intelligent murderers that today are controlling our social power. And seem to think that injustice is also justice and that the monopolies of the news, media that they have, are also fairness. The corrupted ones. The ones who have blood in their hands. The ones that murder by the thousands – the very intelligent.